Thurner: January 2011

We are chained to the heart of heaven that stands on tip toe every moment to break into every life with God’s love. In the power of that kind of affection God feels for mankind, nothing is impossible to him who believes that love never fails. Once we risk everything on the gospel of grace and receive fully and completely the Embrace of the Father, we are transformed and become the mighty rushing wind of His compassion and the healing whisper of His tenderness to everyone we meet. The wounded Jesus, the crucified Son of God, the Face of the Father now marred and disfigured for us, the ultimate act of His immense and eternal love frees us finally to collapse in His arms. Gripped by the power of this stunning and unexplainable affection we live in the heart of God Himself and step into life each day energized, to heal the broken, restore the dignity of the hopeless and value every moment to be the breath of heaven to each person we meet.

A beautiful ministry is full of thought for others but ministry is only a lifestyle of loving with a pure heart which means to love everybody. Jesus was hopelessly addicted to the unattractive and desired to be near the undersirable and attracted to and loved the unlovely. To the disciple, all that is not the love of God has no meaning. Yea! Another day to call in the outcasts and bring in His bride! Jesus is always wonderful and people are not always nice but consumed in the power of a great affection, we live in the hug of His sweetness in the midst of it all.

Jesus sees people who have not been loved enough. Jesus sees people who stopped growing because someone stopped believing in them. People risked everything in the gold rush in the 1800’s. Hearing that there was gold in California, families risked all to traverse deserts, brave storms, attacks by Indians and all sorts of hardships to find the precious gold that would change their lives forever. Many did not make it. To know God is to embark on the greatest gold rush in all of history. The gold that is in every human being, buried beneath the dirt and earth of shattered existences. We are to dig it out! To know Jesus is to live the parable of lost things. Remember the woman searching frantically for the lost coin, the shepherd going through the valleys and mountainsides for one lost sheep and the father convulsing in sobs over seeing the lost son return. The coin represents purchasing power, the ability to buy what is needed. God sees the purchasing power of each life, the value of each soul. He is forever moving towards that which is in need of restoration.

Isaiah 42:2,3 “A bruised reed shall he not break and the smoking flax shall he not quench: he shall bring forth judgment unto truth. He shall not be discouraged, till he have set judgment in the earth and the isles wait for his law”

We read the same thing again in Matthew 12: 18-20. It is the witness of the heart of Christ for all time. There are bruised lives all around, even ours. Crushed, broken, oppressed is the picture. God sees the condition, He is touched with the situation of our shattered person. Jesus did not break that life in pieces, rend it violently, wreck or cripple it but as the word means brings to the birth. He sees it through. He does not quench, extinguish or put out the life that has become dim, colorless. He does not snuff out the flickering flame and point the finger at the faltering and fainting life of that soul as the words mean but like a smoldering fire, fans it gently back to a robust flame gradually increasing what is needed into the fire until it roars back to its blazing potential.

Matthew says that “the love of many shall wax cold” in the latter times and how true that is. Speaks of a dying flame, ardor that has been cooled by the influences of a world that is a junkie to self gratification at any cost. We should surrender to the love of the Father personally and for others that bursts all previous boundaries of understanding. Once we believe we are loved in an uncomparable way, we become empowered to not curse the darkness but hilariously light candles of kindness and love everywhere!!

One day a computer salesman rushing to get home to see his family and hearing the final whistle of the departing train, inadvertantly kicked over a slender table on which rested a basket of apples. A 10 year old boy was selling apples to pay for his school clothes and books. The other computer salesman, 4 of them kept running and made the train. The other one yelled out to have them call his wife to let her know that he would be a couple of hours late. He went back to the table and saw the apples all over the floor and began to pick them up. Some of them were damaged, split or bruised. The man reached into his wallet and said to the boy, “Here’s $20 for the apples we damaged. I hope we did not spoil your day. God bless you”.

The 10 year old was blind. As the salesman walked away, the blind boy called after him and asked, “Are you Jesus?’

Are you Jesus? When we look at the world through the eyes of Jesus then the eyes of others will see Him through our lives. Christians run all over seeking a word of God for their lives but the seeking would be better directed at the ultimate prophetic word, the Word made flesh, the testimony of Jesus. That is the Word of the Lord for us for sure and enables us to be a word to everyone!

Let us surrender our hearts to reckless love. Love God, love others. Keep it simple and experience the profound. The gentleness of Jesus with sinners is because He can see with understanding behind the defense mechanisms, sneers and curses, arrogance and airs of those standing before Him. He is not exasperated by it all. He just finds a basin to pour water in to wash dirty feet. Serving love is the essence of discipleship. At the judgment we hear these words, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me”.(Matthew 25:40) His words not mine. Jesus lived for others. Jesus lived in the power of the greatest affection, gripped by insatiable thirst to heal, deliver, give joy for mourning, give hope to the hopeless, bind up the broken so they can all dance the dance of wholeness in the embrace of the Father. C’mon, what an invitation, what a lifestyle to choose.

This is the hour for revolutionary lovers, radical disciples who are risk takers in the gold rush to bring forth the gold in every man, woman and child!!

**Earl and Jana Thurner are missionaries having great impact in Tahiti, French Polynesia and Nicaragua. If you are led to partner with them donate securely online at or mail a check to CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241.