Bereaved Family

My night evangelism to Mr. Kyaw Htay Oo’s family, who has 6 six children, his two-month-old baby died suddenly on Christmas day. I faced difficulty in managing the time on that day.

The bereaved family made up their minds and hearts to bury their son as a Christian service. It showed that I believed they would totally decide to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. Nigh Camp was done at their tent, and I used a whiteboard for explaining the way to get to heaven is by only Jesus Christ. They clearly understood what Jesus has done for them on the cross.

Child Dedication

Mr. Saw Eh Nay Htoo was three months old. His name was given and dedicated to God in prayer. I was invited to lay my hands on him. His mom and dad were converted in Christ through my preaching and teaching about Jesus Christ after two years. And then, they mentioned prayer items for having pregnancy. God answered my prayer and gave the couple a baby.

Hlaing Township Christmas

As a Pre-Christmas, my friend and I prayed and managed to invite some Christians who will bring non-Christians to be told about Christmas and the Salvation of Jesus Christ.

God is working through us, and most of the youths came to hear the Gospel Message. Through my preaching, 12 youths were accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and raised their hands before the congregation, and we all believers prayed for them. Nothing can I do, but God is working through me to expand His kingdom in Myanmar. Thank God with me for what He has been doing through His people.

Home Church Christmas

We celebrated Christmas at my rented house nicely without any problems. On Christmas day, a baby died, and some did not show up on that day. But unbelievers were able to come on Christmas as I sent an invitation letter to have lunch together.

By God’s mercy and grace, I always ready to invest money for unbelievers to make them heard the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ. I fed them lunch. I thanked God that Mr. Ka Lar and Ms. Wah Tuk were accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and Lord, and then He went back to his home full of joy and happiness.

House Church at Than Din Village

There are four houses at Than Din village. But all household members are not Christians. One or two are Christians. Anyhow, we have Sunday Service in the afternoon if they closed industries or companies on Sunday or if it may be a special day of the government or if there is no order or there was no over-time work. The Service depends on having a holiday of the Sunday workers.

House to House Evangelism

Three sisters live in an apartment, and the middle girl was invited on Christmas day, and that day was her first time hearing The salvation of Jesus Christ here. That seed was inserted in her heart and mind.

I was invited to visit their house warmly, and her elder and younger sisters have shared the Good News of Jesus Christ as well. I trust in God that they will turn to God and realize that Jesus Christ is their Savior and Lord. As we know, Buddhism teaches that good merits or deeds lead human beings to nirvana.

Night Evangelism to School after the School

Two families’ children were taught English, which is the way to approach them, and told the story of the Savior Jesus Christ. Their parents and sisters or brothers also heard my teaching and sharing the Gospel because I speak loudly.

Pu Chawi Ha

Pu Chawi Ha, who died on December 20 at night, is my grandfather’s youngest brother. I met him in 2019 during my 40-day-gospel trip and had fellowship with him. We discussed the land to donate for future planning if God gives me a chance to start running English-Teaching for children. I, with him, did not initiate anything yet.

I had a chance to meet his dead body alone, and he loved me so much. He wanted me to do Church planting in many areas in Myanmar. But now he left us and went back to the heavenly home. There is no tear and sorrow.

SPT Christmas Celebration

I was one of the main persons in Shwepyithar(SPTP Christian Church Council. We had meetings many times and took time in prayer to celebrate Christmas on December 29.

God answered our prayer, and we initiated our visions, really. We guessed 1500 people to come to Township Hall, granted by the Yangon Region Chief Governor or Minister and Yangon Region Mayor. Actually, over 2500 people came to the Christmas Celebration.

It was permitted officially by the government, and we posted to attract unbelievers by inviting famous singers or vocalists. The poster was posted in front of Township Hall and bus-takers, walkers, and announced on Facebook to Facebook users.

The famous Evangelist Preacher was invited, and he shared the powerful message of Jesus Christ to Buddhists and the township government service personnel and Yangon Region Authority, including Yangon Region Mayor.

We, the three main persons, invested our time and money for applying to the government authority in Township Level, District Level, and Region Level to win the lost souls who long for the Savior or Redeemer from the bondage of sin.

The grace and mercy of God to unbelievers, about 50 unbelievers (uncounted), raised their hands before people and God to accept Jesus Christ their personal Savior and Lord boldly. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!   Our labor or hard work is not in vain, and it was fruitful. A lost soul is more precious than the world before God.

You are requested for Myanmar as the Holy Spirit speaks to you in your heart.    Note: Please don’t post pictures for my security reason. If you would like to use pictures for posting, please cover their faces.