By Jorge Parrott (all Scriptures NKJV)

While in awe of the Lord on our journey to Myanmar, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “You are going where I have sent you. I have prepared this way and the hearts you will know. Just wait until you see what I am doing in this place in my chosen sons for you to witness and be a part of my plans for this nation.” What joy awaits us as we step into the faith realm on these exciting journeys! It is because the mission of the church is “MISSIONS.”

We went to meet our missionaries in Myanmar and to introduce them to each other in Yangon, formerly Rangoon. We also went into the Golden Triangle area in eastern Myanmar (also known as Burma), near the border of Thailand and Laos, to work with one of our MSU College of Theology students, Dr. David Joy. Dr. Joy is a medical doctor called to minister to drug addicts and bring restoration to many in the world’s second largest drug trafficking region, second only to Afghanistan. This area is known for heroin and opium manufacturing and drug abuse.

Young Generals

During one of our MSU College of Theology online classes last year ( with our Masters Degree students, Dr. Joy appeared on screen with about twenty young men. When asked who they were, he replied, “I took what I learned in school and applied it and brought heaven to earth to these drug addicts and they were saved and delivered from addiction.” The glory of the Lord came into the room. All the students were touched and strongly felt the Lord’s presence (see Acts 1:8). Since that time, the Lord has led Dr. Joy on a remarkable journey that is seeing many lives restored and set on the path of life.

The Lord leads us in amazing and strategic ways through His divine connections. We are seeing many hungry and teachable men and women under thirty years of age come to us for discipleship and deepening relationships. All are seeking fathers, and they also long to be fathers and mothers to the fatherless (see Malachi 4:6).

Dr. David Joy receiving his MSU COT Masters Degree in Yangon from Jorge Parrott and Nancy Daniel, Dean of the Theology School.

Holy Fire in the Home Fellowship

Several times a week, Dr. Joy hosts a growing, Holy Spirit led fellowship in his house. Young and old gather to grow stronger and deeper in the ways of the Lord. We met for two days of training and impartation. Women are often the ones leading the charge in prayer, intercession, and volunteering. Pray for the husbands of these women, as many are alcoholics. Several are key business people or they work in the government in influential positions.

Myanmar has suffered under decades of military coups and oppressive regimes, but the Lord is moving in many lives to see transformation. This nation of fifty-seven million is mostly Buddhist and Christian (estimated at 8 percent). Christians face increasing persecution as it becomes more common, forcing many house churches to move periodically as worship and the word gets out (see I Corinthians 1:18).


Strengthening the Net

While in Yangon, we also met with our passionate missionaries serving in the diverse regions of this mountainous country. There are eight tribes, and this tribal identity has brought strife, bigotry, discrimination, and violence to many along, with military repression. Thankfully, times are changing. For the first time, we were able to bring our missionaries to meet and pray with each other. We spent one day in fascinating meetings with these leaders, some who left professional careers to enter into ministry with their passion to see souls saved and discipled.

We received much revelation as we prayed together about how we can strengthen Spirit-filled, like-minded pastors and leaders and build strategic alliances to bring resources, equipping, and training to reach all the seven mountains in Myanmar.

Missionaries in our Myanmar Network came together to pray for each other and the nation.

Shifting The Golden Triangle

Dr. Joy has fasted and prayed as he sought the Lord, being led to Tachileik in eastern Shan state, renowned for drug trafficking, second only to Afghanistan in heroin and opium. Many young people come to this area seeking work in gold or jade mines, and they are too often lured into the dark world of low cost drugs and addiction, including human trafficking.

Dr. Joy met Aung Aung and his wife Phyu Phyu, an amazing young couple who minister to drug addicts. There are bearing lasting fruit as they rescue addicts, share Jesus, and love them into restored, resurrected lives. They have a three-story facility in a government-owned building near the center of Tachileik. Businesses used for on-the-job training are on the first floor, dorms and kitchen/dining area are on second floor, and a church with classroom is on the third floor.

Phyu Phyu and Aung Aung and their young daughter.

We held a two-day leaders’ conference for almost one hundred area leaders from several ministries. Some traveled long distances to attend. We released strategies for impacting all of Myanmar and sowed seeds for lasting revival and transformation.

With many young leaders who attended our two-day Leadership Training Conference in Tachileik, Myanmar in the Golden Triangle region.

The worship team was made up of former addicts who now praise and worship the Lord with anointing and skill. We were blown away by their joy, their hunger, and their passion to reach many more young people who have been led astray. Each of our team members shared several times as we taught on the prophetic, baptism of the Holy Spirit, and ekklesia. The altars were full of hungry ones yearning for impartation and the presence of the Lord.

Our team of MSU Theology students and leaders.
While in Tachileik, we met with students who are pastors in Chiang Mai, Thailand. These are all in our Doctoral class this school year.

Covert Missions Rising To Meet Increasing Persecution

The Golden Triangle can be a dangerous place. We believe and act on what the Word says that as the Lord sends us out, we claim every step for Jesus Christ (see Joshua 1:3). You do not want to go into places like this without strong intercessors covering you in prayer. We are thankful for key intercessors back home that stand in the gap and pray daily for our teams as we go where the Lord sends us. It works.

Each month we receive more and more request from our network missionaries asking us for anonymity and protection as anti-Christian leaders increase pressure to silence Christians and proselytizing efforts. We can not share as much as we once did from nations in the 10/40 window, and some outside that region. However, this behooves us to be pro-active with urgency to reach the unreached. We know many who are willing to lay down their lives to reach one more soul. We ask for your prayers and help to send teams and valuable, life-changing resources into dangerous places.

We are working to get more anointed resources by Rick Joyner, MorningStar, and other quality ministries translated into many languages. We use micro-SD cards to shuttle the Bible, great books and teaching series, and worship videos into closed areas and nations, like Myanmar.

We are thankful for your generosity, but more help is needed. We need another $10,000 urgently to prepare these tiny micro-SD cards that hold large volumes of Christian resources. We anticipate reaching thousands in many nations with these valuable tools.

Your prayers and help are needed and much appreciated. Contact Jorge Parrott, Director of Missions at 803-802-5544 ext. 392, or email  Visit to sign up for our free online Missions newsletter.

Some of the ancient local musical instruments.
The sky outside our window in Tachileik.
Some of the former drug addicts delivered from addiction through our ministry.
Many of the former drug addicts gathered for a special time of prayer, impartation, and prophetic words.
Deidra Young of Perth, Australia receives her Masters Degree in Myanmar