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  • Water Is Life! Learn About CMM Water (wells) For The Thirsty
     Just imagine the joy and excitement on the faces of people, young and old alike, when they see and taste fresh, safe, cool water coming from a new well our CMM Partners helped to build. Together we have provided hundreds and hundreds of wells to remote tribal villages where God’s people are being encouraged and strengthened […]
  • Righteousness Exalts a Nation (as observed) by Nancy G. Daniel
     Righteousness Exalts a Nation as observed by Nancy G. Daniel In recent years we are hearing this scripture more and more as darkness increases. We pray and look to the political scene and the prophets. If we don't see change it is easy to throw our hands in the air. Then look to God thinking we are […]
  • 2023-The Year of Holy Spirit Hovering
      2023-The Year of Holy Spirit Hoveringby Jorge Parrott In an open vision while in Kenya I saw smoke, dust and ash covering the earth and bumpy roads of peril and potholes. The Lord showed me His way ahead from above.  I saw angels coming down bringing chariots, like hover craft vehicles never seen before. The […]
  • A Fresh Wind Is Blowing Across Kenya
     A Fresh Wind Is Blowing Across KenyaThe Lord loves to meet us in the greatest adventure imaginable, in the faith realm!  For many years I had dreamed of Kenya.  The Lord is always faithful.  All by His grace, He made the way for me to go.  In this remarkable, intense year of breakthroughs in the […]
  • The Second Coming by William Butler Yeats
    The Second Coming by William Butler YeatsTurning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhereThe ceremony of innocence is drowned; The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity. Surely some revelation is […]
  • The Uncompromising Blissful Extravagance of His Presence! Inbox
     Dear Mighty One,I see the Lord's eye upon us we discover by revelation the 'new thing' He is doing in our lives and of those of us who, beyond the present darkness, gaze into His eyes. The 'tuning fork' of Yahweh is orchestrating the sons and daughters of our living God in growing holy remnant […]
  • Chuck Pierce Shares A Powerful Word from Penny Jackson
     Before the service on Sunday, the Spirit of God met with Penny Jackson. As He began to visit with her, she began to write what the Lord was saying. Reading through this incredible word, I saw it like an encounter experienced by the prophet Daniel. I divided the word into the way Daniel prayed: morning, […]
  • Why Give to the Poor? How to Unlock Your Blessing Amidst the Chaos
     Why Give to the Poor? How to Unlock Your Blessing Amidst the Chaos(All Scriptures NKJV) By Jorge ParrottDuring the last few years, we all have seen too much chaos and control globally. The Lord warns us to not be deceived. We, as followers of Jesus, believe the Word and Psalm 91 as sons of God, […]
  • Special Feature of One of Many Orphanages YOUR CMM Global Family Supports to IMPACT Young Lives for all ETERNITY
    Dear CMM Partners and Friends, In this issue, we want to feature our long-term friend and CMM Members, Tahir and Saima Saleem of RCCM in Pakistan. Tahir leads hundreds of churches in Pakistan, several in Germany, and in Dubai and UAE.  He and his wife and precious family are trustworthy, faithful, and so fruitful. Please […]
  • Urgent Need For 5 New Wells For Flood Victims in Pakistan
     Pray For Urgent Need For 5 New Wells For Flood Victims in PakistanFrom long term CMM member, Latif Masih:Dear All CMM Global Family,URGENT NEEDED  For 5 WELLS FOR FLOOD VICTIMSPlease see the photos below to get a clear idea of the massive devastation and the urgent need.  Pray and ask the Lord what He says to […]