Chabinga: November 2016

Greetings in Jesus name our savior.

I have an urgent issue that I would like to present to you.

Two years ago we planted a church in one area in the outskirts of Lilongwe. This is a village about 50 km away from Lilongwe.

Always when we plant a church, we begin to teach them that we have our Natural resources that God has already given e.g. BAKING of BRICKS for our own church building. So each village is given a task to accomplish and indeed these people have done what we taught them. Now when the baked the bricks and raised up the walls the chief has done which I have never encountered before, he sent out Pastor from that church and said go and call your senior Pastor  that he should talk to me, so yesterday I went with Pastor Binton. The chief said your people have worked very hard and the rains have started should we wait and see the building to collapse, he said it’s going to take a long time for them to put tin roof (iron sheets) so he said please do something, so I told him, I was very grateful for what those people have done in his village and I told him lets pray to our Father God to intervene.

This church building in future shall be enlarged but as of now, they need something like 150$ at least to put a tin roof and the rest like floor, windows and doors they can be doing at their own pace, but the major worry is the tin roof. Now OUR PLEA IS THAT YOU SHARE WITH BROTHERS AND SISTERS WHO IF POSSIBLE WOULD BE WILLING TO INTERVENE, PLEASE MAY YOU DO SO, this is really an urgent matter.

God bless you so much as you pray with us in this situation

Bless you


Attached are the pictures.


Greetings in Jesus name.
I have a big task to accomplish NEXT MONTH, the people that were displaced
by Water needs a temporary Church.
They need a shelter that they can be using during the rainy season.
Each morning they think of how and what to do to get FOOD.

I am going down South from 2 October, we want to put a structure that even
during the rains they can continue to worhip the LORD, so i am pleading
with you as we want to buy planks, a Tent, Nails, bags of Cement for the
Floor etch, if you can assist us any amount from 25? 50 ? 100$ and even
300-  ( If possible you can send the money to: Harvey Chabinga Bank of
America , Acc 2370 0309 4970 Rn 053 000 196. I am able to use an ATM to get
the money in Malawi

This can help us construct a Temporary Shelter and if possible 2 Pit
latrines, i don’t know how these people are living i didn’t see any pit
latrine as i walked a long way to get to the house of Pastor Bande.
Actually the whole church of Pastor Bande all the people were affected and
they are all here in the Camp, so its quiet worthy that we assist them and
that they continue to grow i faith.

So any gift of money would be of great value to the Glory of the Lord.
Bless you



On Saturday Pastor Bintons daughter got married. We witnessed and officiated the wedding.

At this church how we begun it’s a very interesting and moving story. This place is known as Bunda quarry Mountain area. People go to pray to this mountain almost every day or every week.

Some 7 years ago I went to pray. I prayed for 3 days, I had issues that I encountered in my life and I say God intervening.

On my way down I met a man who use bicycles for rides that we pay, so he gave me a ride from the dusty road to tar marked roads that I get into public transport to go back home. As this man was riding I ministered to him and by the road side he gave his life to Jesus as his personal savior. After that I told him that we will come to plant a church in your village. Later after 3 months we went with door to door evangelism and that time on Sunday that week we planted a church, and then we chose Pastor Binton to be the Leader of the church, as we were praying for the people the Holy Spirit led us to Pastor Binton.

The village is not big but people are coming from many villages to worship here. This is the fifth wedding so far taking place at church.

The veil I got from South Africa and many people have used it to the glory of God.

May you continue to pray for us that we continue to see the grace of God

Bless you