Margaret Soremekun


Margaret Soremekun

*Margaret Soremekun travels to muslim controlled areas to equip, train, and encourage persecuted Christians and has a large conference every August to bring unity to 6-8,000 African pastors with anointed speakers from around the world. She also trains people in business with Kingdom perspective and is quite gifted in the prophetic and prayer movement.

She finds it divinely convenient to settle problems that had lingered on between Leaders of different denominations that have become a reproach to the name of Jesus and caused shame to Christianity especially the ones that had degenerated to lawsuits (Col 3:13-17).

Highly respected by Leaders of faith world wide, she is favored by many through the grace of God and by the help of the Holy Spirit and the divine anointing in her life. She operates conveniently in the Apostolic, Prophetic and Teaching offices where she is recognized by Emperors, Kings and Presidents of many nations.

Rev. Dr. Margaret Modupe Soremekun was used to establish the Working Word of God Ministry of which she is the Senior Pastor. The Lord ministered to her to focus more on Unity, Benevolence act and Reconciliation of man back to God through mission works and evangelism.

At a time in her walk with God, she reached a desperate point where she submitted all her successful businesses as our modern day ‘Lydia of Philippi’ and recommitted her life totally to the ‘Macedonian Kingdom’ Call Ministries.

It is the focus of UBC Int to support the young and growing ministries especially in the rural and unreached areas. To serve as a strengthening instrument and a basis for encouragement. We organize and hold international leadership and church growth conferences. We also go on missions’ outreaches and exchange missionaries as we marry churches and their activities together.


United Body of Christ International (UBCI) is an outreach equipping and supporting other ministries achieve kingdom goal of fulfilling the Great Commission through networking for ‘UNITY’ without loosing her identity.


UBCI is committed to equip the Body of Christ by assembling volunteers of church leaders and workers with core Christian values for pastoral challenges and leadership tasks through its 12 focal points.

Rev. (Dr) Margaret Modupe Soremekun, the Visionary and President of United Body of Christ International, received the burden to see the Body of Christ as “ONE” in 1990 when she was used to resolve differences between two churches outside Africa.


Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria 2005
Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria 2005
Benin, Edo State 2005
Abuja, Federal Capital Territory 2005
Abeokuta, Ogun State 2006
Okpo, Kogi State 2006


It is the focus of UBCI to support the young and growing ministries especially in rural areas. To serve as a strengthening instrument and a basis for encouragement. We organize and hold international leadership conferences. We also go on missions outreaches and exchange missionaries as we marry churches and their activities together.


On every last Sunday of the month, choristers, soloists, instrumentalists, song writers, psalmists, talents from various ministries are invited for concerts both at international and national level. They are given opportunities to exhibit their talents and those who take the upper hands are given prizes e.g fairly used musical instruments, equipments, and opportunities to link with other churches. This is promoting and encouraging Unity.


We source for mobile clinics, drugs, medical equipments, medical instruments to service rural areas by administering consultancy and treatment without charge to the point of surgery during which we evangelize and win souls for Christ. We encourage medical doctors to serve as volunteers on this Mercy act for the support of Unity in the Body of Christ.


Women enlightenment is taken very seriously. Rural women are encouraged and empowered in various ways to go into small scale businesses. They are trained and empowered for self employment through our women empowerment outreaches. The spiritual states of our women are not underrated, hence, Conferences of International repute are organized from time to time to encourage and liberate our women. Widows are cared for through ministration and distribution of gift items. Singles and unmarried are also being ministered to.


We are conscious of the fact that our Youths are the next generation, hence, we pay serious attention to them and their needs spiritually in this perilous world. e.g. missions, information technology program, exchange of students, sports, music, e.t.c.

Relief Efforts

There are various natural and accidental disasters that often occur without adequate immediate rescue from any where. Such cases like war refugees, flood, fire outbreak disaster, motor accidents, villages and schools falling victims of windstorm or partial collapse, cases of religious outbreak and disasters. We source for relief in various ways for victims of these circumstances. This is part of our Mercy/Benevolence Act outreaches.


We use media as a means to evangelize, to encourage and also unite the Body of Christ. We correct every kind of erroneous teachings in Christiandom and vices in the society as a whole. “The Lord Speaks” is UBCI’s quarterly magazine.

Children & Teens

Through these outreaches and conferences, we educate the educators to build Nations, as they grow in Unity. We also use this medium to catch them young for Christ.


We source for support and build deep well in rural areas, villages, mending roads for the villagers and building small churches locally through our mission’s outfit.


The recreational ministry is encouraged to serve as a medium to evangelize all ages, create fun and relaxation for members and also ease stress. Seminars on recreation, sports are conducted at all levels. Unity is promoted and achieved in this outreach as sports are being used as a medium of practicing discipline and improving the health of souls.


We source for soft loan to support small scale industry in various fields of interest, and provide jobs to Believers, in communities. Conferences are held to unite Christian businessmen and encourage establishment of joint ventures of small, medium and large scale businesses to support the kingdom work.

Christian Education

We establish Bible Colleges and affiliate with other theological institutions both at national and international levels for educational purposes. We collaborate with churches, authors, publishers e.t.c. worldwide to collect donated new and old books, periodicals, tracts and especially bibles as we help build libraries in churches and communities. Our aim is to provide knowledge that will liberate Believers to stand firm in their faith. II Tim. 4:13. PAUL requested for his books even in chains at the prison. Learning is that important. The moment you stop reading, you stop living.