By Jorge Parrott

Are you ready for some good news? We hear enough bad news. The kingdom is advancing. Your prayers and generosity are making an impact in sixty nations. We are blessed to do this. We are seeing fruit that remains as souls are saved, discipled, healed, and delivered. Long ago I heard this saying with regards to missions—“The water is free but the pipes are expensive.” Missions have indeed changed, and our prophetic teams, intercessors, and staff seek divine strategies and strategic alliances as they discern the times.

Thank you, dear Partners, for your great passion and prayers. Our work is shining Jesus’ light into dark and dangerous areas, and also into the safer ones. The earth is the Lord’s vineyard, and our lives are for His glory. The fields are white unto harvest and the laborers are few (see John 4:35).

Holy Spirit Shows Us How to Make the Desert Bloom

MS/CM Missions provides spiritual covering and services to thousands of missionaries worldwide. Equipping radical missionaries to hear the Lord’s voice and disciple the nations is a vital component of fulfilling the Great Commission and bringing spiritual transformation to individuals, communities, and nations.

It takes time and prayer to build fruitful and lasting relationships while learning to love. The Bible tells us to “know those that labor among us” (see I Thessalonians 5:12). We rely on the Holy Spirit to lead as we minister the Father’s love to those facing all sorts of challenges. We grow together towards the high calling of Jesus Christ with anointed teaching, equipping, and activation. Many of our missionaries never ask for funds and do not receive a penny from us. All are hungry for spiritual covering, equipping, and fellowship.

Thanks to our faithful Partners, our Missions Department provides monthly support for hundreds of native missionaries and their families—all while maintaining one of the lowest administrative expense rates in the non-profit sector.

A Few Highlights from 2015

Over one hundred of our missionaries visited MorningStar in Fort Mill and Moravian Falls. They received rich ministry in the areas of: prophetic ministry and training, healing, and fellowship. Rick Joyner generously supplied our trusted friends with books, conference DVDs, and teaching materials to train and equip their leaders and churches.

In August at Moravian Falls, we held our first Missions Conference, which included speakers like David Hogan, Etienne Blom, Eugene Bach, Rick Joyner, and David White. We sought the Father’s heart for the nations at this critical time. Many said it was their best conference ever.

Your prayers and generosity saved lives in the Middle East and Asia. We freed several from jail and rescued wives and children. They were relocated to safety through our vast “underground railway” network, and in Kurdistan, Iraq, brave team members rescued four hundred Yazidi women from terrorists. All had been raped. They are now in safe, loving homes receiving comfort, hope, and restoration.

Our teams in Nigeria rescued one thousand widows from northern Boko Haram. Their husbands had been murdered. We raised funds to help them start businesses to become self-sustaining. Our teams also rescued two hundred children who lost their parents to terrorists, placing them in church member’s homes to receive hope and a loving Christian family.

You also helped feed and give hope to thousands of refugees. Persecution is increasing yet many are coming to the Lord. For example, the Muslim mayor of a city in Syria asked our missionary serving there, “Why aren’t the Muslims helping us with this crisis?” This mayor saw our team’s heart and gave them land with permission to build the first Christian church there in one hundred and twenty years. We could not do any of this without your prayers and generosity.

Over one hundred churches were planted this year along with ten orphanages added to our network. Churches can be built for as little as ten thousand dollars. You also helped hundreds of young pastors and orphans further their education and training. During their first two years, pastors are aided as they establish churches and teach biblical principles. $50 to $100 a month helps them solidify these new church plants.

Several MorningStar Shine women’s teams went to the Dominican Republic. They spoke to and trained women on issues dear to their hearts, and construction continues there on a new rural church plant. Many of our women and their husbands were changed as they traveled to bless others and be transformed by the goodness of the Lord.

Joe Leone raised funds for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, clothing, and children’s gifts for one thousand families.

Miracles, healings, and other testimonies came in weekly and continue to arrive. The blind, deaf (many whom lost their hearing to bombings), crippled, and cursed were healed. Even cancer and victims of poisoning were healed by our awesome King of kings.

Our dedicated team of intercessors at Fort Mill, Moravian Falls, and across the U.S. and overseas prays diligently for our missions family worldwide. They take their prayers to the very throne room of the Lord. This is vital and strategic in this season.

Finally, we trained and supervised volunteers that contributed over 7,500 volunteer hours.

Pray About Investing in Futures around the Globe

These are just some of the highlights of what the Lord has done. We are thankful for the Lord’s heart for the nations (see Psalm 2:8). We have seen many prayers answered, but there is still much to be done. As the Lord leads each one in the global MorningStar family, we cannot do any of this without your prayers and financial support.

In 2015, thirty-five ZAO water wells were drilled in Africa, India, and Pakistan in areas of new church plants. Water hygiene and community development training combined with evangelism and discipleship classes as well. Wells start at just $1,400 depending on the nation, soil, and depth. For more information, visit:

MSU Theology entered its ninth year of offering accredited Christian Theology degrees in the U.S. and many nations. Visit:

The younger generation is being raised up to be passionate followers of Jesus to impact their nations with depth and maturity. For only a dollar a day, you can aid orphans. Ministry school students can also be helped, often for as little as $130 for a whole year’s tuition, room, and board. Visit for more information.

Almost four hundred missionaries and pastors from many nations received from our Prophetic Skype Teams in both Fort Mill and Moravian Falls. We are now training entire congregations in prophecy and to operate with our new Fast Track teams. Our experienced Fast Track faculty are anointed MSU College of Theology graduates, and many are pastors in the MFM/MFC network. Learn more at:

An Asian government gave one leader and his team access to speak to almost 500,000 public university students about the evils of abortion, human trafficking, and pornography. They also worked with police to raid porn and sex trade brothels, setting many captives free.

This year, over one hundred fifty MorningStar and/or MFM, MSU, and CSCL members traveled to many nations speaking at conferences, leading prophetic training, teaching, giving encouragement, and releasing faith and the supernatural. All returned home forever changed, having grown in intimacy with the Lord. We invite you to join us on a faith adventure in 2016. Contact the office at or call 803-802-5544 (ext. 392) for more information or to request an application.

Israel is called as the nation who will openly honor the Lord (the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) before the Gentile nations. The Lord will present her as the leading nation and a blessing to all the families of the earth (see Isaiah 60, Ezekiel 28:25-26, and Genesis 28:14). “It Is Time Israel” is dedicated to helping awaken Israel to her destiny. Currently, this project is renovating a community center in Tserdot for Holocaust survivors. Click on the following link to learn more:

We are anticipating even greater times ahead in advancing the kingdom. Help us continue taking God’s light into dark places, bringing hope, faith, and encouragement to those the Lord knits our hearts together with in these crucial times. Contact the Missions Office at 803-802-5544 (ext. 392) or email Visit our website at to sign up for our free newsletter.

Pictured here is Jorge and MFM members praying for Pastor Paul in Taipei and glory showed on Jorge’s hand as he laid hands on Paul
Pictured here is Jorge and MFM members praying for Pastor Paul in Taipei and glory showed on Jorge’s hand as he laid hands on Paul
With Prophetic Team Members from Ft. Mill doing Prophetic Training and conferences in Singapore.
With Prophetic Team Members from Ft. Mill doing Prophetic Training and conferences in Singapore.
With graduates and faculty of our school in the Philippines.
With graduates and faculty of our school in the Philippines.
At a Prophetic Round Table in Italy with pastors from all over Italy praying for Italy.
At a Prophetic Round Table in Italy with pastors from all over Italy praying for Italy.
Praying and strengthening families at Vida Real Church in Guatemala City
Praying and strengthening families at Vida Real Church in Guatemala City