Earl Thurner in Peru- El Creo Reino-Be Encouraged

Be Encouraged!
     Before sharing the wonders of His love seen yesterday in all the services in the the largest church in Arequipa, the beauty of Gods touch flowing from His incredible heart of compassion, I just want to let you know you are truly valuable and God is so hungry for you to know that.  I do not want you to lower your theology to match the hard situations and pain that you might be experiencing in your life but truly rest in the goodness of God and be anchored in His unfailing love for you!  I was in a city called the “City of Palm Trees”, and one thing about a palm tree is that no matter how severe the storms and hurrricane winds hit the palm tree, it might be bent all the way to the ground but it will never snap but come right back up again.  So will you!  I pray that the breath of God and His might pour into you today, turning hopelessness into hope, pain into relief, worries into peace, weakness into strength and the power to snap back up, new courage to live for Jesus and expect His invasion into your circumstances in Jesus name!! 
      The voice of the enemy will always encourage us to complain, worry, which is slandering the promises of God and fear when facing problems that seem insurmountable and immoveable!  We will remain impressed by our God not the size of the problems or needs!!  As send this email, it is a joy to agree for great things in your lives, family, business and ministry, fun way to begin my day here in Arequipa, Peru!!
      El Creo Aqui means “The Kingdom Here”, and that is the name of the conference I am speaking at tonight and tomorrow night.  I thought I was going to be meeting with some leaders of Pastor Daniel and Lesli Santos, the church I spoke at yesterday but found out they have 700 leaders and now invited the whole church and others to come!  So that is 6:30-8:30pm, Monday and Tuesday, tonight and tomorrow!  I also spend time each day with them discussing the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that happened last trip and all day yesterday.  
      Like I said, hard to take pictures of what is happening but a few from yesterday.  Thanks so much for praying and giving to make this trip possible up till now, we share in what God is doing.
      The first picture is of the beginning of the service at 6:30am.  At one service, the pastor and his associate came up for prayer, and suddenly the Lord touched them both.  The next is one of the many, many people begin going after God, another of Dr. Mildred Benitez, the 26 year old wife of Dr. Oscar Benitez, who came to Peru the day after they got married in Honduras.  She has been learning to heal the sick, be used of God and she is praying for a woman.  In 2 services, they brought cancer patients from the hospital and others, especially children.  Imagine what parents go through when their children are battling cancer.  One picture shows some of them, then God touching them.  We have been getting reports of places I have been of people being completely healed of cancer and we await more from yesterday.  The last picture is of people coming to Jesus Christ to surrender their lives to Him!!  That happened all day long!!
     Thank you for helping me love Jesus by loving people!  I tell myself every day, “I am given this day to do all I can to impact people for the Lord Jesus Christ, I have one shot at doing it, Lord set me on fire with your passion to do good and compassionate everyone I meet”.  Today is no different!  And while I always have to let God encourage me, it is true that your praying and giving throw gasoline on the flame and encourage me to do so more excitedly!!! 
      This is the week, the trip Jana and I take to Peru for One Nation One Day on June 21-July 1 has to be covered.  She will be in Lima, overseeing all the national healing prayer teams and I will be on the boat leading the team of over 100 up the Amazon River to seek and save what has been lost!! I also will be covering the boat costs as you know so we rejoice in how God will move on His behalf in our lives to be part of giving the nation of Peru to Jesus!!  I set up a facebook birthday fundraiser also and that is one way along with others to be part of this.  
      Also, remember that God does not meet you where you think you should be but He meets you right where you are.  He just wants you in His arms, He is a good father and He delights in embracing you right now! 
                                                 pastor earl in Peru