Tahir Saleem August 2013

First of all, on behalf of our churches in Pakistan, I’m very thankful to all of you for your kind support every year to save people from the deadly floods. Again, Pakistan has experienced unprecedented floods caused by heavy rains, leading to tragic loss of human life, widespread loss of livestock and damage to the infrastructure throughout the country. Monsoon rains come to Pakistan every July and August, but the past 3 years have been worse than usual, as was predicted by the metrological department. There was 5-6 feet of water which hit, destroying mud homes. Belongings, such as clothes, food, pots and stoves were floating in the water. Many people are now living in shelters under very miserable conditions, waiting for food to meet their immediate needs. There were at least 500 families affected by the recent monsoon rains in the areas of Phiki veend, Chanda Sing, Muhalam and Hacko wala. We conducted interviews with some of the affected families and were told that their homes were totally filled with water and some were destroyed. The heavy torrential downpour also caused millions of rupees worth of property damage in the region, destroying commercial and residential buildings, as well as destroying hundreds of thousands of acres of standing crops.

In an interview, we were told that a boy and his mother were killed after the roof of their house collapsed, due to the heavy downpour. In a similar incident, a man was killed and his father was critically injured when the roof collapsed. There were five children killed in Gulistan-e-Jauhar when a landslide struck their house. Rainfall also demolished the wall of two churches and one mosque in Kasur city, causing injury to more than nineteen worshippers. The local mayor told us that no one from the government or NGO came to help and that my team and I were the first and only organization to come and ask about the situation.

The monsoon also hit Kasur and the surrounding villages of Narowal, Sialkot and Gujranwala. The roads were badly flooded, destroying crops, damaging homes and causing 112 deaths. There were 100,000 people affected by the floods in this area. More than 200 houses were washed away and hundreds were damaged. An estimated 500 low income, poor families were victims of the heavy rains.

Once again, we come with hope that you will consider our emergency flood request. Thank you and be blessed.

Your servants,
Pastor Tahir and Saima