Masih-December 2015

Dear Brother Jorge Parrott

I am so blessed to sharing with you that Lord is doing incredible work through “Bibles Distribution Project”  in Pakistan, hundreds of people are coming to know Jesus Christ and accepting Him as their personal savior.

The Lord is bringing peace and joy in the heart of lost soul and people are responding positively which is great blessing for us.

We just had a prayer meeting in 7 chack villages. We met new believers and had worship and prayers together, people were so blessed and happy to see us in their village and they warmly welcomed the Lord in their hearts.

We preached there and handed out the 65  Urdu Bibles to the new believers, they were so excited and thankful to God for the precious gift of Bibles in the Christmas season. They said that this was the best Christmas ever because of the gift which is so precious to them. Continue reading

Masih July 2015


We are thankful to God for his glorious work through our outreach Evangelism work in the remote areas of Pakistan.

Today we baptized 4 new believers who gave their life to God & accept him as their personal Savior, born again in Christ….Praise the Lord for his incredible blessings.

We found the canal near to the area where we baptized them in Jesus Name & it was really good to see that Lord is moving through the lives in Pakistani people.

Please keep paying for us as we are working for his in Pakistan.

Cot Beds Updates.
Praise the Lord We have raised 20 cots/bed. We will still needed 10 more please pray & join us.

Your Brother in Pakistan.
Evangelist Haeeb Masih.

Kaleem: April 2015

Greetings in the precious name of Jesus Christ,

This are the pictures of our child feeding programs, a project in which we share food with the poor and orphans who attends our Sunday schools. Through this the children can enjoy a good and healthy meal after the Sunday school.
In Christ your brother,
Simon Peter Kaleem,

Masih: Nov 2014 Photo’s

Masih: December 2014

It is great blessing for us to sharing with you that Lord is moving through Save Pakistan even in the persecution situation.
We Baptized 11 new believers who gave themselves to the hands of God, It was marvelous service Lord changed the lives. They invite Jesus Christ in their hearts to walk with him, they were really thankful to God for this incredible change to reborn through water baptism.
They were so happy during the service I explained the importance of water baptism, and teaches that Lord wants to move through them in the lives of Pakistan.
After baptism I hand-out the Urdu Bibles and Worship Book within yummy meal to these believers for their spiritual and physical growth. I am very thankful to God as use us to impact the nation of Pakistan through Gospel work.
Please keep us in your regular prayers as we are serving the Lord, your prayers will be much appreciated.
Evangelist. Haseeb Masih.

Masih: November 2014 Photo’s

The new well for drinking water

Masih October 2014

I am very pleased to inform you yesterday we installed two pumps among very needy community.

Last one week I was outside from Islamabad and yesterday night we arrived at Islamabad. It was really very good experience. One installed near community hall and other one installed in a Church compound. This Church is under construction and congregation is not able to complete it and they asked me for help in construction as well as pump installation. Continue reading

Heavy Flood in Pakistan – Masih September 2014


The floods, resulting from the late-monsoon rains, have left more than 270 people dead in Pakistan.

More than 700 villages have been completely submerged by the floods, with several thousand others hit, 35,000 others have been affected by the floodwater’s and displaced. The rivers Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej, and Jhelum overflowed and brought flash floods. Since that time, an even greater disaster affecting far more people has brought immense suffering across many provinces of Pakistan. Record-breaking rains have caused flooding affecting most parts of the country. Continue reading

Masih April 2014


Today, I want to share with you how “Save Pakistan” organized a Palm Sunday program where more than 200 people came and joined us. People had decorated their palm branches with flowers and dates; they gave different shapes to their branches of palms to say welcome to Jesus. We gave a message from John 12:12-19 and shared with them why He rode on a donkey, because Jesus became humble for his people around the world. It was really good to see the people were very much blessed and active for it.

Save Pakistan and our congregation walked street to street and road to road, singing songs of peace and love. Many local people also joined this rally for the glorious walk in Pakistan. Everybody was filled with passion and joy to celebrate this day for the glory of God. It was a great experience to walk along holding palm branches welcoming our Savior Jesus Christ.

Save Pakistan is always blessed to serve His people in Pakistan. Please keep praying for us, so that we can reach more people for the glory of God. Please remember in your prayers our Easter celebration program with 300 orphan children who are badly affected by how society neglects them. We want to give them hope by providing food boxes, new clothes and shoes. It will make them very happy and encourage them that Lord never left them alone, in society He is with them to provide for them.

Our program date is the 17th of April 2014. Please send your contributions as soon as you can because we have to purchase food boxes, clothes and shoes for the 300 orphans before them program date. We need your spiritual and financial blessing for this program.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Blessings from your Brother in Pakistan,
Evangelist Haseeb Masih

Tahir October 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I want to give you a brief report about “Youth Camp 2013”. We are so grateful to the Lord for the combination of His kindness, love and grace released through much prayer and fasting for this Camp. Father God really broke through into the hearts of all who were there, youngsters and leaders alike. As guest pastors and speakers, Pastor Anjum, Pastor Atif, Pastor Asif and Pastor Tahir Saleem spoke God’s heart and love for everyone. We were all challenged and changed. When we come to him in simplicity, He can minister to the most complex issues of our lives, no matter how young or old we are, and Lord Jesus Christ did just that.

I and all the leaders and campers bless you for your prayers and support, words of encouragement and financial generosity. There is always work to be done and we cannot do it alone – thank you for joining with us again this year 2013.

During these days, God was so great to show His signs and wonders in 55 young people and through His Holy Spirit He touched 18 other people’s lives. Holy Spirit changed them and they gave their hearts to Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Also, 22 people were thirsty for the Holy Spirit and received Him in their lives and more than 44 people are ready for water baptism. All glory to the Lamb of God. He is helping us to bring revival in Pakistani young people and He is leading us through the light.

“Father we ask for your abundant blessing to be upon every camper that you’d rain on the seeds you planted in their hearts and cause them to grow. Holy Spirit, thank you that you never leave them of forsake them, that no matter what or where they’ve gone back to, you are faithful to complete what you’ve begun in them. Jesus, thank you for the life of victory and destiny that you have for each one, that they will know the fullness of all that you paid for and did on the cross for us. We love you!”

Bless you all. I am looking forward to hear from you with the blessing of Christ soon. Good blessing on all of you.

Yours brother in Christ,
Pastor Tahir Saleem and Youth Leadership Team

Youth Camp 2013 Testimonies

“To be born in a Christian family does not mean that we are Christian and if we want to become true believers then we need to get Jesus in our Heart – which I got from the great message of this Youth Camp 2013 during the preaching session of Pastor Tahir Saleem. What a great message God has given to me and my life is blessed from Youth Camp 2013. When Tahir Saleem shared the Word of God, I started weeping, my tears were running down and I could not understand what was going on. Then Brother Tahir said, ‘those who want the Holy Spirit and to get Jesus in your heart as your personal Savior stand up.’ When I stood in the presence of the Lord, suddenly light came upon me and I started speaking in tongues. First of all, I give thanks to the Lord for His kindness and mercy upon me and to Brother Tahir Saleem for arranging this Youth Camp 2013 that has changed my life. Praise to the Lord Jesus Christ!!!” -Asher Anwer

“I am sharing with the Joy of our Lord Jesus, how Lord blessed me in this Youth Camp 2013 through His Power. I did do lots of wrong things. But today, God touched me & I felt that this is not good, from now on, I will not do any bad things and make trouble for church leaders or at home or for any other person. I want to give my life to Jesus as my personal savior and promise to walk with Him and want to live for His glory. I want to give all the Glory to God and say with me ‘Hallelujah’. Please pray for me, I want to take water Baptism.” -Rehana Gill

Prayer Session for Healing for those who gave their Heart to Jesus Christ