Stephen S. Phiri

Pastor Stephen Saizi and his wife Mary Saizi

I thank God for the wonderful things which He is doing in our lives. This year we have conducted two revival meetings. The first revival was held on January 15 – 17th in Zomba. In that meeting, the presence of God moved among his people. At that meeting, many people made a decision to come to Christ as their Lord and Saviour and others recieved healing.

The second revival was in Nsanje. In this crusade God did wonderful miracles. Three people gave testmonies. The first was Aruberto Mostishu who had headaches and stomach complication for a long time. He had tried many remedies but was not healed. After we prayed, he was healed the same day.

The second testimony was from Esnat William. She had been bleeeding for eight years until on 30th January 2010 when she come to that crusade. She was completely healed.

Jenati Alumindu testified that she had prayed for a baby for almost ten years. We prayed for her in April and she now has a baby boy who was born in January.

We will be having a Pastor’s Conference on 26th February 2010 to prepare for 2011 revival meetings. We need your prayers and support to make this a success.

May God bless you.
Pastor Steven S. Phiri