Masih-December 2015

Dear Brother Jorge Parrott

I am so blessed to sharing with you that Lord is doing incredible work through “Bibles Distribution Project”  in Pakistan, hundreds of people are coming to know Jesus Christ and accepting Him as their personal savior.

The Lord is bringing peace and joy in the heart of lost soul and people are responding positively which is great blessing for us.

We just had a prayer meeting in 7 chack villages. We met new believers and had worship and prayers together, people were so blessed and happy to see us in their village and they warmly welcomed the Lord in their hearts.

We preached there and handed out the 65  Urdu Bibles to the new believers, they were so excited and thankful to God for the precious gift of Bibles in the Christmas season. They said that this was the best Christmas ever because of the gift which is so precious to them.

It was really great mission trip are thankful to God to providing us funds for Bibles to the outreach for the lost souls to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with them.

Your Brother In Pakistan. Evangelist Haseeb Masih.