by Jorge Parrott

I just returned from Singapore, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia. I could feel the power and love in the prayer-covering from back home. The Lord showed up every day. I strongly felt this trip was a pilgrimage for me personally to encounter more of the Lord and His strategies for our missions work globally. He does not disappoint.

It was a powerful time, and fun too, to be in Singapore with the Prophetic Team of five people led by Joe Shrewsbury, Pastor of Prophetic Ministry at MorningStar. Also, special thanks to Nik Khoo, our awesome host. When I first went to Singapore a few years ago, I knew the Lord was opening some real opportunities for MorningStar in Asia. We often had five to six ministry meetings per day and occasionally would split up in teams to go to different places.

We met with the pastor of a mega church of 8,000 young people. We also met with many top Christian leaders and Christian business people, including high-level government officials. The Lord opened many strategic doors by which we ministered to over 600 people in six days. We did prophetic training and impartation in several churches and organizations, including Focus on the Family, Full Gospel Business, World Compassion, and others.

I was asked to share with leaders from different ministries involved in building strong marriages. In addition, I was asked to meet with leaders from four local ministries involved in stopping human trafficking. These are vital ministries, impacting many families and helping to rescue and restore many who were held as slaves.

With this busy schedule, our team was extremely thankful to the Lord for providing supernatural energy. Even so, I was able to spend deep time with the Lord every day, and while traveling, my rest was sound.

 New Doors Opening

From Singapore, I went to Kazakhstan to a MorningStar Fellowship Church. I spoke at a second church as well. Oh how these folks love Rick Joyner’s writing and everything MorningStar! Both of these churches are so hungry for more training and imparting in the prophetic from MorningStar. The Lord anointed me by His grace and mercy to personally prophesy to about 250 people along with leaders and area pastors from ten churches. I encourage others from MorningStar to come here and help sow into these mature friends who are hungry for more depth in the Lord. Many were healed physically as the Lord touched them.

The Frontiers of Mongolia

My last stop was in Darkhan, Mongolia. Ganbold and Ishi Noosov, who serve the Lord here in our missions family, have raised up many in their homeland. Soko and Daagii Dharvah are bearing much fruit. Daagii visited MorningStar in January and joined our missions family. Pat Green from Moravian Falls met me here. It was great to have someone from the Falls join me on a trip. David White went with me to Cuba last February. The hosts also arranged for me to visit with area pastors and many received their first prophetic words.

We visited a new church plant after a ride on the Siberian Express train. Many were healed physically when the Lord showed Himself mighty in love. I prophesied to the whole church one-on-one after delivering the message. We are helping them expand their kindergarten school as a community outreach to witness to more families.

Daagii asked me to join him on a visit to a maximum security prison to speak into the lives of about twenty long-term prisoners. I told them about the hope we have in Jesus and how they can hear His voice while imprisoned. Over 400 prisoners are serving long-term sentences here. Many prisoners are very faithful and have hearts full of worship.

I felt God’s peace in this place, and my heart broke as I learned their stories. Many are there as a result of alcohol abuse and violence. Some are murderers. I shared about Farzad’s time in prison in Iran and how Jesus came to visit him every day. I also shared about King David and his mighty men of valor.

 Sanctuary City

The last Sunday at the main church I spoke to over 120 people, prophesying how Mongolia is a lighthouse and Darkhan will be a city of refuge in the days ahead with many pouring in from North Korea, China, Russia, and other parts of Asia. We prayed for strategies for an upcoming team to travel to North Korea. Some of the area pastors have been to North Korea already.

No visas are required for Mongolians to travel to North Korea, Russia, or China. The Lord continues to build His MS/CMM network of our strategic and radical missionary family globally who are confirming the word the Lord gave me two years ago: There is no place on earth we do not have access to, as we follow the Holy Spirit and obey in His timing.

Thank you for your prayers and love for God and His people as the great harvest has begun. To help us plant churches or to sow into this new kindergarten school, which will help reach many non-Christian families, we invite you to sow into our work. Please visit or call the Missions Office at 803-802-5544 ext. 392.

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