Heavy Flood in Pakistan – Masih September 2014


The floods, resulting from the late-monsoon rains, have left more than 270 people dead in Pakistan.

More than 700 villages have been completely submerged by the floods, with several thousand others hit, 35,000 others have been affected by the floodwater’s and displaced. The rivers Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej, and Jhelum overflowed and brought flash floods. Since that time, an even greater disaster affecting far more people has brought immense suffering across many provinces of Pakistan. Record-breaking rains have caused flooding affecting most parts of the country. Continue reading

Masih April 2014


Today, I want to share with you how “Save Pakistan” organized a Palm Sunday program where more than 200 people came and joined us. People had decorated their palm branches with flowers and dates; they gave different shapes to their branches of palms to say welcome to Jesus. We gave a message from John 12:12-19 and shared with them why He rode on a donkey, because Jesus became humble for his people around the world. It was really good to see the people were very much blessed and active for it.

Save Pakistan and our congregation walked street to street and road to road, singing songs of peace and love. Many local people also joined this rally for the glorious walk in Pakistan. Everybody was filled with passion and joy to celebrate this day for the glory of God. It was a great experience to walk along holding palm branches welcoming our Savior Jesus Christ.

Save Pakistan is always blessed to serve His people in Pakistan. Please keep praying for us, so that we can reach more people for the glory of God. Please remember in your prayers our Easter celebration program with 300 orphan children who are badly affected by how society neglects them. We want to give them hope by providing food boxes, new clothes and shoes. It will make them very happy and encourage them that Lord never left them alone, in society He is with them to provide for them.

Our program date is the 17th of April 2014. Please send your contributions as soon as you can because we have to purchase food boxes, clothes and shoes for the 300 orphans before them program date. We need your spiritual and financial blessing for this program.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Blessings from your Brother in Pakistan,
Evangelist Haseeb Masih

Masih August 2013

Masih: August 2011

Monsoon Emergency Appeal

On behalf of Spring Branch Church, registered under the Societies registration Act, XXI of 1860 no. RJSC/DISTT RWP/34 with the Government of Pakistan , and being Founder & Chairman, I would like to attract your kind attention for the recent monsoon devastation of Islamabad.

I got many phone calls from people and then I decided I should go. I visited yesterday before and I saw numbers of Christian people in Slums of Islamabad have been driven from their homes in the area’s worst monsoon yesterday before. The estimate of 100 homes destroyed. They lost every thing even they don’t have food to eat.

It is really very hard time for them; I saw with my own eyes. I can not see tears of Christian nation.

Ezra lost her sewing Machine. It was the tool of her every day food. Her family is to much worry about that.
We would like to provide food to Victim families but we need your support & love. Each family’s need is $32 for one week food.

I would like to request you please help send God’s love and hope to the nation of Pakistan during this monsoon season. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your support.

Blessings, Pastor: Latif Masih
CMM, Pakistan.