Phiri: January 2013

There has been heavy rainfall over the past weeks which has felled houses, churches and crops and left people homeless, hungry and in need of food and shelter. Our members and church branches are also affected by this situation and need relief and humanitarian aid:

  • Food and basic needs for the 70 orphans whom we are serving.
  • Finances for Leadership and pastors’ Training to be conducted from May to September in various places in this country and in Mozambique.
  • Cement and roofing materials to help us building Churches here in Malawi and Mozambique.
  • We want some ministers to come to Malawi through CMM / MFM to Evangelize, teach or serve in any way.
  • We want some ministers to come to Malawi through CMM / MFM to evangelize, teach or serve in any way.
  • We wish we could be present in CMM Conferences and MFM retreats and ask for donations for air ticket and accommodation costs.
  • I am asking for your support for my family for food, house rent, and basic needs
  • Travel costs for our visits to local Church branches in Malawi and Mozambique.
  • Bibles in our local language to share with the locals

Attached are two photos of the floods which have come to some parts of our country, Malawi. Please we need your help to help these precious lives which are having problems.

God bless you Abundantly,
Pastor Steven S Phiri