Chabinga: January 2015

We had a Jesus film yesterday near the sheiks home, we know the owners of the house and we decided to show the Jesus film close to his home. When we arrived at the scene he helped us to pitch the screen, but when we were in the middle show he left for his second wife. His first wife came to me and said: ‘Pastor I have some questions we need to talk.’ This was the first time that she was open to me and it’s my prayer that the lord should intervene for her salvation. Close to 550 people came to see the Jesus film. We prayed for many people.

A wonderful testimony came when we talked to the man who gave us electricity. He did not want to charge us, he said that since their place could not have electricity for many years and they just got electricity, providing the electricity was his offering and we used the electricity for free! In the pictures you can see the mosque, some Muslims attended the gathering after they just came out of the evening teachings.

We had a wonderful time all together.

Bless you,