Erika Klemm-EU summit in Sibiu Romania

The Lord has chosen to put Sibiu/Hermannstadt my town on the map of European attention with the EU summit.

All 27 state leaders are expected, more than 400 delegates, 800 journalists etc……where?

Just around the corner for where I sit in my office and write to you,

no more than 70 m from here.

We have a summit, the whole town: all schools have closed for a week, so all citizens have to handle and make a sacrifice. The town hall offices are evacuated for a full month because its the central meeting point. Central parings are closed for a full month. Tomorrow I am allowed to come to my working place only with special permission that everyone forms the bishops house received.

There were many renovations and reparations done. And lots of security installed. Our downtown is surely the best watched over the place tomorrow. We are especially enthusiast about Angela Merkel coming. ……So we really sacrifice as Sibiu citizens as the summit is in the heart of Sibiu, and Sibiu is the heart of Romania. And Romania is considered the most religious country of Europe with 99% Christianity, from which 85% Orthodox Christians.

Please note that Sibiu was founded by German settlers some 900 years ago and its German name till today is: Hermannstadt – Herr = Lord – Mann = man/people – state = city ——the city of the people of the Lord —– please declare this with me

our capital is Bucarest/ Romanian Bucurest = bucur – rejoice + est = city ——city of joy or rejoicing

Past 3 weeks I worked almost non stop —— please, please lift us and me up in prayers!

The Bishop Reinhart Guib and our member president Klaus Johannis and our whole church are on the spotlight and under growing pressure. Please pray for me!

Last 2 days a pastor and its intercessors from Bucharest joined our prayers here for the summit and I shared: I am on Daniel position, but he had 3 close friends, i have only one: Adriana and she isn’t forming my church and doesn’t speak my mother tong German. They also got a visit with our bishop and were very positive about him and could minister straight to him yesterday.

So I have much more and better collaboration with local prayer leaders now, but inside of my church people who are called to work with me are still blocked by intimidation and others.. as some of you know for years the persecution on me in my own church created an atmosphere that everybody who dared to help and collaborate with me was persecuted. NOW this has to stop! As I am really tired of being alone…….

And just 2 days ago I finally send an official complaint to the local church board about the failures in the collaboration with Kilian Dörr and I believe the LORD JESUS is protecting me now totally in the wave of persecution they started against me. So please pray how the Holy Spirit leads you.

There are coming delegations after delegations from German regional Lutheran church leadership to us also following weeks. Some are very liberal others are more biblical centered and all want to influence our bishop and pour church. But many forget that we speak the same language but are not in the same mentality or culture than the German Lutheran church. We are an independent sister. Please pray that this will come out often, will be accepted and respected and that my own leadership will not allow intimidation and manipulation., but instead that we as church step fully into our calling and bless others.

In February as you perhaps remember I was allowed to initiate and organize a 7 days 7 hours daily prayer watch week with 5 different Baptist churches all one after another in the same hall, as preparation for the EU Summit tomorrow and for the 6 months of EU Presidency of Romania held in Bucharest from January till June 2019.

Second Prayer watch week in April, was in our own little Lutheran church in the old downtown of Sibiu. Again 7 days 7 hours daily, this time with all denominations one after another.

Starting orthodox, than Pentecostals, than baptist, then Greece Catholic, then roman catholic, then reformed Hungarian, and finally us Lutheran evangelic.

It was great and it was between our Easter Sunday and the following Sunday which was the Orthodox Easter Sunday. The Lord brought forth this miracle and breakthrough. Unity of churches and Christians is sooooo crucial! I encourage you to run for it, to be very bold, to think big and go forward.

You have to know that this was the biggest unity project of Christians for the past 12 years in Sibiu, and there is no other city in Romania, where such a project every was initiated. We did 13 years ago the same but 7 days fully 24 hours, and it was a huge miracle that I was in 2006 also the main organizer.

4 subjects on 4 pages which every church received and followed more or less:

1. Sibiu/Hermannstadt -EU summit + Bucurest -EU presidency
2. Romania
3. Europe and the EU
4. Europe as a global partner (especially to stay with Israel)

Main verse John 14, 13 +Each subject hold 3 bible passages to proclaim, and 3 prayers written out to read aloud.

There were many high points; one of them was the surprising recognition of our Lutheran pastor Junesch in front of 20 baptist intercessors that he considers me in a prophetic role as Miriam the sister of Moses who was going before the people with singing and praise.

There was little response in Media, despite my efforts for this prayer project, you have to know that Sibiu has more than 99% Christians. So to do a prayer project with all mayor churches means for all citizens. But I understood that Media was controlled. Still, let’s pray for this Prayer week from SIBIU citizens to prepare the Summit and support our local people in their preparations will be put on the Media pages, will be heard and seen!

So the complaint from my site and the shaking in my local church right now are due to this spectacular successful project which I had full authority to run, organize etc it. But I had not enough support from Kilian Dörr and my own local church body and therefore was really tired.

My bishop was 100% supportive and still is! Please pray and bless him!

Right now the 3 prayer watch week, with daily often 2 watches each 2 hours and support from Bucharest and some local leaders.

So be blessed! Shalom, Erika