Right now Corona Virus is spreading like a fire here and even our Govt. has lockdown but still daily new cases coming and now we have more than 12000 confirmed and more than 968 people died. In Hospital if you are Christian then there is no place for you and if you want place/bed in the hospital than pay more than 20000 Pak. Rupees even more as this corona is growing….Govt. put this lockdown and people in more trouble cause of hunger. BUT we are very thankful to you and CMM and all the donors for their kind financial support to bring relief for those who are in lockdown cause of this pandemic Corona Virus.

We all here 185 churches in Pakistan and 4 churches in Middle East are praying for all your leadership team there and for CMM into our daily payers and asking TaGod’s protection over all of you and God keep safe all of you from this virus and use you more for His glory!!!

Maranatha – Hallelujah & AMEN
Pastor Tahir & Saima
RCCMP (Apostolic) International

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