Kawt Thit Area

By God’s grace, I went to Kawt Thit Area and I started talking to women and asked her to use her tent. As I began its prayer and God made a way for me to show Jesus Film for children. In the beginning, 13 children came and watched it including 6 parents.

In the middle, some went back to their tents and some children were called back by their parents. Some came and some went out.

The problem I faced in showing the film is that the voice or sound they spoke cannot be heard by the listeners. The volume is so low because some noises are in the outside. The computer original volume is very low. That may be the reason some children cannot hear the voice and went back home. So, I decided to buy a speaker in order to make it louder for the hearers.

 Anyway, all were introduced about God and Jesus Christ. Five children watched it all and they understood the redemption of Jesus Christ.

Te Kun  Area

I got a chance to show Jesus Film to Te Kun area, there are four families. I requested to use his tent for showing Jesus Film. By God’s mercy and my prayer, I was permitted to show it. Fourteen people watched it till the end. They said thanks to me for showing this film. A woman was happy that she convinced that Jesus paid the pain for us not to go to hell. She thanked Jesus who died on the cross for human beings.

Se Myawng Village

I met with a church planter from Se Myawng Village. I talked about Jesus Film to show any possible places. So he invited me to go to the area. When I think of myself to go there because it is too far to reach there for me to spend time five hours by motorbike drive.

I asked God whether I go there or not. The Holy Spirit touched my heart and mind to go there for the lost souls. I took the rest 30 minutes on the way to Se Myawng Village after driving two and a half hours there. I filled gasoline to my bike as well.

Nighttime, I started showing Jesus Film for children to them. Parents brought all their children in a house. There are over 75 people. I accounted for up to 60. Some people came to the beginning, some the middle and some the second DVD (Jesus Film for Adult) show.

After the first DVD (Jesus Film for children) was finished, children were asked whether they understood or not. By the work of the Holy Spirit most of the children including adults.

At last, I asked questions about the DVD, Who is Jesus? What did He do? Why did He die on the Cross? and so on.

They answered my all questions amazingly. Anyway, I immensely feel joyful in my heart and mind what the Lord is doing this Jesus Film. I guessed that over 30 people who did not say anything about the video will be understood in the days to come.

Let’s pray for the people and children who watch it will accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord because of the seed of Jesus’ redemption video or the seed of Gospel was put in their hearts and minds. They watched, saw, heard of the Video.