Phiri: July 2015

Firstly receive my warm greetings from Malawi Africa in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Sir  I want to thank you for a big job which you are doing for feeding our Flood Victims members here in Malawi our father God must reward you while you are continue to give food and also the seeds to plant in the place where the water has dried out.
Please keep on supporting us.
This is a report of Pastor Pauline and Dyson Gonthi:
Money received:       Equivalent to:
75 US D            =       MK 31,350,00
  • Transport from Machinjiri to Limbe   and back = MK 600,00.
  • From Limbe to Nsanje and back MK 7,000,00
  •  Three bags of Maize at MK 7,000,00 each x 3 =  MK21,000,00
  • Accommodation for the one who went to Nsanje is= MK2,300,00
  • soap   =    MK450,00
Total =  MK31,350,00 = 75 US D.
Thank you.


Phiri: January 2013

There has been heavy rainfall over the past weeks which has felled houses, churches and crops and left people homeless, hungry and in need of food and shelter. Our members and church branches are also affected by this situation and need relief and humanitarian aid:

  • Food and basic needs for the 70 orphans whom we are serving.
  • Finances for Leadership and pastors’ Training to be conducted from May to September in various places in this country and in Mozambique.
  • Cement and roofing materials to help us building Churches here in Malawi and Mozambique.
  • We want some ministers to come to Malawi through CMM / MFM to Evangelize, teach or serve in any way.
  • We want some ministers to come to Malawi through CMM / MFM to evangelize, teach or serve in any way.
  • We wish we could be present in CMM Conferences and MFM retreats and ask for donations for air ticket and accommodation costs.
  • I am asking for your support for my family for food, house rent, and basic needs
  • Travel costs for our visits to local Church branches in Malawi and Mozambique.
  • Bibles in our local language to share with the locals

Attached are two photos of the floods which have come to some parts of our country, Malawi. Please we need your help to help these precious lives which are having problems.

God bless you Abundantly,
Pastor Steven S Phiri

Phiri April 2012



Dear Servant of God


I WANT TO THANK God for leading me on my journey to Livunzu in Chikhwawa District.

I saw God being with me on this trip because devil wanted to block our journey by closing the doors of where I was expecting to get money for travel costs.I was about to cancel the trip because I lacked transport money and finally, by the love of God, He spoke to someone who came to me and gave me his tithe at around 11:30am. I then rushed to the bus depot and found the bus already gone. I then used another means of public transport and started my journey to Chikhwawa and at 1:30pm I arrived at Chikhwawa and found people already waiting for me.

So I opened our easter conference at 9 at night. The opening prayer was our pastor Biton Julius. So after prayer, I delivered a theme of the easter convention to the people entitled: TO KNOW WHO HAS SAVED YOU (US) as per reading of Romans 3:21-24. After this I preached and we prayed to the sick people and we closed prayers at 2:30 am on Saturday 07th April, 2012.

We started another service by 9:30 am. We were training people in things like farming God’s way, leadership training, disciple making training and marriage counseling. What I want to say is to testify that God was with me during this recent easter convention because in the beginning, devil wanted to block my trip but he failed.

Lastly devil entered my family, on the second day at 11:20 pm, as I was just going to a pulpit to start preaching, I received a phone call from my wife that she was rushing to hospital with our third born son, Peter who was felt unconscious due to cerebral malaria and menjitis suddenly.

I praise the Lord because at that same time of call, I saw a hand of God who encouraged me to tell my wife not to worry much, but to look at Jesus as the healer and I also asked the whole church to join us in prayers for a miracle of healing to Peter and by 6:30 am the next day, Peter was healed.

I continued my ministering with a tour to reaching people who were recently in victimized by floods and whose houses, gardens, possessions were washed away. I visited and encouraged them with the word of God.


Some of the photos show gardens that have been washed away and some houses for pastor that have been washed away and other pictures are on my teaching them on farming and many others.


The prospective ministers and partners are cordially invited to come to Malawi/Africa to minister through us. We are a local church that apart from preaching and planting church branches, we also care for orphans, aged, widows and the sick and needy people including people hit by disasters.

All prospective partners and ministers are appealed to assist us in any way possible, materially, financially, and spiritually.

We only survive by faith, because we are poor and so is our church. We only manage to get a little monies through tithes and offerings.

It is my cry and prayer that I visit your country.

Your Brother in Christ







March 2011

Hi everyone,

Greetings from a very wet Malawi,but we are always very happy when we have rain ,don’t worry we are not complaining. A pair of boots and a rain coat is always handy.

We have done quite a bit of building in the last few months,our 3rd learning centre is just about finished.The children can’t wait because it will have a laboratory and that means they will do experiments. Amy is the teacher and she just loves to dissect bugs and snakes ,with a proper laboratory there will be all sorts of things happening,we better have a fire extinguisher in there.
So wonderful to be able to give the children this opportunity.

Today one week ago I got the message that there was a lady at the gate with 4 children.She was ushered into my office,with 4 pathetic looking children,she herself was only 17.Since August last ,the year the parents of these children had both died.The mother of the children was her sister and she had tried as young as she is to keep the family together,this of course was impossible.
The oldest was 9,the other 3, a set of twins of 2 1/2 and a baby of 1 1/2. Once again I had to ignore our criteria of babies only.We could not take the 9 year old because of the schooling system we have, I found her a place 3 km away from here with friends of ours who have a children’s home, and we are 3 little ones richer.They are really adorable kids.

I have to tell you about our cows AND bulls!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The bulls are kept not for pro creation, but for meat.When they born we have them castrated,but sometimes it got forgotten.For some month now at every management meeting I would say to our farmer,what is wrong with your cows ,they are not coming on heat we need calves,the farm is a profit centre,something is amiss.His answer would be ,I tell the cowboys to tell me and so far nothing,he could not understand it himself.Well the farmer went on holiday and Cherie took over,she noticed one of the bulls mounting a cow.She asked the cowboy what was going on,the cowboy said madam this is what is happening at night in the stable, did we have a laugh.We now know why our cows don’t come on heat there are 7 pregnant cows most of the heifers,2 have already given birth and the bull is in the deepfreeze.Puzzle solved ,we have no idea yet when the calves are due.

The twins I mentioned in my last 2 newsletters have gone to Holland with their new parents ,there are now 7 Kondanani children in Holland and the parents keep in touch with each other which I think is so wonderful.

I am still trying to find a place for Job who is deaf and dumb,I have to . This child is very intelligent and according to a Dutch Catholic brother at the school for the deaf here in Malawi ,these children never get passed primary school level ,that in Malawi is already of a low level.God has a plan with the life of this child.

Last night we got the bigger boys together for a talk,we do this every so often as they grow up.The oldest are getting close to 13,the birds and the bees have to be dealt with.They are very open about their feelings, the changes in their bodies,and of course the girls they like.
We are making progress ,as young as they are, the punching bag and the boxing gloves come in handy and the running track is being used,very interesting

Our children,well I could brag about them all the time ,they are so amazing and spiritually perceptive.

We have a young woman working here for 3 months from the Dominican Republic, her name is Xiome .Her grand mother is in the last days of her life and the children are aware of that and know that it makes her sad at times not to be able to be there .Out of the blue ,Joshua (12) got up in class last Tuesday ,went to her and said: Asisi you must read 1 Tim 1 :7 the Word of God says that He has not given you a spirit of fear but of power of love and a sound mind. Xiome was so comforted by that ,out of the mouth of babes.

On the same day we heard about an interesting conversation Josef (12) had with a man at the gate who was the driver of a visitor to my office.The man stood next to the car smoking,not done very often by the locals in Malawi.He said to the man ,are you a Christian,the man said yes,Josef said are you sure you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour,he said yes I do.Josef said then why are you smoking,it will destroy your body and make you sick.Here at Kondanani we don’t tolerate smoking.The man promptly put down his cigarette.

Madalitso had to fill in the gaps on his work book one of the questions was :Were do the starts and moon shine, he paused for a little while and then said with a big smile on his face “at Kondanani”

One of our teacher came back from leave a week later than anticipated,she had been bitten by an insect here in Malawi and needed treatment in the UK .Chico one of our 12 year old boys was very sad when his favourite teacher,he has a bit of a crush on, did not turn up on the first day of school .He was delighted though when she came back and immediately sent het a letter,proclaiming his joy of her return, the letter was signed Chico and Satan,of course he mend Chico and Santa. The little man is feeling a bit embarrassed by his error

I was recently in South Africa were I had to shop for goods for our slaughter house and the new laboratory for the school.
I always stay with my son and his wife who have 3 children,the eldest is 7.He makes me feel worth a million dollars. I bought him a little outfit and asked him if he liked his suit,he said it was not a suit but clothes,I then asked him if he liked his new outfit,he looked at me and said ,Nana I know you are old, and you don’t knows these things ,but it is called clothes.
I am so glad we are never to old to learn.

Many of you are such a blessing to Kondanani,thank you for giving us the opportunity to look well after our children.Do you all know that our website looks great? Have a look . ,it also has pay pal,worth using it is so easy.

Blessings to from the Kondanani team.

Phiri: February 2010

Firstly I thank God for his wonderful job which he is doing in our lives!

This year we have already conducted two revival meetinds in different places.The first one was in m.In that meeting I was seeing the presence of God moving amongest his people. Many people made a decision to come to christ thier Lord and saviour . Others recieved thier healing at the same place. It was on January 15 – 17th .

The second one was in Nsanje in this crusade God did wonderful miracles. We saw three people giiving thier testmonies. The first one is Aruberto Mostishu, had falling headeche and stomach complication for along time. He was trying many ways, but he did not healed. And he was in that meeting.
After we prayed he got healed the same day.
Second one is Esnat William she was bleeeding for eight years until on 30th January 2010 when she come to that crusade. She came to thatr crusade and now she is okay.

Another one is Jenati Alumindu she stayed in thre family for almost ten years without a Baby. Last year in April we prayed for her . Now I can tell you that kshe has a Baby boy brn in January.

So this is what God is doing for his children here.

On 26th February 2010, we were going to have Pastors conference iwith the Pastorsfor preparing 2010 revival meetings.

So we need your prayer and support to make this succesess.
May God bless you.
I am a CMM/MORNING STAR Missionary Revivalist.
You may contact CMMthrough P.O 7705, Charlette, NC 28241.
Please: Desgnate on paypal that your gift is for Steven Saizi.

Pastor Steven S. Phiri