As the whole world is in panic over Covid-19, we continue to enjoy God’s protection and grace in our lives. We should all be praying for the people who have been affected by this epidemic and for people all around the world who are deeply concerned its rapid spread.  It is not as easy.

We take great delight in sharing with you our latest ministry updates! Many thanks for your continued love and support!

We keep working in Sindhupalchok to make ZERO trafficking…

Human trafficking is a primary challenge in many parts of Nepal. We have written you many times regarding this issue. As you know the second biggest number of people are trafficked from Sindhupalchowk area in Nepal where numerous cases of trafficking have been reported in the past.

Local villagers tell us, “Although we have heard and read a lot about human trafficking activities in our area, things happen so quickly out here that we are hardly given to know anything about why people would sold each other people? Till now, how many girls have been sold? Who are involving in trafficking? Where they are being sold? These questions are still unanswered.” High mountains, absence of good roads and means of communication are some of the possible causes why people are not aware about the problems.

New Light Nepal strives to dispel the darkness by shining new light of knowledge across the villages and towns of the district. NLN has been conducting awareness program regularly by conducting classes to educate local people about causes and challenges to curb human trafficking problems. Sadly, despite our best efforts we have not been able to take this program to several other villages due to various shortcomings.

 Musahar Girls are happy now…

Currently, the village school has 40 students. Among them 22 are boys and the rest are girls. During the Early this year in January, students got good results from their school. Some of the lessons they learned in school included simple mathematics like multiplication, reading and writing in English and Nepali etc.

Previously we had to persuade them to go to school but now they are greatly motivated to attend classes regularly and have learnt to be punctual. Students are more disciplined than before. They have shown considerable improvement in English comprehension and are able to introduce themselves in classes in English. Besides, the children are equally active in extra-curricular activities like sports. They  also taking part in physical exercises regularly. Their parents have begun to understand the importance of education.

Hear from Pramila

My name is Pramila Majhi. I am 14 years old. I would like to give thanks to New Light Nepal for providing free education to children of my Mushahar community in the village school. I have been attending my classes in school regularly and have progressed a lot in my study.

I had a problem of English comprehension in school and I used to be very scared lest my teacher asked me any question during classes. Because my parents are illiterate, they could not help me with my studies. I faced lots of difficulties as a result of this and was even contemplating to quit my study. Just then NLN started school in our village. With a glimmer of hope I decided to continue my study here.

Within no time I began to gain confidence in my study as well as began to improve considerably. Now I could freely ask questions to teachers when I did not understand my lessons. I express my gratitude to people involved in New Light Nepal for bringing about change in my life and helping me improveme in my studies. There are still many Mushahar children in my community with similar stories and challenges .I request you to continue providing free education to less privileged children from my community like me who could greatly benefit from your village school. Finally, I would like to thank all the staff of New Light Nepal for extending your helping hands to support us.


We praise God that a fellow supporter of New Light Nepal has now set up the means for donors to support New Light Nepal through a 501c3 non-profit for donors to receive tax deductions and all necessary paperwork in the USA. You can go through New Light Nepal’s website and click the Donate US button to set up one time gifts or monthly support. For all donations, you will receive end of year statements for your tax purposes. Please consider sharing with friends and monthly that we may increase our impact in Nepal all to the Praise and Glory of God. Friends from Canada can keep using New Light Nepal Canada for your donations! 

Please pray for:

  • Let’s unite and pray against Corona virus as the whole world is suffering.
  • We hope to start skill training for Musahar girls. We have some funds to start the work but it is not enough. We have been trusting the Lord to meet the short fall so we can continue with the tailoring classes for Musahaar girls.
  • Please pray for ongoing MAT groups in Sindhupalchok! Please pray for the provisions for MAT Course printing!
  • Please pray for the protection of our staff. Please pray for the children we are ministering.
  • Please pray for Sunira as she has is getting panic attacks again and not being able to sleep for many nights. 

Shalom to you all, In Christ, the Devkotas