Ayub M Sagar


Rev. Ayub M Sagar is the Visionary Founder/ President & Director of the Christ’s Mandate Ministries Pakistan (Registered under the Act 1860). Christ’s Mandate Ministries Aka C.M. M is founded in 1999. Rev Ayub M Sagar has vision for Planting Churches, Out Reaching, Bible schools, Cell Churches, Crusades, e.t.c. Rev Ayub M Sagar is the passionate , mercy heart for the children, youth groups, Poor, Disable, Orphanage, Abnormal, homeless, children of Pakistan. Rev Ayub M Sagar has vision for these conditioned children, boys & girls who are facing suffering in Urban & Rural areas of Pakistan.He wants reached to these groups with a merciful heart with his team members. Rev Ayub M Sagar has passionate team workers for working all over the Pakistan.

Rev Ayub M Sagar is Specialist in Children work & Trained by Christ for Children Aus, C.th, L.th from CMM Bible School Pakistan, C.M from The Order of Saint James Uk, B.Th from Pakistan Bible University, M.M from The University of Kingdom Life.

C.M.M is the Non-Denominational, Non profitable and Charitable Ministry in Pakistan.

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From children and young adults up our ministry extends to the needs of Pakistan.

Church Planting, Outreaching in Training, Training in Leadership, Leadership in Seminars, Seminars in Bible Schools, Bible schools in Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Pakistan for the Kingdom of Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


As we proclaim Jesus as the head of the Church and the manifested Word of God, our goal is to teach the Word of God with simplicity and understanding so that it may be applied to our everyday lives in a practical and effective manner. Thereby being transformed into world changers, changing our immediate world and all those with whom we come in contact-ultimately making a mark that can’t by erased.

  1. Planting Churches
  2. Cell Churches
  3. Out Reaching
  4. Ministry Training Bible Schools
  5. Preaching through Crusades, Seminars
  6. Youth Groups
  7. Women Ministry
  8. Children Ministry
  9. Medical, Health care centers, Hospitals, Dispensaries in Urban& Rural Areas of Pakistan
  10. Skill for youth Generation, boys & girls

I would request to all of you that you can support us for our projects, together we can change the world, Please support us for saving lives for Christ’s Kingdom. We need you for the peoples of Pakistan for Jesus Christ. Let join us for the fulfill Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision: Vision/Mission Plans for 2012

We ask you for donations, Grants for the upcoming meetings and ll our projects for Pakistan.

I would like share with you our yearly plans for extending the work of God in Pakistan. We prayers that God provide to you for Pakistan.

  1. Church Plantings
    • plant 50 Churches in the difference areas of Pakistan cities
      • Islamabad, Peshawar, Jhelum, Lahore, Karachi, Toba Tek Singh, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sargodha,Toba Tak Singh, Sheikhpura, Narowal,Sindh,
  2. Children Churches
    • We have great vision for Children Churches for reaching peoples.
    • 100 children Churches: with Churches, Missions, and Pastors in Pakistan.
  3. Out Reaching Evangelism
    • We are making plans for outreach Evangelism in Cities, Villages and towns in Pakistan
    • We have targeted¬†500 Cities, Villages, and Towns.
  4. Street Evangelism
    • We plan to do Street Evangelism to Muslim people and non Christians. Cities still targeted are Rawalpindi/Islamabad.
  5. Crusade/Evangelism Meetings
    • We plan 5 Crusades to be held in different Cities
    • Cities: Rawalpindi /Islamabad, Lahore, Sargodha, Karachi, Narowal.
  6. All Pakistan Children Churches Christmas Rally
    • We plan to get together for the annual Children Christmas Rally in December 2012
  7. Pastors Training Conference
    • All Pastor’s training conference will be held in June and September 2012
  8. Children Pastors Training:
    • All Children’s Pastor / Sunday school teachers’ training will be held in July 2012
  9. Educational School
    • We want to establish an educational school for poor, deserving, orphanages and children in Rawalpindi: Classes are Preparatory to Matric level
  10. Medical Clinic
    • We want establish three Medical Clinics in 3 cities, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Narowal
  11. Church Buildings: we have no Church building for Crusades, Training Seminars, Sunday services and we want buy a building for Church in Rawalpindi head office
    • Buildings needs Cities: Lahore, Sargodha, Narowal, Jhelum
    1. Monthly support
      • Pastors/ Evangelist and family
      • Pastors are under network
      • Support for children Pastors
      • 40 Pastors in network
      • Official Workers Support
      • Official Missions Leaders who should be overseas all the Missions work
  12. Office needs:
    • we need offices for doing permanent work for Missions

Note: We need your prayers that God fulfill our visions for his work through you and all donors and supporters. We need your support, Donations, Grants and Gifts for work and for establishing Missions all over Pakistan. Praise the Lord.