Phiri: July 2015

Firstly receive my warm greetings from Malawi Africa in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Sir  I want to thank you for a big job which you are doing for feeding our Flood Victims members here in Malawi our father God must reward you while you are continue to give food and also the seeds to plant in the place where the water has dried out.
Please keep on supporting us.
This is a report of Pastor Pauline and Dyson Gonthi:
Money received:       Equivalent to:
75 US D            =       MK 31,350,00
  • Transport from Machinjiri to Limbe   and back = MK 600,00.
  • From Limbe to Nsanje and back MK 7,000,00
  •  Three bags of Maize at MK 7,000,00 each x 3 =  MK21,000,00
  • Accommodation for the one who went to Nsanje is= MK2,300,00
  • soap   =    MK450,00
Total =  MK31,350,00 = 75 US D.
Thank you.