Tahir and Sadig Saleem

In 2002 at the graduation of my Bible Studies I got the vision to ”develop each member” in Pakistan both in spiritual and social development. I established Rochester Christian Church Ministries of Pakistan (RCCMP) in 2002. RCCMP is non-profit, non-governmental, non-political and faith based registered church in Pakistan. At the very beginning RCCMP worked on church planting in Pakistan and also we did endeavors to develop the people of Pakistan through responding emerging situation in Pakistan as well as developing the marginalized segement of the society through its development programs such as launching sewing school for young girls who are working at brick kiln factory or bondage labour and become the rap victims, educational supoorte to school going children who cannot afford their educational expense due to poverty, orphans support by providing food, clothes and school fee of the hopeless children and organziating medical camps in the rural areas to give first aid to poor peopel who don’t have access to doctors due lack of money.

The details of these programs are as bellow:

Church Planting:
The Church planting is God’s instrument to make disciple for the spreading the gospel in the every corner of the world. RCCMP believes that the local church is to make more and better disciples become active, equipped, and responsible members of a local church.
National Churches Planted: RCCMP planted 82 Churches within cities of Pakistan such as Lahore, Karachi, Kashmir, Multan, Faisalabad, Burewala, Kasur and Raiwind. These pastors also were equipped with 30 motor bikes and 24 bicycles in order remove traveling hassle to go in the field without facing traveling hurdles. These churches gave more than 1920 water baptisms to date.

International Church Planted:

  • Pastor Samuel from Dubai – (U.A.E)
  • Pastor Samoan from Sharjah – (U.A.E)

In 2010 RCCM Churches batized more than 155 new believers aboard.

Healing Crusade/Convention for evangelizing Gospel:
RCCM Evangelical Team preaches the Gospel in Pakistan that’s the biggest cities of Pakistan through arranging healing crusades in every year where at least more than 8000 – 10000 people are participated. “Each Healing crusades” provide an opportunity to the people that they can accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

Sunday Schools Program:
Sunday Schools are backbone of the church where wer train our next gneration. RCCMP also give focus to train the disadvantaged children through Bible Studies and Biblical literature. Children are getting Bible Studies in easy words of book “DO YOU WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN”, story telling, playing games and singing hymen. Currently 82 Sunday
Schools are functioning in 82 churches where approximately 4150 children are benefited from these Sunday schools.

Summer Youth Camp:
RCCMP believe that youth are pillar of the church growth. Therefore, RCCMP organize Summer Youth Camp to train and equip youth with Bible teaching every year. 140 – 160 young people including men, women were trained through these summer youth camp.

RCCM Bible College
Young leaders and church planters need to equip themselves with the word of God and get the direction to follow their vision regarding to church planting. If they are not trained with the Word of God then they may lost their way or
commitment. Therefore, RCCM Bible College was established in 2002 to train these young and energetic persons in church planting.

The objectives of the Bible College:
RCCM Bible Collage seeks to accomplish the following under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

  1. To teach the Word of God to students in order to accomplish Christian ministry effectively
  2. To provide an atmosphere for the students where learning is enhanced and their spiritual life is nourished.
  3. To give the students opportunity for fellowship and communication with other fellow students, whereby coming to realize the divine call for ministry God has placed in their lives.
  4. To provide an opportunity for the local churches and other evangelistic projects to use the students in ministry. To provide opportunity for students to serve in practical ministry in order that they can have experience in different aspects of Christian work.
  5. To fulfill the basic need for pastoral staff of RCCM churches. (However, we do not guarantee a pastoral position after graduation. This is up to the RCCM administration). The Bible College is not limited to the training of pastors only.
  6. To encourage the students to pioneer churches.

We are grateful to our heavenly Father who sent such young people in our way to train them and after the graduation they are enabled to establish 82 local churches throughout the country. We gratefully recognize these churches with the fellowship of the RCCM of Pakistan. But it is just a drop in the bucket in a huge. There are still so many cities and
villages where no local church is found and the people are living in those areas ared needed to hear the Gospel of God too. Their eternity is at stake!

RCCM Bible College is geared to create such an atmosphere through its academic program, loving relationship and ministry opportunities in which the students can discover more about the God’s plan for there lives and get deeply rooted in the spirit of reaching out to the lost. RCCM Bible College started with two-year program for those young
men/women who felt the call of God to serve Him wholeheartedly. Because of the increased demand for more trained pastors and workers in deep theological study, the Collage arranged and offering Diploma of theology in B.TH. RCCM Bible Collage has had more than 90 graduates. These graduates are serving as pastors and evangelists in different churches of the RCCM, as well as in other Pentecostal and evangelical churches. Some are even serving as leaders in their respective churches.

Faculty of the Bible College:
Regular teachers at RCCM Bible College are National, visiting teachers, from outside the regular faculty, also come to teach particular subjects.


  • Pastor Tahir Saleem (Principal)
  • Pastor Faisal Sindhu
  • Pastor Shuket Rehmat
  • Pastor Samuel Sadiq
  • Pastor Maqsood M.
  • Pastor Atif M.


  • Pastor Jasper Kure (Denmark)
  • Rev. Johansen Hansen (Denmark)
  • Pastor Mrs. Maria Hansen (Denmark)
  • Pastor Jacob (Denmark)
  • Rev. Bent Christiansen (Denmark)
  • Pastor Peter Prothero (U.K)
  • Pastor Alex Campbell (Canada)
  • Rev. John James (South Africa)
  • Social Development Program

Pakistan has been facing a lot of social problems since its independence in 1947. Currently these problems created more worst the country like law and order situation and terrorism which has become a headache for government and public. This is due to explosion population which is increased at least 170 million. Poverty is the root causes of all these problems such as a large chunk of population lives below poverty line. They live in miserable conditions. Lack of proper food, clothing and shelter, poor sanitation, unsafe and sometimes contaminated drinking water are just some of their many problems. It deprives poor children to access education and healthcare. Those who joined school for
education there is also 50 percent of children do not complete their primary education. The lack of access or dropout led in illiteracy number to increase. At present Pakistan literacy rate is 56% and ironically it also includes those people who can read and write their name in Urdu.

RCCM is helping hand in the critical situation of Pakistan through its development program such as children education sponsoring, establishing schools for education, responding the emergency situation of Pakistan and providing shelters to orphans and deprived children and empowering young women through providing them tailoring skills to improve
their economic conditions.

Christmas Gifts Distribution Program:
Christian in Pakistan are poor and disadvantaged therefore, RCCMP organize Christmas and Ester Gift on the occasion of Christmas and Easter in order to give happiness to the disadvantaged christian families who could not afford to buy new clothes and purchase food to celebrate the feasts.

Education Support Program:
Millions of children in developing countries are not attending schools due to poverty and thousands never have the chance to attend school. This has a serious impact on child future, as education can break the cycle of poverty, leading to more opportunities for them and their families. RCCMP give priority to education in its social development program. Every year RCCMP support 613 children who are getting education in different schools. The purpose of the education program is to give bright future to disadvantaged

Orphans Support Program:
The death of father of the child led him to become orphans and in Pakistan its very difficult to orphan to survive in the society because no body care the orphan but people wish to use them as a servant. This situation become traumatic for a child. RCCMP felt this need and decided to supports orphans in their critical situation by supporting them.

RCCMP established ”Father Care Orphanage” where we make sure to to finish their school studies, provision of food, healthcare and household necessities. 185 orphans are supported with food, clothes, shoes, furniture, bed, kitchen crockery, School Fee, Uniforms, and Books & Stationary etc. etc. 50 orphans BLIND Girls are supported with food, clothes, shoes, furniture, bed, Kitchen crockery, School Fee, Uniforms, and Books & Stationary etc.

Sewing Centers:
Sewing Centers are empowering marginalized young girls who are working at brick kiln factories, bonded labor at homes and the victims of rape and sexual harashment in the society. Sewing skill is tailor made training for these women which is easily to learn and implement just get one sewing machine to start this enterprises at their own homes.

This training skill created big impact on the lives of the girls. The 400 girls were trained with this skills and they are feeding their children by earning from this skills.

Free Medical Camps for Health Awareness:
People are living in rural and remote areas particularly who working at brick kiln factories they don’t have access to get physician and medicine even their very common disease such as wounds, fever, flow, cough and children disease.

RCCMP organized free medical campsite in order to give them health awareness and treatment of the common disease with provision of medicine. During these camps they sick people were got free medicines to fight against their disease.

RCCMP Community Middle Schools:
Getting education is the dream of every child but due to poverty, hunger, low economic status of the common man is big hurdle to send their children into school. Therefore, children are vulnerable to child labor, e.g. in posh areas, factories and brick kin’s, which is physical hard and often under slave like conditions. In January 2010 RCCMP established Community Middle School in Lahore to meet the dire need of the disadvantaged community. 365 children are getting education to make sure their future in this school.

By the grace of God in January 2011 RCCMP also established an other school in Faisalabad to educate the disadvantaged children of the locality where 290 children are admitted to give them secure bright future.

Emergency Respond Program:
Disaster can be occurred in anywhere any time in the world. The disasters affected millions of lives. Survivors are needed the provision of food, shelters, clothes, clean water and medicine. RCCMP’s also established its Emergency Rescue Team to respond to natural or man made disasters in the country.

The following disasters were responded by the RCCMP Rescue Team:

Title: Relief/support Flood in Pakistan
Country: Pakistan
Project period: Aug. – Oct. 2010

  1. Construction of church building in Pakistan
  2. Church planting in Pakistan and South Asia
  3. Conducting Leadership Training Seminars for equipping church planters
  4. Distribution Bibles and biblical literature for evangelizing people
  5. Construction of orphanage and blind center
  6. Construction of Schools for imparting education to disadvantaged children
  7. Construction of Vocational Training Centres for educating women with skills
  8. Construction of Hospital/maternity homes for poor and needy people
  9. Health Awareness Program for creating awareness about the primary health care
  10. Clean Drinking Water and Sanitation Program to prevent water related diseases
  11. Support to sewing schools for empowering sexually harassed and rapped women at their work place

In 2002 God gave me vision to church plating and since that I had planted number of churches across the country. Currently 82 churches were established in Pakistan and two churches in Dubai & Sharjah – UAE. These pastors have been serving the Lord
through sharing the ministry in their areas and introducing the Jesus to people in order to accomplish the great commission in this universe. These pastors trained by the RCCM bible collage and then send them into the field to win the people for the Christ and
make disciple for the glory of the God.