There are numerous ways to minister God’s love! Recently, Every Day Ministries/Every Day Hope held four days of medical operatives in three different communities and cared for over 800 patients!  We couldn’t have done this without the help from some great people from Cloquet, Duluth and Canby, Minnesota. They shared the love of Jesus in a way that made this a week to never forget!

The medical team was led by Journey Christian Church’s Senior Pastor, Hollis Graves.  The doctors, nurse practitioner, nurses, and construction team exhibited to all the people of the communities what Jesus looks like in the flesh. Whether they worked at the registration table, lab, exam room, pharmacy or construction crew, every patient was attended to with love, compassion, and patience. To top it off, each patient was prayed for by this marvelous group!

While the operatives were running, we did some construction work on one of the medical clinics. We built a new waiting room benches and gave the clinic a facelift with fresh paint.  The clinic now has a new look and comfortable places for people to sit.

If you have been with us in the past, you know about door to door ministry.  This day was no exception.  Every ministry group was greeted with welcoming smiles and asked to sit down as we shared the good news of Jesus Christ.  We witnessed healing, salvation, recommitments, and wonderful fellowship. It was an afternoon full of joy!

We cannot out give our God. Everyone walked away from this week feeling blessed beyond measure! We want to thank everyone responsible for making this blessing possible for the Dominican people. May God multiply your gifts back to you seven-fold!

We rolled up our sleeves, we poured ourselves into others, we prayed and we praised God for all He accomplished! The inner healing retreats that Deborah Generation and GCCC’s “Journey to Freedom Ministry” held for the leadership of the Deborah Generation were beyond words! There were tears, laughter, joy, late night hours, lots of Kleenex and even dancing!

Women from Santo Domingo as well as the north coast came with a willingness to be vulnerable, to trust and share their hurts. This allowed for an opportunity to facilitate the healing process that God desires for each of us. The method implemented in the “Journey to Freedom” process was well balanced and powerful. We witnessed a lot of breakthroughs and even physical healing! One woman was set free from lifelong asthma and sinus problems!

The team from Grace Covenant Community Church was truly brought to the DR for a special time like this. They ministered with respect, honor, compassion and the love of Jesus. We saw immediate fruit and we are still hearing praise reports. It brings us such joy to see the change in the women and hear of how Jesus set them free.

We are certainly grateful that these ladies from Pennsylvania and their leader Pastor Janie Haines all said, “Yes!” and gave of themselves as a fragrant offering. Lives here in the Dominican Republic will be forever changed.

Equip. Empower. Encourage.

The Word of God is the best preparation we can offer to Pastors and Leaders! We are ecstatic that we could offer the Bible Course, “New Testament Survey” to a select group. Pastors and leaders are multipliers! What they gain, they deposit in the lives of others.

The students left each day of training with a ‘thumbs up’ and saying they couldn’t wait until tomorrow! They were hungry for more!

This was a pilot program this year with hopes of continuing this tremendous opportunity on an annual basis. Pray for this program and for those who were equipped!

Special thanks to Pastors Greg Pechacek, Elliott Pollasch and City Church of Wisconsin for devoting themselves to the empowerment of the leaders in this nation, the Dominican Republic.

  1. Divine doors to Haiti to be opened
  2. Anointing upon worship institute in June
  3. Guidance for the next well drilling
  4. Preparation of our newest associate missionaries from the DR
  5. Volunteer Digital Marketer to serve with EDM/EDH
  6. Safety and health for the EDM missionaries/staff
  7. Truck for the field work