Greetings from all of us here in the Christiana Children’s Homes in India.


All the children are regular to Schools & Colleges and are busy with their coming year ending final examinations. All the 10th class children at both Bapatla and Nidamarru Children Homes are attending the special coaching classes regularly in their respective schools. The 10th children have completed their pre-final examinations from 18th February to 1st March 2019. All the children in the School in both the homes completed their 4th unit examinations.

  • Intermediate 1st Year

We have 12 children in the 1st Year intermediate from Both our children Homes and all of them getting ready for their final year ending examinations excepting Mr. K. Elisha and Miss. M. Kavya. Both of them discontinued their studies in the middle of the academic year giving us any information or reasons.

They are:

  1. Mr. M. Prem Chand
  2. Mr. Ch. Srinivas
  3. Mr. K. Novahu
  4. Mr. G. Michael Johnson
  5. Mr. K. Rakesh
  6. Miss. Mr. T. Gopi
  7. Miss. B. Prabhavathi
  8. Miss. M. Yesu Priya
  9. Miss. S. Lakshmi
  10. Miss. E. Rajani and three HIV Children that completed their 1st-year Intermediate.
  1. Miss. V. Pravallika,
  2. Mr. K. Yesu Raju
  3. Mr. Y. Devunikrupa @ Sampath Kumar also appeared for Intermediate 1st Year exams.

Their exams started on 27th February 2019 to 12th March 2019.

  • Intermediate 2nd Year:

We have 6 children in the 2nd year Intermediate and all of them appeared for their 2nd year ending final inter exams from 28th February 2019 to 15th March 2019. The children that are appearing for the 2nd year Intermediate exams are:

  1. Mr. N. Praveen Kumar
  2. Miss. G. Axa
  3. Miss. N. Drakshavalli
  4. Miss. M. Akshaya
  5. Miss. P. Victoriya Rani
  6. Miss. G. Baby sowjanya and another 4 children that failed their 2nd Intermediate also appeared for their failed subjects in this year final examinations. They are
  7. Mr. Ade. Rafayelu
  8. Mr. K. Nagendra babu
  9. Mr. D. Syam Sunder
  10. Miss. P. Manasa and one of the HIV Child Ms. S. Yamuna also appeared for the 2nd Intermediate exams.

All the college children that are studying outside the home came to meet with us on 09th February 2019. We spent some time with them and cleared their bills for Bus pass, College Fee, etc.


All the children are doing well excepting four children went to the Doctor and were treated for various problems.

They are:

  • Mr. G. Ganesh of 6th class from Bapatla Home went to the Doctor and treated for his old issue of the swollen testis.
  • Mr. D. Lokesh of 10th class from Bapatla Home got a boil on his right-hand point finger which is opened by the doctor to drain out the puss and other bad blood out and he is doing well now. He has to face the final exams from 17th March 2019 and please do remember him in your prayers and also all other children that are appearing for the 10th class public examinations.
  • Mr. D. Sivaram of 10th class from Nidamarru Home treated for fever & cough.
  • Mr. N. Sesha Rao of 7th class from Nidamarru Home treated for Vomiting & fever.
  • There are 18 Children that suffered from Chicken fox in February and are recovering now. They are:
  1. Mr. B. Avinash 5th Class  from Bapatla children home
  2. Mr. U. Madhan kumar of 4th class from Bapatla children home
  3. Mr. G. Babu of 4th class from Bapatla children home
  4. Mr. D.Prem Chand of 2nd class from Bapatla children home
  5. Mr. K. Sudharshan of 1st class from Bapatla children home
  6. Mr. K.Praveen of 2nd class from Bapatla children home
  7. Mr. G. Yeswanth of 1st class from Bapatla children home
  8. Mr. D. Leonard of 1st class from Bapatla children home
  9. Mr. M. Suresh of 4th class from Bapatla children home
  10. Mr. M. Samuel of 4th class from Bapatla children home
  11. Miss. G.Divya of L.K.G class from Bapatla children home
  12. Miss. P. Sanjana of 2nd class from Bapatla children home
  13. Miss.  J. Indu of 4th class from Bapatla children home
  14. Miss. M. Vasanta Kumari of 6th Class from Bapatla children home (One of the boys that suffered from Chicken Fox)
  15. Miss. T. Chalsi Priya of 5th class from Bapatla children home
  16. Miss. D. Anjali  of 3rd class from Bapatla children home
  17. Miss.  J. Srivani of 9th class from Bapatla children home
  18. Miss. K. Vysali of 7th class from Bapatla children home

Aged, widowed and Sick:-

As usually the aged, widowed and sick that we support came to our Bapatla Children Home on 5th February 2019 to receive their monthly support.

HIV Support:

The children that suffer from HIV whom we support came to our Bapatla Home to receive their monthly support and Nutrition Supplement.

Child Welfare Committee (CWC):-


The CWC Chairperson Smt. B. Sugnana Rani and CWC Committee Member Mr. Syed Adam Saheb made a sudden visit our Bapatla Children Home on 15th February 2019 and completed ratification process.


On 22nd February 2019, the CWC chairperson along with 3 CWC Committee members visited our Nidamarru Children Home and completed the ratification process and gave Ratification Orders for both Bapatla & Nidamarru Homes.  

Staff matters:

  • Mrs. M. Sravanthi, Nurse from our in Bapatla Children Home is becoming sick frequently and made several visits to different doctors with the complaint of severe headache in January 2019. She underwent number clinical and bio-clinical tests including the scans and other super special tests on the advice of expert super special doctors. Though she is given for one month of medication with no progress. On seeing her suffering Mrs. Hepsyba sent her to a well-known Neurologist in Vijayawada accompanied by Mr. Manikya Rao and her Mother. Again after having all the process and MRI Scans the doctor declared that all her reports are normal and there is nothing wrong for her to get this frequent unbearable headache and gave her one-month medication. In the near past, she is also having some swelling in her face and she is fainting without her knowledge. So we asked her to take rest for some time with her mother until she is recovered. Her three children Mr. G. Uday of 5th class, Miss. G. Harsha Vardhini of 2nd class and Mr. G. Yeswanth of 1st Class are with us in the children home. We were told that she is still in the same condition and please remember her in your prayers. She is a deserted lady with three children.
  • Mr. J. Anil Kumar and Mrs. B. Sravanthi are very new recruits in our Bapatla children home and are working with us as house parents with boys. Both of them were not able to mix with the work pattern here and discontinued their services from 12th February 2019. They also had some undisclosed health issues, particularly with Mrs. B. Sravanthi. We were informed that she is suffering from asthma, thyroid, and cysts in her uterus and she is also in the early days of her pregnancy. The Doctor advised her to take complete bed rest for some time to protect her pregnancy. They joined us on 21st November 2018 and left us on12th February 2019. Please do remember them in your prayers.  

Parental Information:

Miss. Vijaya Latha of 2nd-year Diploma with Fashion Design Technology lost her maternal grandfather and caretaker on 13th February 2019.  

New Project:  I am very happy to inform you that much-awaited iron grilled mesh is fixed to verandah of Bapatla children home main building and we are also planning to fix the Mosquito netting to this iron grill so as to children to have mosquito free verandah for study hour etc. thanks to all the trustees and particularly the FCV trustees for providing this facility.

All the children in our care are doing well in His grace. Thank you for all your prayer support and you are always in our thoughts and prayers.  Sincerely, Rani.