Thurner July 2013

Hola and Blessings!

I am taking the time to give you a more detailed report of the trip to Olancho.  Some of you have prayed and given and since you took your time, I will take mine to let you read the fruit of your love!!!

Over the next few days and weeks you can continue to look at pictures that capture our missions trip to Olancho, Honduras.  Go to Facebook and Team Olancho, where members of our team are posting their pictures.  Our Australian photographer will be adding her 2,000 images the next few days and we are encouraging all those who were part of our team to do the same!! For those of you who prayed and supported Jana and I throughout this amazing and epic season in a new era of global missions, muchas gracias, we truly did life together and I am going to give an overview of our time there!
We had the most incredible team assembled in my opinion!  It was truly a satisfying moment for us in so many ways!!

We had the privilege of having Jedidiah and Amber, our son and daughter in law.  Jed was not only over Olancho but Amber was over the whole team of 100 coordinating every aspect of the teams activities.  Jedidiah was also instrumental in the entire National Campaign at the same time.  Jana and I were state coordinators, Karelia was with Amber in overseeing the team, buses and all that and our son Damien was amazingly anointed the entire trip.  Our daughter Jobyna was a team leader of 25, and our grandson Antonio blew people away the entire trip, a 13 year old effortlessly flowing in the power of God.  We also had Ambers Dad, Mark Carpenter with us.

We had youth pastors from Dallas and Miami part of 2 great churches.  We had a team from Alpha and Omega in Miami that was bi lingual and a great photographer and organizer who came with them.  We had Jeds pastor from Champion Life Church with a team of 29 from that church.  We had businessmen, we had a group from the church where I got saved in back in 1974, a very fulfilling moment for me to have them come along from the Pacific NW and another who lived in Redding whose parents were part of that church.  We had a few others from Redding and also a guy on the pastoral staff of Bethel Church.  We had a team from Northwest Florida who were part of the Supernatural School of Ministry we established a few years back. Not only that, we had our 2 pastors we have worked with for 6 years in Nicaragua come down and these guys astounded everyone with what they carry.  Some of our team had read reports for years about Nicaragua and now had a chance to meet them in person.  We event had a guy from the church we served on Maui, Hawaii on the team.  Every age group was represented and those on their first missions trip ever were part of our team.

Every morning we had incredible devos as we call them. Great and timely messages from the pastors there and an outpouring of God pretty much in every meeting.  In the evening we had visitations of God pure and simple.  I had the chance to bring the message of the kingdom the first day we were there and many caught it and that ushered us into a realm of the miraculous each day.  Had a chance to speak Tuesday night and that was just such a treat to see a blast from heaven and amazing outpouring of God.  Every night we had testimonies that just rocked everyone, so many astounding miracles and conversions, students, principals and teachers touched by God.  We had such great accommodations in Catacamas and the meals were off the charts and that made me happy as we did all we could to prepare for our team to have the most rewarding experience in our state of Olancho.  We saw most of the hotel staff get saved and touched by God also, if not all of them.  I had to work behind the scenes all week with Jed as we faced challenge after challenge daily.

Olancho is the most dangerous and difficult state in the nation.  It is the largest and most spread out and the birthplace of the last 2 presidents.  Juticalpa is the home of President Lobo and where the stadium was for the crusade. When you ask Hondurans around the nation where they have been, you can list all the other places but when you get to Olancho, they say, they have never been there and say, “why would we ever want to visit Olancho”.  It is a place where people are leaving all the time, of little investment, steeped in hopelessness and division, including the majority of the churches much less the animosity of Catacamas and Juticalpa because the president that was ousted was from Catacamas and the current president from Juticalpa. It is the place of drug trafficking, sex trafficking and violence.  That is why Jedidiah and I chose it and being a national coordinator he could have picked any state to be in!

Realize that when I share some of the highlights of our time in Olancho, that there were 17 other states being visited and hosting events through the others of a nearly 2,000 large missionary force, the largest in history.  The Newspapers had 5 pages of pictures and comments by the President and others the day after. We were on countless national and local TV programs all week long.  Also, this transcended a political, religious and humanitarian focus, as The Nueva Honduras became the focus in the last few months and 1Nation1Day was a catalyst.  I will share a bit of the follow up plans also.  I am being comprehensive as those that have sowed and prayed deserve to hear and see the fruit of their love!

Our teams visited schools every day all over Olancho. I know just in 2 schools in one day, 1,500 kids got saved and that was just 2 schools.  In many schools there was a visitation of God and in each school a dream wall where students wrote down their dreams to see them every day was put up. It is interesting that the majority of the kids wrote down dreams for their Nation, not themselves, that is a significant statement for sure. You need to know that EVERY FAMILY in Olancho had someone in that family murdered.  Sexual abuse was rampant even in the schools through teachers also.  This is what we were dealing with.  Sometimes teams had to stay on buses because the teachers would not let them in, did not want to change their schools obviously, but God won each battle.

In Olancho, the week we were there, there was not 1 murder in the state for the first time in history.  The Godfather in Crime over Olancho marched in the parade before the event and attended the crusade.

We did things in our state that touched every realm of culture.
1. Prison – Pastor Harry and I ministered in the National Prison of Juticalpa where nearly every man there including the prisoner in charge kind of guy got saved and there were many miracles of healing, loosened joints, hernias dissolving and all kinds of illnesses healed and inmates saved.
2. Business Mtg – For the first time, over 200 businessmen and leaders, including the Governor of Olancho assembled to hear our speakers, prominently successful businessmen speak to them.  One of our guys was the second employee of TBN and also made millions in one day selling satellites.  Jeds father in law Mark Carpenter did a phenomenal job for sure.
3. Womens Mtg – This was a major happening.  It was the largest gathering of women in the history of the state and Jana was the primary speaker.  It was televised nationally and held in the largest church in Catacamas, where Jed and I spoke before.  Place was packed out and many of our women on the team came along and there were tons of miracles and a visitation of God that stunned the women there.  Very, very powerful and talked about event for sure in the days following.
4. National Army – This was a total surprise.  One of our teams approached a Colonel on the Army and asked to speak to the 2,000 members of the National Army whose base is in Olancho and about two and a half hours out there. It had never happened before! He said yes and told the Army to do whatever our team told them to do.  All 2,000 men accepted Jesus Christ and then our team did a fire tunnel and prayed for all 2,000!  Wow!!
5. TV and Radio – Not only did Jed and I speak on different stations but in some, God really showed up.  In one of ours, the presence of God was so there that everyone in the studio came under God and Jana, Harry and I ended up praying for the sick who were healed.
6. Churches –  Our teams and speakers went to 10 churches on Wednesday night. You read about our visit to one but the reports from each of them were amazing for sure as our pastors from Nicaragua and the USA ministered.
7. Villages – As you know we had a container filled with aid that was being distributed throughout the week including 7,500 pairs of new shoes.  Our team went to villages and washed the feet of kids and put new shoes on their feet.
8. Political Summit in Capital – We sent Pastor Eddie and Mark to the meeting of all the heads of the government, candidates in this election year, judiciary, military etc.  Myles Munroe spoke on the difference between a leader and a politician and powerfully exhorted them on how to transition the goverment before the election and also the principles of leading a nation under God.  Now this is amazing! There were things like this going on, not just Olancho and schools and crusades and all that.  This is truly mind blowing! Afterwards 20 of the top leaders met with President Lobo and Mark Carpenter spend a lot of time alone with him.  This was our team!!!  President Lobo personally thanked us for coming to his state and that was relayed at the next session we had.
9.  Crusade and New Honduras! You need to understand the magnitude of this miracle! If you know what was happening behind the scenes right up to the event, it would really make this even more spectacular. The largest gathering in the state of Olancho, political, religious or anything, was 5,000 people. The unbelief we dealt with all the time, the bickering and division, and the logistics to even have this were staggering. God won!  As one pastor said, “I can never say it is impossible for God to do anything again”.

No message needed to be spoken or anything done bigger than just the people of Olancho walking into a soccer stadium and seeing the crowds.  It is true that there were 45,000 people already in and fire marshall stopped the others from coming in.  The moment was not lost on the son of President Lobo who is over Olancho, the governor, mayors and spiritual leaders.  Even though buses had to get people out and rains came, all over people were just stunned that the stadium was even done much less filled.  Not in Olancho!

The Nueva Honduras was preached by Jed and also salvation.  I ministered on healing and released our team.  Deaf mutes heard and spoke, paralyzed limbs set free, one guy had 5 hernias dissolve.  Many were being saved and healed right at the end through our amazing team members and I am hearing reports every day.  It was epic! And part of a telecast around the nation and the world.

People ask about the aftermath.  When the President of the Nation says live in San Pedro and in the newspapers the days before and after, “Only God can save our nation”, that is significant in itself.  Political leaders have step by step instructions on how to govern under God.  Business leaders in many states have the tools to begin a new phase of growth.  Every school has a manual for the New Honduras.  There were thousands of discipleship books given to new believers and churches.  In every sphere of society the gospel was preached, mayors, governors, business leaders, military, police leaders were converted.

In our state, we distributed 1,000 children’s books that Jobyna brought from Redding and gave them to the strategic pastors we personally have great relationships with and also ministered in their churches.  We gave away other books in Spanish that I used for our supernatural school of ministry in Nicaragua.  We blessed families also.

I have maintained for years, that when the church becomes the church, no evil can stand before her.  Not praying but at some point becoming the answer to every prayer and that is why moves of the Spirit do not perpetuate and become reformations leading to transformation.  I am very clear that great outpourings have not been stewarded by the leaders of His body, the main reason they dwindle and die or get weird.  The aftermath is really in the hands of the Honduran spiritual leaders who have been handed something on a platter no other spiritual leadership of any nation has been given.

Yes, we will follow up in our state of Olancho and also our church in Lancaster, PA also sent a team of 106 to Santa Barbara with great fruit and we will follow up there. is an extraordinary organization that through a few 30 year olds began to dream of doing something never done, may that attitude become all of ours, it is the only way to live.

Jana and I want to thank all of you once again for making this possible as you co labored with God.  It was worth every dime and prayer and we are honored that you had the spiritual discernment to step into a moment bigger than ones own personal agenda and ministry.  You will be enriched.   As I have said and stand daily upon….this is the game changer year, we are better than birds and more glorious than lilies, these are the best of times, God will fulfill Jeremiah 33:3 and give us a personal revelation of His greatness and we will access those things that have been inaccessible up to now.
Over and over again, people were blown away by our family not just being there but everyone with such incredible capacity, anointing and leadership.  That was a dream come true, just one of them all.

We are now in re entry!  For those who have stood with us, remember us in prayer and faithful support, the best is yet to come….Earl and Jana

Thurner: August 2011

Hola from Nicaragua!

I will wait to send updates after a few days of seeing the display of God and trying to work with folks here to capture some of the things that will take place so you can enjoy Him and also the fruit of your prayers and giving. I will post things on facebook so you can always go to my wall, Earl Thurner if you are on facebook and see some wonderful things!
You can see Pastor Jairo speaking to 2 rival gangs who fought at a soccer match and Jairo was asked by the police chief to speak to them. Afterwards they reconciled and the TV crew came and it was on the news. Today I will speak on the TV show we have in Dario and you cannot walk down the streets without recognition because many watch the TV show weekly(on Tuesdays and Fridays for one hour) and there are miracle testimonies each week, with worship and the gospel of the kingdom being preached.

Hannah is a little girl, the daughter of Jairo and Clary and while in the womb complications developed before the birth and there was great concern. We prayed for her and the baby was normal and I remember the day we dedicated her to the Lord. She is holding a backpack and prophetic picture kids in Jobynas Bethel class of children during services made for the kids in Nicaragua. We are giving backpacks to kids here who need them.
I have not even been here a day and only had a couple of hours of sleep and when I landed I could not wait to put $100 in the hands of the pastors I work with who labor so hard before His face. The looks of softened countenances, graced with thankfulness and joy was worth it all. My people here are not handout people, they never expect or ask for anything but I am papa earl and jana is mama jana and these are not just ministry, these are family. I told you I want to do that to at least 10-15 pastors. And give everywhere!!
A CD of 4 songs or so was given to me by our friends in Florida that I stayed with, Tom and Kathy Wise. I put it on last night and the Spirit of God came upon everyone. Pastor Jairo got up weeping and felt the heart of Jesus as He washed the disciples feet. He decided to do just that. So he brokenly washed my feet, Pastor Harrys, another leader Alan and his wife and daughters. I followed, starting with the child, then the woman, then the Alan then Pastor Jairo and then Pastor Harry and there were reasons for that order. God descended in that room and kept coming. This morning Wilder, a man we baptized over a year ago came to the house. He broke into tears as we embraced. He is now one of the leaders, his whole family in the kingdom.

A full day today of loving the people and meeting with the leaders and who knows what else will happen. Tomorrow off to Matagalpa to share with the leaders and pastors of an emerging Bethel School of Ministry there and also will be in Managua ministering before picking up Tom, one of our board members at the airport and a few other things during the day that are being scheduled.

Yesterday, Pastor Harry showed me the beginnings of the building for the church and I asked him how much to finish the roof and it is about $350 american. Amazingly cheap, c’mon! It will happen! I found out there is a new church plant in Los Limitos so we have another village to feed and bless the kids! And bring the teams of children, youth and adults to the villages to love and heal the sick. Also setting up opportunities to better lives as I mentioned last newsletter. So we are privileged to be a part of all this.

I encourage those who have intimated out of appreciation for the blessing of DOAN in their own lives the desire to sow into this ministry but for one reason or another have not been able to, now would be a great time. I am going to only pledge more, give all I have and get, step out to do more before I am able to and I fully expect God to find those hearts that will be a part of this. If you think I am dead serious about these people being blessed and have no qualms about providing the opportunity for others to ask HIM to join with me in that stretch of compassion, you are correct.

I am deeply thankful to all of you who consistently support us, rise to the challenges to do more and anyone and everyone who has sown into this trip. One man came last night and weepingly said, Ï remember the words you spoke in this city and lived before us, that we do not love in word if we do not live in deed”.

Remember, there are those who get these emails and are already committed, already sowing, already yearning to do more. I am trying to capture as many as possible, for this season, you never know what God will do. And of course, there are some who have other interests and causes or struggling so never feel pressured, no need to, it is not from me nor from God.

Break my heart Lord with the things that break yours is my prayer for myself until my heart is only His heart, break it Lord…..blessings, earl

Thurner: January 2011

We are chained to the heart of heaven that stands on tip toe every moment to break into every life with God’s love. In the power of that kind of affection God feels for mankind, nothing is impossible to him who believes that love never fails. Once we risk everything on the gospel of grace and receive fully and completely the Embrace of the Father, we are transformed and become the mighty rushing wind of His compassion and the healing whisper of His tenderness to everyone we meet. The wounded Jesus, the crucified Son of God, the Face of the Father now marred and disfigured for us, the ultimate act of His immense and eternal love frees us finally to collapse in His arms. Gripped by the power of this stunning and unexplainable affection we live in the heart of God Himself and step into life each day energized, to heal the broken, restore the dignity of the hopeless and value every moment to be the breath of heaven to each person we meet.

A beautiful ministry is full of thought for others but ministry is only a lifestyle of loving with a pure heart which means to love everybody. Jesus was hopelessly addicted to the unattractive and desired to be near the undersirable and attracted to and loved the unlovely. To the disciple, all that is not the love of God has no meaning. Yea! Another day to call in the outcasts and bring in His bride! Jesus is always wonderful and people are not always nice but consumed in the power of a great affection, we live in the hug of His sweetness in the midst of it all.

Jesus sees people who have not been loved enough. Jesus sees people who stopped growing because someone stopped believing in them. People risked everything in the gold rush in the 1800’s. Hearing that there was gold in California, families risked all to traverse deserts, brave storms, attacks by Indians and all sorts of hardships to find the precious gold that would change their lives forever. Many did not make it. To know God is to embark on the greatest gold rush in all of history. The gold that is in every human being, buried beneath the dirt and earth of shattered existences. We are to dig it out! To know Jesus is to live the parable of lost things. Remember the woman searching frantically for the lost coin, the shepherd going through the valleys and mountainsides for one lost sheep and the father convulsing in sobs over seeing the lost son return. The coin represents purchasing power, the ability to buy what is needed. God sees the purchasing power of each life, the value of each soul. He is forever moving towards that which is in need of restoration.

Isaiah 42:2,3 “A bruised reed shall he not break and the smoking flax shall he not quench: he shall bring forth judgment unto truth. He shall not be discouraged, till he have set judgment in the earth and the isles wait for his law”

We read the same thing again in Matthew 12: 18-20. It is the witness of the heart of Christ for all time. There are bruised lives all around, even ours. Crushed, broken, oppressed is the picture. God sees the condition, He is touched with the situation of our shattered person. Jesus did not break that life in pieces, rend it violently, wreck or cripple it but as the word means brings to the birth. He sees it through. He does not quench, extinguish or put out the life that has become dim, colorless. He does not snuff out the flickering flame and point the finger at the faltering and fainting life of that soul as the words mean but like a smoldering fire, fans it gently back to a robust flame gradually increasing what is needed into the fire until it roars back to its blazing potential.

Matthew says that “the love of many shall wax cold” in the latter times and how true that is. Speaks of a dying flame, ardor that has been cooled by the influences of a world that is a junkie to self gratification at any cost. We should surrender to the love of the Father personally and for others that bursts all previous boundaries of understanding. Once we believe we are loved in an uncomparable way, we become empowered to not curse the darkness but hilariously light candles of kindness and love everywhere!!

One day a computer salesman rushing to get home to see his family and hearing the final whistle of the departing train, inadvertantly kicked over a slender table on which rested a basket of apples. A 10 year old boy was selling apples to pay for his school clothes and books. The other computer salesman, 4 of them kept running and made the train. The other one yelled out to have them call his wife to let her know that he would be a couple of hours late. He went back to the table and saw the apples all over the floor and began to pick them up. Some of them were damaged, split or bruised. The man reached into his wallet and said to the boy, “Here’s $20 for the apples we damaged. I hope we did not spoil your day. God bless you”.

The 10 year old was blind. As the salesman walked away, the blind boy called after him and asked, “Are you Jesus?’

Are you Jesus? When we look at the world through the eyes of Jesus then the eyes of others will see Him through our lives. Christians run all over seeking a word of God for their lives but the seeking would be better directed at the ultimate prophetic word, the Word made flesh, the testimony of Jesus. That is the Word of the Lord for us for sure and enables us to be a word to everyone!

Let us surrender our hearts to reckless love. Love God, love others. Keep it simple and experience the profound. The gentleness of Jesus with sinners is because He can see with understanding behind the defense mechanisms, sneers and curses, arrogance and airs of those standing before Him. He is not exasperated by it all. He just finds a basin to pour water in to wash dirty feet. Serving love is the essence of discipleship. At the judgment we hear these words, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me”.(Matthew 25:40) His words not mine. Jesus lived for others. Jesus lived in the power of the greatest affection, gripped by insatiable thirst to heal, deliver, give joy for mourning, give hope to the hopeless, bind up the broken so they can all dance the dance of wholeness in the embrace of the Father. C’mon, what an invitation, what a lifestyle to choose.

This is the hour for revolutionary lovers, radical disciples who are risk takers in the gold rush to bring forth the gold in every man, woman and child!!

**Earl and Jana Thurner are missionaries having great impact in Tahiti, French Polynesia and Nicaragua. If you are led to partner with them donate securely online at or mail a check to CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241.