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  • In Eternity's Embrace, Earth's Tremors Hold No Power Over Us
     View this email in your browserCMM.World                                 July 12, 2024The Fields Are White Unto Harvest! 'We are forever thankful for believing the way the Lord created us to believe! We choose to focus on His Love, Presence, and Wisdom of the Holy Spirit. We keep our […]
  • July 2024 CMM Ordained Ministers Update: New Season for New Creation Realities!
    Rom. 8:22 "We know that the whole creation [of irrational creatures] has been moaning together in the pains of labor until now." WOW! What a big shift into this new season! Holy Light is reaching into all the world.  We have never seen anything like this as we bow down to the Maker of Heaven and […]
  • We are excited for all the Lord is doing at CMM College of Theology in the future!!! Staff Changes and More!
     Congratulations to all the graduates, returning students, and alumni!Exciting times await each of us as we press into the heart of the Lord, hearing the Holy Spirit and bringing Him JoY as we obey the Lord. The Lord has shown us His next move for the school. We will have an exciting line-up of many gifted teachers […]
  • India: Exodus of 80 by Chris Chaney
     India: Exodus of 80by Chris ChaneyComing out of EgyptNot all who read this know the history of the 35, so bear with me if you alreadyknow their story. Six weeks ago, 35 Hindu priests came together to hear the Gospel fromme. They had all walked over 100 km from out of the hill country because […]
  • In Season By Chris Chaney (Miraculous Revival Glory in India)
                                                                         In Season                                                                                               By Chris Chaney  India: Through the Jungle and Over the Mountains  On May […]
  • May 2024 CMM Ordained Ministers Update: We Believe In Miracles-We Are Seeing Miracles! Be Expecting!
     Dear Expectant Messenger of Fire,Birthing our God-given vision can be painful, right?  Standing together as many of you launch into your next phase makes us all appreciate the trusted, loving family of friends we each are moving in.  If you feel all alone or wanting/needing a trusted ear to talk with, we encourage you to contact […]
  • Behind Enemy Lines-People Were Dying! One CMM Minister Prayed and Miracle Rain Came! Now What?
     Behind Enemy LinesPeople Were Dying! One CMM Minister Prayed and Miracle Rain Came! Now What?By Chris ChaneyDo some places seem so far gone there seems to be no way currently to reach them for Christ? I know of such a place in India, even the local Christians had written it off. It was said, "that […]
     Dear Friend of the Lord, Matthew 4:4 But He answered and said, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’”  What a glorious God we serve! We are just returning from a wonderful graduation of 22 awesome graduates in Chiangmai, Thailand, under the leadership […]
  • March (forth) CMM Ordained Ministers Update-SEASON OF THUNDER
     Greetings, Warrior,                         March 1, 2024        Season of Thunder!Jesus did it all!  Either way you look at it, this year is off to a roaring, thunderous start. As sons and daughters of the one true God, we are called to move […]
  • February 2024 CMM Ordained Ministers-FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN! Helpful links enclosed
     Greetings, Precious Warrior,February 2024 CMM Ordained MinistersFIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN! (Helpful links enclosed)The Holy Spirit hovered over the waters during creation on earth and brought order to the chaos. Gen. 1:2 We are created in His image. Sometimes, our 'being' is more important than our 'doing.'  2024 is the year of the door, in the […]