Saleem: November 2012

Monsoon rains come to Pakistan every July and August, but last year it was worst for Pakistan. The heavy rain was also predicted by the metrological department in Pakistan. The RCCM Rescue Team is always ready to respond in any emergency in Pakistan. Therefore, RCCM got information from its pastors in the ZaferWal and Narowal City that there was rain water and Chenab river water flooding in the 8 village areas, affecting the people in these areas.

Irrigation officials in Sialkot and the Flood Forecasting Division told reporters that in Gujranwala, three people died after the collapse of decrepit buildings. In ZaferWal and Narowal (affected village areas Komoza and Nishana), 3 people died and 2 sisters are missing. The cause of this flood is heavy rain and Chenab river water. Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif ordered all departments concerned to deploy relief and rescue teams in flood-prone areas.

RCCM Rescue Team took a journey on Sunday night at 2:00 am to ZaferWal and Narowal. The team consisted of Babu Finhas, Babar Sabar, Pastor Anjum Shoukat, Parvaiz Masih and Pastor Atif. All members gathered at RCCM office and Pastor Tahir
Saleem blessed the team and prayed for the journey. The team reached the destination at 10:00 am. At ZaferWal and Narowal were two pastors: Pastor Sajad Masih and Pastor Sister Aksa. They are ministers in ZaferWal and Narowal – where at least 150 families live. They led the team at the affected area–Komoza and Nishana village areas.

At 11:30 am a team including two pastors at Komoza and Nishana saw there was lots of water which hit houses and destroyed their mud homes. The water swept away all their belongings such as food items, clothes, and all pots, even their stoves. They are living in very miserable conditions due to lack of their belongings, and they are waiting for food particularly. They are in shelters less and are looking for food to meet their immediate need.

In these 8 village areas, more than 400 families are affected from this recent monsoon rain and Chenab River water flooding. We also conducted some interviews with the affected families. They told us that their homes were totally filled with water and some
of them were totally destroyed.

We talked to Mr. Zahid Masih – who was living there. He told us that two areas were badly affected such as Komoza and Nishana. He also told us that the affected people took shelter with their relatives because they could not stay in the stagnant water which entered their homes. There were hundreds of acres of rice crops destroyed. He also told us that no team or person from the government and NGO’s came for their help. “RCCM is the only organization who came to visit us and ask about our situation!” he said.

One of the affected families, Mr. Nazir with 6 kids, is totally hopeless and helpless. We
contacted him and asked about his situation. He told us that everything was destroyed and he and his children were hungry and thirsty. He said they don’t have anything to eat for their survival. He was beseeching some kind of food and items and necessities such as bedding, clothes, pots, food and stove, etc. Currently, his family just moved in temporarily with their relatives. All the families had been working at a brick kiln factory for their earnings. Now they don’t have anything to eat and they are living in
miserable conditions.

Waqas Masih, 60 years old, also worked at the brick kiln factory along with his family – who also helped him at the factory to earn money. He said that his house was totally destroyed in the rain water and there is nothing to eat. He shouted that there is no person from the government and other NGO that has inquired about their situation. He was very pleased to see RCCM come there in this critical situation. He requested some support for their urgent needs, such as food and necessary items.

After viewing and observing the situation of the rain affected people, the team left for the office at 3:00 pm and reached the office at 7:00 pm. The team thanked God for the safe and sound journey. Pastor Tahir Saleem appreciated the team-work and prayer for the safe arrival of the team.

The monsoon calamity hit the cities of Pakistan including ZaferWal and Narowal with flooding of the roads, damaging homes and causing deaths.