Saleem: March 15 2012

Projector Shows, Month of Feb,2012

I am excited to share what Lord has done through the Projector shows in the Month of Feb, 2012. The “What is My Cross?” sermon is continues to blessings 100’s of lives each month in the darkest areas of Pakistan. So far 800 People attended the Projector show this Month and 393 lives came to Christ or made some kind of decision. Please watch the video of these 6 Projector shows, combined together into one video, by clicking the link below:

Projector show report Feb,2012

Baptisms: The people saved from the Projector shows are being given follow up by Bible schools, teaching seminars and Baptisms. Pastor Emmanuel recently gave baptism in Nath Kay Village, Pakistan. Where as more Baptisms are going to be done next month by other Bible School Pastors in Pakistan. Pastor Rauf and Pastor Imran are also ready to give baptism to many people in the villages that heard the word of God through Projector shows. Remember the up-coming baptisms in your prayers.

Micro-Finance is continuing to develop men and women in Pakistan, In month of Feb, 2012 RCI gave 2 more Micro Loans, one to a women named Khurshid Bibi in the village and another one to a young man named Kashif, to develop his small business of spare parts. So far 5 Loans have been given through RCI to men and women to get rid of their slavish lives and become self-sufficient in Christ.

Educational Schools Update:
I am is so excited to share with you that more 10 children from Fateh-pur Village that never knew how to read and write are now ready to go 5th level school. These children trained from our educational schools will be supported to go to the other Government schools for higher study. We are praying for to finance to come in for their small fee and for pocket money.

Pennies from Heaven Food Help Updates
Pennies from heaven has done two food help Programs in a Village Riwand, and one in an RCI Church, to feed 8 widows and poor women in month of Feb, 2012. Pennies from heaven is also distributing the edible food packets among the children of Pakistan.

Tool Box and Medical Box for our Ministry
God has Provided for one of our dior needs that we required during the outreach and these were a Tool Box and Medical Box. Praise the Lord for this Provision for our Ministry. It was so good to use these two tools practically during our recent outreaches in Pakistan. These are really great blessings to us.

What’s Coming:
RCI to start another new Educational School in Month of March, 2012. Keep praying.
Keep praying for up-coming all Easter Events at RCI church. Preaching competition in Mobile Bible schools in villages of Pakistan will be commencing soon.

God’s Design for Leaders 8th to 9th Feb 2012:
Online Seminar by Rev. Betty Swann in RCI Church Pakistan for Leaders and Pastors. Where about 40 Leaders attended this wonderful 2 day seminar.

Video Bible School Updates:
More than 30 Students are soon going be Trained Leaders and Pastors through RCI Video Bible College in Lahore, Pakistan. In order to test the capability of students , A preaching competition was arranged in RCI Video Bible College where girls and boys preached the word of God and proved themselves that they are ready to be servant of God to change the lives of Pakistan People.

Please welcome our Intercessor Mafia:
The young girl in blue shawl is the intercessor and leader over women Prayer Meetings in Paksitan. This Prayer group of women under Intercessor Mafia Amanat is turning the church into real revival church. This women Prayer Group conducts weekly prayer meeting in RCI Church and encouraging women and girls to be part of this prayer group. These women are not only holding meetings in churches but also each week they go to different women’s houses, door to door, and tell them about Christ. These are the women that are praying not only for Pakistani churches, but Ministries and Churches around the world.

Pro-claimer Ministry
Children in the Mobile Bible schools are still enjoying the word of God through Pro-claimer, They mostly hear the word of God in groups and then the Bible teacher asks questions and discusses about what they have heard the in word of God through Proclaimer. This is a very effective and attractive tool to teach the Children and people in the villages.

Mobile Bible Schools Update
Another Bible School has been started in village of Tolo wala,Pakistan by Pastor Rauf Sabir, and one new in Shurkpur west side of Pakistan by Pastor Mushtaq. Pastor Rauf’s experiences (which he shared) in the new Mobile Bible School were very interesting and it was a blessing for the children and people over there.

Prayer Request:
Please Keep praying for our future Plans and projects. Remember these future projects in your prayers.
1. TV channel
2. Mobile Cell Phone Ministry
3. Mobile Truck Projector show
4.Wise School system
5. Worship School