Masih: August 2016

Dear Jorge,

God gave me burden and i would like to share with you.

My Dream about Numbers of Orphanages!

Last month i saw dream about numbers of Orphans asking me about food. I asked my wife please check kitchen, do you have some food in Kitchen? She went to Kitchen and brought lot of food for orphans and then we gave them. When i get up early in the morning and i said to Khalida please check your Kitchen do you have food? She was just looking my face why you are asking me about it. We have almost everything in kitchen. Why you are worry?

Are you worry about Hazel,Solomon,David regarding food i said no i am worry about numbers of Orphans who don’t have food to eat, who don’t have cloths to wear, who don’t have fee or books to go School. I am actual worry about these children. I and Khalida have been praying for Children now this is time to build their carrier from grass rout level, Take care from childhood to youth thus we can build our community healthier, stronger, and more faithful. Now we are committed to take care Orphanage.

Brother you are good example for us. Now we are on stage to start it and we must need your support. Please see our urgent needs. For Bunk Beds and other things we just need one time donation.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Many Blessings,

Latif Masih (Senior Pastor)