By Jorge Parrott  (All Scripture references from the AMP Bible)

Many have asked us how we are able to minister to, oversee, serve, and pray for hundreds of our precious missionaries serving in sixty-eight nations. The best one word answer is—faith. The best two words to answer are—faith and love. It is only by the grace given to us by the Lord that we “get” to do this. It is our passion and our life to be living the greatest adventure.

What is also amazing is that our full-time staff in the Missions Department is predominantly made up of volunteers from the U.S. and seven foreign nations.  Imagine working in your calling by faith with no pay and trusting the Lord every step of the way for your family’s care and provision. Some call us nuts, but we really don’t care.

Hebrews 11:6 “But without faith it is impossible to [walk with God and] please Him, for whoever comes [near] to God must [necessarily] believe that God exists and that He rewards those who [earnestly and diligently] seek Him.”

In Missions we know the Lord has called us and changed us totally with His consuming fire, His love for us and for the lost, and the desire to take hold of our inheritance He promises in

Psalm 2:8: “Ask of Me, and I will assuredly give [You] the nations as Your inheritance, and the ends of the earth as Your possession.” We have many who risk their lives every day to see one more soul know Jesus.

ISIS Fighters See Jesus

Recently in Europe, one of our dear friends shared how he ministered to several former ISIS fighters in Syria who encountered Jesus in a vision. They had come to him to save their lives from those who were now to seeking to behead them.  When we serve a God like this who can appear supernaturally to any of us, our perspective, self-centeredness, and any desire for the easy, sheltered life becomes like the dung heap we read about in the Bible. There is so much more to make of each moment of our limited, numbered days on earth.

One of our favorite verses in Missions since 1998 is Psalm 110:3: “Your people will offer themselves willingly [to participate in Your battle] in the day of Your power; In the splendor of holiness, from the womb of the dawn, Your young men are to You as the dew.”

There is still much to do. At times it feels like we are only taking baby steps, but that is a start. At MorningStar/CM Missions we are so blessed and thankful for the founders of CMM, Sidney and Helen Correll, and their son, Michael, who invited me into missions, and also for Rick Joyner. We are also thankful for our global MorningStar prophetic family for their heart to see transformed lives as we do our part to disciple the nations. We are often the “dot connectors” introducing amazing nation changers to each other that may have a dream or a specific word about a nation or people group.

Answered Prayers

A great statement was made by one our speakers at Harvest Fest in 2004. He said “One of the keys to receive answers to your prayers is to pray more often for others than you do for yourself.”

We are seeing many answered prayers. One way is that the Lord is raising up people to get engaged in these crucial days to see the Gospel taken to the ends of the earth. We have been blessed to have sent thousands to the frontlines of the vineyards of the Lord. Everyone, as they step out in faith, experiences the presence of the Lord, often in surprising ways as we make ourselves available to see how He will use us.

Many times Americans think we are going to “bless the little people in some poor nation.” Most often it is the other way around in that our team members are met by hosts and friends in foreign nations who are full of the joy of the Lord, love the fellowship, and are truly grateful that someone from the other side of the world would come and tell them how much Jesus loves them. The nationals may be in dire poverty, yet they are thriving in their hunger and encounters with the Lord’s miracles, signs, and wonders as well as peace in trusting the Lord.

Getting Delivered From The “Whiney Spirit”

Americans need to encounter the Lord overseas to appreciate and receive the revelation of how blessed we are in this nation. You obviously don’t have to go overseas to experience the faith realm, but going on a short-term mission trip can certainly jumpstart your faith and take you into a whole new realm of discovery of what the Lord has in store for you. I also believe it is one of the key ways revival will come to America. Many times we see Americans get delivered from the “whiney spirit” when they see how blessed we are in comparison to much of the earth.

As Larry Randolph once said, one of the Lord’s names he has discovered is that He is Jehovah Sneaky as He loves to surprise us in the most peculiar ways. We will not know if we don’t make ourselves available by stepping into the faith realm.

Years ago when we were taking a youth group from Virginia to Guatemala, as we drove past perilous houses and shacks perched on the side of a steep mountain with some visibly destroyed by recent mudslides, one young man who grew up in the projects said to me in his humble, quiet voice, “I know now how blessed I am.” That brought tears to my eyes to hear this young man from the inner city realize how blessed he was to live in America. He went on to earn a Christian college degree and now serves in the U.S. military.

What Goes On In MS/CM Missions?

Our fun and committed staff work diligently day in and day out doing all sorts of necessary tasks:

  • Reviewing overnight emails, editing updates, and making website and social media updates
  • Receiving and dispatching funds for network missionaries, preparing reports, etc.
  • Praying for missionaries, families, and donors
  • Providing disaster relief and aid when crises occur
  • Gathering resources in many languages and arranging shipments
  • Hosting visiting missionaries, arranging ministry teams, counseling, arranging medical exams, training on computers, etc.
  • Arranging Prophetic Skype team ministry appointments
  • Making and editing videos and pictures from missionaries
  • Interceding and praying for our many prayer requests
  • Overseeing the MSU College of Theology with over one hundred students globally

Pray For The Army Of Volunteers Serving In Missions

  • We have over one hundred thirty intercessors praying fervently over the many prayer requests coming in from many nations. We have had many missionaries healed and many answered prayers through these strategic prayer efforts.
  • We have over sixty MorningStar Prophetic Team members serving on Prophetic Skype Team ministry calls in Ft. Mill and Moravian Falls seeking the Lord and giving many spot-on words of faith, prophecy, and words of knowledge and wisdom several times each week. Over five hundred network missionaries receive prophetic ministry annually by these anointed and dedicated teams.

Testimonies from Prophetic Skype Teams:

From China:

“Getting the ministry time with your team last Friday was incredibly validating and encouraging. I am so glad it is recorded so I can listen to it again and again. It was a powerful word to me and I want to keep it close to my heart and in my mind and step into the new areas that I am being called to walk in. I am looking forward to returning to China equipped for a new season. I will leave tomorrow around midnight. My thanks to you and the team for your dedication to serving the body with this edifying gift.”

From Myanmar:

“Greetings once again to you from Myanmar! I am so happy to meet you all on Skype. I felt as we met in person in Yangon! Praising the Lord for Skype. God provided us even for His mission plans on earth! To God be more glorified through Skype! It also is very much inspiring for me. I was strongly and deeply encouraged, touched, and inspired by your Spirit-filled prophetic words in your recorded MP3 file. Words cannot [say] how much I was so thankful to you all from the bottom of my heart. You all are the chosen people of God for His special missions. I will continue [to] share your prophetic words to my church members and coworkers in Myanmar—on behalf of you.”

 From Ukraine:

“Their ministry to me was great and deeply touched my heart. One of the main revelation[s] I got via them is that my ministry is connected to the team of people. I didn’t think before in this direction, always was thinking only about myself. I feel that my attitude towards the ministry and my spiritual life will be changed now. And I believe that God already put me among such beautiful and special people. The rest [of the] revelations were great as well! You have amazing team in Morning Star!”

Of course, we have many more testimonies of lives being blessed and encouraged and many breakthroughs have come through the Prophetic Skype Team ministry.


Here are some of our amazing staff:  Willie Jordaan, Ganbold Noosov, Isaac Yoo, Jorge, Nancy Daniel, Brooke Grangard, Terrina Rienn, Anna Marie Parrott, Deb Standridge, Ishi Noosov, Kathleen Flory, and Kathy McMillan.


Here is one of MSU College of Theology monthly classes with Doctoral and Ph.D. students from seventeen nations and many U.S. locations.


travelingmissionsMobile Missions Office: Wherever I am located I stay in touch with our dedicated staff daily. (This photo was on a train going to visit refugees.) Recently, with Hurricane Matthew striking Haiti and Cuba, I was in daily contact with missionaries in those nations as well as our staff back home. MorningStar raised over $50,000 in ten days and 100% was sent promptly.

Above are Dr. Anna Marie Parrott and Sandra Quesada in Cuba with the leaders of one of our two schools there in Cuba, Ramone and Maida. We have thirty-five students in Cuba.

Do You Think You’ve Got Problems?

If you make more than $34,000 per year, you are in the elite group that is in the top one percent of all income earners globally. Hugo Gye wrote recently in the Daily Mail in the UK: “Nearly half of the world’s richest one percent of people live in the U.S., according to a top economist. But the threshold required to make it into that elite group is lower than you might think—just $34,000 per person.”


Help Us Reach The 10/40 Window

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