Phiri: April 2016

Dear Sir Dr Jorge Parrott, Madam Nancy Daniel and Pastor Willie Jordaan.

These are my replies to the questions.

1.   Your name and ministry
My Name is:  Pastor Steven Saizi Phiri and my Ministry is Seed of Life Pentecost Church.
2.   Your country
My Country is:  Malawi Central Africa.

Your mission and vision statement

    We are Seed of Life Pentecost church which was established in 1998 as a way to show love of God by reaching out to the communities through preaching the word of God and helping the communities in their problems. The church was established by Bishop Steven Saizi Phiri by hearing a call from God.
    Seed of Life Pentecost is a unique church in a unique way by serving the community in whatever ways we can. We enjoy volunteering our help wherever possible.

    Geographical coverage:

  • The church is covering its programmes in both urban and rural areas of Malawi and Mozambique. It has 55 operating branches and in terms of development work the church works or serves all people regardless of their religious affiliation.

    Partnership/Networking and linkage:

  • The church works with different stakeholders including the government of Malawi and other churches in a bid to alleviate poverty, preaching and spreading the word of God.
  • Our Mission:

  • Is to reach out to the unreachable people so that they hear and know the word of God.

    Our Vision:

  • Is to be an active part of a growing community, seeing the love of God overflow in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

    We Value:

  • ·         Coming as we are to be transformed by the Holy Spirit.
    ·         Growing closer to God through prayer, creative worship and the study and application of God’s Word to our lives.
    ·         Nurturing relationships that are real, redemptive and refreshing.
    ·         Unleashing leaders through training, empowering and sending.
    ·         Serving our communities with no strings attached.


  • ·         Womens ministry empowerment program targeting vulnerable women and orphans
    ·         To preach and spread the gospel of God through church sermons,crusades,church   planting, outreaches, leadership trainings and conferences
    ·         To distribute gospel materials
    ·         To care, support of orphans and other vulnerable children through foods distribution, clothing and education and spiritual counseling.
    ·         To support widows and the aged through foods distribution, clothing and housing
    ·         To enhance household incomes generating activities for the improvement of quality of life amongst   community members.
    ·         To provide farm inputs to the widows and the orphans
    ·         Enhancing agricultural education for modern farming through government related programs.
    ·         To provide safe drinking water to the communities through drilling of boreholes and shallow wells
    ·         To bring support and care the disadvantaged communities in times of floods and drought with foods, kitchen items, tents and farm inputs.
    ·         To rehabilitate dilapidated prayer houses in the remote areas.
  • The Church’s Development Approach
  • Development means empowering the people spiritually, socially, economically and culturally; development does not mean only growth, but sustainability of such development. The church has adopted the approach of ‘Development with Community Participation’ for implementing its program/project activities.


  • Achievements
  • The church has demonstrated the love of God to the communities through some the following initiatives with support from Morningstar/CMM Missions from USA as our brethren in Christ and our church members here in Malawi contributions:
  • Distribution of bibles and tracks to the needy
  • Educational support(fees,uniforms,exercise books, pens and pencils, school shoes, school bags) to the orphans
  • Rehabilitate houses for the aged and some widows
  • Rehabilitation of mud prayer houses which are grass thatched.
  • Distribution of relief items to the floods victims with support from the church funds
  • Distribution of bicycles to the pastors who minister in the rural areas for their easy mobility
  • Feeding and  clothing  the orphans by members of the church through their financial contributions
  • Distribution of farm inputs to guardians of the aged, widows and orphans.

Challenges of the Church.

Despite the generous support we have had from Morningstar/CMM Missions from USA and church contributions the church faces these challenges which if addressed can help to spread the word of God in many areas:
·         Lack of partners or ministers to come here and conduct leadership trainings, seminars and crusades.
·         Lack of transport
·         Lack of funds to construct and rehabilitate prayer houses
·         Hunger which is caused by drought and floods
·         Lack of educational support (fees, uniforms, exercise books, pens and pencils, school shoes, school bags) to the orphans
·         Lack of funds to buy farm inputs (seeds, fertilizer) and trainings on conservation agriculture
·         Lack of funds to rehabilitate mud houses for the aged and orphans
·         Lack of income generating activities (IGA) for women and the youths
·         Lack of funds to bring safe drinking water through drilling of boreholes and shall wells.

We have attached pictures

We will appreciate to hear from you and we promise to send you pictures of all the beneficiaries as a proof and for possible monitoring in case you come to visit them.
Bishop Steven Saizi Phiri 
  • Any photographs and videos you would like us to share
  • Attached are my pictures for the work of God we are doing here. Some pictures shows the Maize Relief to the hunger and Floods Victims People and some shows the church programs also the pictures of our Pastors which their houses has failed by the Floods and the drought, Seed distribution, Baptism service and picture of the Orphans which we are helping with the School fees. See more pictures are coming.
  • Any other information that you want to share in our ministry
  • Please servants of God what can I say about this email is just cry to you for your help by finding the ministers,  people or Donors whom they may can Support us in the poverty which we have got here. The work of God is not going up because of this poverty. Please help us.
  • May God bless you. Amen.