As the whole world is panicking and looking for answers, we know God is in control and He knows why all of these happening. We can trust Him because He is a good God. Jesus told us that when we see these things happened, we can suspect that He is coming soon! Let’s encourage one-another and pray for each other. Let’s this time to focus more in Him and His Words! We are praying for you as you pray for us!

Please go through some updates and see some attached pics!

They will fight for their daughters

In the first week of March, at Belafi, one of the villages of Sindhupalchok district, New Light Nepal conducted an anti-trafficking program. There were 45 women from neighboring villages too. This is the first time ladies were hearing about the reality of trafficking! Many of the women were astonished to hear the reality of trafficking. Many of them promised that they will not let their daughters to go with any strangers. Some ladies shared with us that they have seen many girls being taken from their villages but they never came back. They told that their eyes were opened and now they will fight for their daughters.

One woman had did 4 abortions

In the program, besides talking about human trafficking, we also shared about abortion and how you can save your babies. After we finished our talk we asked if anyone questions. One lady named Nani Maya Pariyar stood and shared that she had done abortion for 4 times because she had girls all the times. She shared how she is physically weak after doing abortion. After hearing her story, we were emotionally touched because she was crying while sharing it. We (Renu and Manjita) could minister her and comforted her.

We do not have to drink from Pond now!

New Light Nepal installed a hand pump in Pokhariya village, Sarlahi for the families of the girls we sponsor. These 7 families had to walk hours to get water from a stream or get water from the pond where cattle also drink. They are happy and thankful that they have clean water in their easy access.

Because of worldwide pandemic government has asked not to gather more than 25 people in one place. We have to close all of our village schools because of this. All of our anti-trafficking programs and MAT groups are closed for time being.

 Please pray for 

  • Please pray for our village schools’ teachers who are visiting students in their homes and trying to help them to be protected!
  • Please pray for our staffs and MAT Task Force who will be visiting MAT members and continually watching the trafficking as well as violence against women and girls.
  • We need to print more MAT lessons. Please pray for provision.
  • Please pray for Sunira as headache and back pain trying to come back.
  • Please pray for our girls as they head to south to be with their grandmother and grandfather. Please pray for our boy Abhinna who has started Biblical Hebrew lessons. It is his own initiations and he has finished alphabet as well as some vowel symbols.
  • We have been planning and preparing to start Mobile Bible School from next week. Last week we gathered as key leaders/supervisors and I lead the first five lessons. We are doing Bible Training in 4 locations of Nepal. These key leaders will train 10 more leaders and those 10 will be training more in the remote villages. But because of current situation we have postponed it.
  • Please pray for churches in Nepal as we are gathering in smaller number.

Shalom to you all!!

We praise God that a fellow supporter of New Light Nepal has now set up the means for donors to support New Light Nepal through a 501c3 non-profit for donors to receive tax deductions and all necessary paperwork in the USA. You can go through New Light Nepal’s website ( and click the Donate US button to set up one time gifts or monthly support. For all donations, you will receive end of year statements for your tax purposes. Please consider sharing with friends and monthly that we may increase our impact in Nepal all to the Praise and Glory of God. Friends from Canada can keep using New Light Nepal Canada for your donations! 

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