Wow, where do I begin! My mission trip to Nigeria was amazing! My host ministry, United Body of Christ International (UBCI), was very appreciative to have a representative from MorningStar Ministries at their conference. My senior pastor, Rick Joyner, is widely known and respected in the Christian community there. Despite the negative stereotypes I had heard about the people, Nigerians in the Church are very humble. As one of them put it ‘what is holding Nigeria together is the fear of the Lord’. I went there covered in the prayers of my family, friends and leaders. We had peace about my going and I was blessed in the experience.In Nigeria the people watch out for one another against thievery and other crimes through mob justice. There are also police and army officers throughout the city and at various checkpoints. The scariest moment for me was when the driver of the car in front of me got out of his car, pulled out a gun and threatened the truck driver ahead of him to move. Luckily, he did not pull the trigger! As my driver explained, the gun owner would be either an armed robber or a fool to use his gun because if he had shot the truck driver then the mob would have killed him.

Nigerians fight, nearly literally, in their prayers. UBCI President Rev. Margaret Soremekun, said it is because they know what they are up against. Most people pray fervently and even loudly. Night vigils and fasts are common practices in the churches I visited. And they have the conversions and healings to show for it. Christians, Muslims and traditionalists come to the vigils or for prayer. As God meets their needs, He is glorified and the people give their lives to Jesus.

There were many memorable moments on my mission, even for the mere two weeks I was there. During worship at the UBCI conference I participated in, the electricity went off. For a few moments all we could hear was the sound of African drums beating and our voices as we sang in the dark -it was magical!

One of my favorite services was at a church in the slums of a Muslim neighborhood. The church is so small that part of the seating is outside. Once the worship starts people dance! Outside children gathered and joined in the fun.

We think we dance in America but in Africa they really do! I was told by some of my friends in the media and worship teams that they had laughed when I finally began to dance. I guess the ‘American’ was being watched. The prophetic ministry is highly sought after within the UBCI community. Rev. Margaret Soremekun is regarded as a prophet in Nigeria. I was privileged to teach a basic class on the prophetic to pastors at the conference. My hope is that next time I, or someone else, can go deeper in the teachings and, the pastors can share this gift and knowledge in greater measures with their congregations.

Although I was only in Nigeria for two weeks I felt like I had made some good friends in that time. They told me I should have stayed longer and asked me to return again for at least a month. I said they should get together and pray! To plan your next faith adventure trip in God’s glory, contact Jorge Parrott and the missions department at

MorningStar Ministries at or call 1-803-802-5544 ext. 392.