MAT Graduation “We are now equipped to fight the trafficking.”

The graduation program for MAT (Mother Against Trafficking – 3 months anti-trafficking course) happened in 6 January 2020 in Sindhupalchok. As you know Sindhupalchok has the second biggest number of girls being trafficking from Nepal to different parts of the world. We have been working in this district since 2013 and we have seen many changes happening as the number of girls being trafficked is dropping down. Many mothers and young girls have formed many task forces and fighting trafficking. We are thankful for all of these results!

To take part in the program, we left around 6 am in the morning. After we arrive there, the program started at around 11 am with a warm welcome song and dance by graduating mothers and young girls including their learnings in the song. They had composed this song during the MAT course. They also performed a short drama about human trafficking. This drama was performed by young boys and girls who had taken part in the course. The story of drama imaged the reality of a poor Nepal family who is easily targeted by human trafficking agents and brokers. The message of the story was how the brokers give fake hopes and dreams of education, health facility, good life, a better future, and many more to poor Nepal family and their daughters. This undeniable offer and poverty of the family comply them to send their daughters with the unknown stranger.

While sharing her learning, Mrs. Rosana said, “I never knew that our daughters have to live hell-like life after they are tricked by traffickers. We are thankful to New Light Nepal for bringing this course to our village. We want this course to every village.”

Education about the pro-life and life of a fetus was also given in the program. Of total of 53 graduates, 34 were women, 2 were young boys and 17 were young girls.

After the distribution of certificates, Executive Director, Sunira Devkota shared about the reality of trafficking and how mothers and can protect their daughters. She also shared her experience and what she saw in her visit to the brothels of Mumbai some years ago.

Warm Jackets and Hats for Children

New Light Nepal has distributed warm jackets and hats for 725 Musahar children. They were happy and thankful for getting these clothes to save their lives from the cold as some people died because of the cold. We are continually distributing eggs to Musahar children for their protein.

Prayer points:

  • Please pray for new MAT groups started this month in Sindhupalchok and in Baitadi.
  • Please pray for MAT course printing. Each copy costs around USD 0.7 and we need to print at least 1000 copies.
  • Please pray for the Anti-trafficking programs we will be doing for 6-10 grade students in different schools in Sindhupalchok and Baitadi.
  • Please pray for 2 more staff to facilitate MAT groups as well as Anti-trafficking programs. Please pray for provisions for salaries and travel expenses.
  • Please pray for tailoring training for Musahar girls.