Saleem: Arzo’s Testimony: April 2012


My name is Arzo and I am 9 years old and I came to this orphanage with my granfather and some times he comes to see me – he dropped me into ”Father Cares Orhange” because my uncles and aunts always beat me a lot and always made me do all the home cleaning and washing etc. Etc.

I just remember that one day my grandfather said to my aunt, “She is a child and she can’t do lots of work: why don’t you do the work?” Then my aunt said to my grandfather, “Why should we keep her in our home if she will not work?” Then she would not allow me to stay there anymore and my grandfather brought me to ”Father Cares Orphanage”.

Please, kindly stretch out your hand to help, and remember her in your personal prayers, that her life will never be the same.