Masih October 2014

I am very pleased to inform you yesterday we installed two pumps among very needy community.

Last one week I was outside from Islamabad and yesterday night we arrived at Islamabad. It was really very good experience. One installed near community hall and other one installed in a Church compound. This Church is under construction and congregation is not able to complete it and they asked me for help in construction as well as pump installation. Continue reading

Heavy Flood in Pakistan – Masih September 2014


The floods, resulting from the late-monsoon rains, have left more than 270 people dead in Pakistan.

More than 700 villages have been completely submerged by the floods, with several thousand others hit, 35,000 others have been affected by the floodwater’s and displaced. The rivers Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej, and Jhelum overflowed and brought flash floods. Since that time, an even greater disaster affecting far more people has brought immense suffering across many provinces of Pakistan. Record-breaking rains have caused flooding affecting most parts of the country. Continue reading

Masih April 2014


Today, I want to share with you how “Save Pakistan” organized a Palm Sunday program where more than 200 people came and joined us. People had decorated their palm branches with flowers and dates; they gave different shapes to their branches of palms to say welcome to Jesus. We gave a message from John 12:12-19 and shared with them why He rode on a donkey, because Jesus became humble for his people around the world. It was really good to see the people were very much blessed and active for it.

Save Pakistan and our congregation walked street to street and road to road, singing songs of peace and love. Many local people also joined this rally for the glorious walk in Pakistan. Everybody was filled with passion and joy to celebrate this day for the glory of God. It was a great experience to walk along holding palm branches welcoming our Savior Jesus Christ.

Save Pakistan is always blessed to serve His people in Pakistan. Please keep praying for us, so that we can reach more people for the glory of God. Please remember in your prayers our Easter celebration program with 300 orphan children who are badly affected by how society neglects them. We want to give them hope by providing food boxes, new clothes and shoes. It will make them very happy and encourage them that Lord never left them alone, in society He is with them to provide for them.

Our program date is the 17th of April 2014. Please send your contributions as soon as you can because we have to purchase food boxes, clothes and shoes for the 300 orphans before them program date. We need your spiritual and financial blessing for this program.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Blessings from your Brother in Pakistan,
Evangelist Haseeb Masih

Tahir October 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I want to give you a brief report about “Youth Camp 2013”. We are so grateful to the Lord for the combination of His kindness, love and grace released through much prayer and fasting for this Camp. Father God really broke through into the hearts of all who were there, youngsters and leaders alike. As guest pastors and speakers, Pastor Anjum, Pastor Atif, Pastor Asif and Pastor Tahir Saleem spoke God’s heart and love for everyone. We were all challenged and changed. When we come to him in simplicity, He can minister to the most complex issues of our lives, no matter how young or old we are, and Lord Jesus Christ did just that.

I and all the leaders and campers bless you for your prayers and support, words of encouragement and financial generosity. There is always work to be done and we cannot do it alone – thank you for joining with us again this year 2013.

During these days, God was so great to show His signs and wonders in 55 young people and through His Holy Spirit He touched 18 other people’s lives. Holy Spirit changed them and they gave their hearts to Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Also, 22 people were thirsty for the Holy Spirit and received Him in their lives and more than 44 people are ready for water baptism. All glory to the Lamb of God. He is helping us to bring revival in Pakistani young people and He is leading us through the light.

“Father we ask for your abundant blessing to be upon every camper that you’d rain on the seeds you planted in their hearts and cause them to grow. Holy Spirit, thank you that you never leave them of forsake them, that no matter what or where they’ve gone back to, you are faithful to complete what you’ve begun in them. Jesus, thank you for the life of victory and destiny that you have for each one, that they will know the fullness of all that you paid for and did on the cross for us. We love you!”

Bless you all. I am looking forward to hear from you with the blessing of Christ soon. Good blessing on all of you.

Yours brother in Christ,
Pastor Tahir Saleem and Youth Leadership Team

Youth Camp 2013 Testimonies

“To be born in a Christian family does not mean that we are Christian and if we want to become true believers then we need to get Jesus in our Heart – which I got from the great message of this Youth Camp 2013 during the preaching session of Pastor Tahir Saleem. What a great message God has given to me and my life is blessed from Youth Camp 2013. When Tahir Saleem shared the Word of God, I started weeping, my tears were running down and I could not understand what was going on. Then Brother Tahir said, ‘those who want the Holy Spirit and to get Jesus in your heart as your personal Savior stand up.’ When I stood in the presence of the Lord, suddenly light came upon me and I started speaking in tongues. First of all, I give thanks to the Lord for His kindness and mercy upon me and to Brother Tahir Saleem for arranging this Youth Camp 2013 that has changed my life. Praise to the Lord Jesus Christ!!!” -Asher Anwer

“I am sharing with the Joy of our Lord Jesus, how Lord blessed me in this Youth Camp 2013 through His Power. I did do lots of wrong things. But today, God touched me & I felt that this is not good, from now on, I will not do any bad things and make trouble for church leaders or at home or for any other person. I want to give my life to Jesus as my personal savior and promise to walk with Him and want to live for His glory. I want to give all the Glory to God and say with me ‘Hallelujah’. Please pray for me, I want to take water Baptism.” -Rehana Gill

Prayer Session for Healing for those who gave their Heart to Jesus Christ

Tahir January 2014

Greetings from Pakistan,

We, the Churches in Pakistan, as a whole are very thankful to you and the body of Christ for sending prayers and love gifts and for keeping your merciful hands on these poor, needy orphans, widows and families who lost their beloved in the church bomb blast in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Please see photos of our Help Distribution on Christmas.

May peace and joy live in your heart and we wish you a very prosperous and Happy New Year 2014!!!

Thanks and blessing.

Yours in Him,
Pastor Tahir & Saima
Churches of Pakistan & Dubai

Masih August 2013

Tahir Saleem 2013

Greetings, I want to give you a brief report about Mission Evangelism in Dubai – U.A.E 2013. We are so grateful to the Lord for His kindness and love and very much thankful to the donors, who opened their hearts to grant funds to this Mission. The combination of His grace released through much prayer and fasting resulted in this Healing Revival & Crusade.

We had the Healing & Revival Crusade in Dubai – U.A.E. During the evening, God was so great that He showed His signs and wonders among more than 2,500 participants and through His Holy Spirit He touched more than 409 people’s life. Holy Spirit changed them and these people gave their hearts to Jesus Christ and accepted Him as their personal Savior. In which, 159 spiritually thirsty people received Holy Spirit in their lives and 233 people are ready for water baptism.

On this one day, more than 2,500 people met Jesus Christ and accepted Him personally. God healed people by opening the eye’s of the blind, deaf ear’s were opened, breast cancer and the paralyzed were healed, etc. etc. etc. etc.

Please see statistics below:

  • 409 gave their heart to Jesus for the first time.
  • 233 ready to receive Water Baptism.
  • 159 were Holy Spirit Baptized.
  • 360 received minor healing.
  • 288 received major healing.

It is all to the glory of the Lamb of God. He is helping us to bring revival in the Dubai – U.A.E and He is leading us through the light.

Thanks again for your wonderful support and prayers. Please remember us in your personal prayers that God helps us bring revival over here and that He shows His power, light, signs and wonders among Nominal & non-Christian Arabian people. Also, kindly pray that God will provide all the things we need.

The entire RCCMP team and I are very thankful to you from the bottom of our hearts for your kind support.

Good blessings on all of you.

Your brother in Christ,

Pastor Tahir and Saima

Tahir Saleem August 2013

First of all, on behalf of our churches in Pakistan, I’m very thankful to all of you for your kind support every year to save people from the deadly floods. Again, Pakistan has experienced unprecedented floods caused by heavy rains, leading to tragic loss of human life, widespread loss of livestock and damage to the infrastructure throughout the country. Monsoon rains come to Pakistan every July and August, but the past 3 years have been worse than usual, as was predicted by the metrological department. There was 5-6 feet of water which hit, destroying mud homes. Belongings, such as clothes, food, pots and stoves were floating in the water. Many people are now living in shelters under very miserable conditions, waiting for food to meet their immediate needs. There were at least 500 families affected by the recent monsoon rains in the areas of Phiki veend, Chanda Sing, Muhalam and Hacko wala. We conducted interviews with some of the affected families and were told that their homes were totally filled with water and some were destroyed. The heavy torrential downpour also caused millions of rupees worth of property damage in the region, destroying commercial and residential buildings, as well as destroying hundreds of thousands of acres of standing crops.

In an interview, we were told that a boy and his mother were killed after the roof of their house collapsed, due to the heavy downpour. In a similar incident, a man was killed and his father was critically injured when the roof collapsed. There were five children killed in Gulistan-e-Jauhar when a landslide struck their house. Rainfall also demolished the wall of two churches and one mosque in Kasur city, causing injury to more than nineteen worshippers. The local mayor told us that no one from the government or NGO came to help and that my team and I were the first and only organization to come and ask about the situation.

The monsoon also hit Kasur and the surrounding villages of Narowal, Sialkot and Gujranwala. The roads were badly flooded, destroying crops, damaging homes and causing 112 deaths. There were 100,000 people affected by the floods in this area. More than 200 houses were washed away and hundreds were damaged. An estimated 500 low income, poor families were victims of the heavy rains.

Once again, we come with hope that you will consider our emergency flood request. Thank you and be blessed.

Your servants,
Pastor Tahir and Saima

Saleem: December 2012

I am so blessed to share that this November we have completed 171 Projector Show Outreaches in 171 villages of Pakistan, impacting 5,285 lives.

Our team brought blessings through the outreaches. We had 610 people attend at each of the 6 outreach shows. We had about 2,781 decisions for Christ.

Please watch the video to see how these outreaches and sermons impacted the lives in Pakistan.

Here is the link to “What is my Cross”

You can read our graduation brochure here.

PS: Pray that our Goverment may open YouTube that is banned in Pakistan.

Pastor Nadeem

Saleem: November 2012

Monsoon rains come to Pakistan every July and August, but last year it was worst for Pakistan. The heavy rain was also predicted by the metrological department in Pakistan. The RCCM Rescue Team is always ready to respond in any emergency in Pakistan. Therefore, RCCM got information from its pastors in the ZaferWal and Narowal City that there was rain water and Chenab river water flooding in the 8 village areas, affecting the people in these areas.

Irrigation officials in Sialkot and the Flood Forecasting Division told reporters that in Gujranwala, three people died after the collapse of decrepit buildings. In ZaferWal and Narowal (affected village areas Komoza and Nishana), 3 people died and 2 sisters are missing. The cause of this flood is heavy rain and Chenab river water. Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif ordered all departments concerned to deploy relief and rescue teams in flood-prone areas.

RCCM Rescue Team took a journey on Sunday night at 2:00 am to ZaferWal and Narowal. The team consisted of Babu Finhas, Babar Sabar, Pastor Anjum Shoukat, Parvaiz Masih and Pastor Atif. All members gathered at RCCM office and Pastor Tahir
Saleem blessed the team and prayed for the journey. The team reached the destination at 10:00 am. At ZaferWal and Narowal were two pastors: Pastor Sajad Masih and Pastor Sister Aksa. They are ministers in ZaferWal and Narowal – where at least 150 families live. They led the team at the affected area–Komoza and Nishana village areas.

At 11:30 am a team including two pastors at Komoza and Nishana saw there was lots of water which hit houses and destroyed their mud homes. The water swept away all their belongings such as food items, clothes, and all pots, even their stoves. They are living in very miserable conditions due to lack of their belongings, and they are waiting for food particularly. They are in shelters less and are looking for food to meet their immediate need.

In these 8 village areas, more than 400 families are affected from this recent monsoon rain and Chenab River water flooding. We also conducted some interviews with the affected families. They told us that their homes were totally filled with water and some
of them were totally destroyed.

We talked to Mr. Zahid Masih – who was living there. He told us that two areas were badly affected such as Komoza and Nishana. He also told us that the affected people took shelter with their relatives because they could not stay in the stagnant water which entered their homes. There were hundreds of acres of rice crops destroyed. He also told us that no team or person from the government and NGO’s came for their help. “RCCM is the only organization who came to visit us and ask about our situation!” he said.

One of the affected families, Mr. Nazir with 6 kids, is totally hopeless and helpless. We
contacted him and asked about his situation. He told us that everything was destroyed and he and his children were hungry and thirsty. He said they don’t have anything to eat for their survival. He was beseeching some kind of food and items and necessities such as bedding, clothes, pots, food and stove, etc. Currently, his family just moved in temporarily with their relatives. All the families had been working at a brick kiln factory for their earnings. Now they don’t have anything to eat and they are living in
miserable conditions.

Waqas Masih, 60 years old, also worked at the brick kiln factory along with his family – who also helped him at the factory to earn money. He said that his house was totally destroyed in the rain water and there is nothing to eat. He shouted that there is no person from the government and other NGO that has inquired about their situation. He was very pleased to see RCCM come there in this critical situation. He requested some support for their urgent needs, such as food and necessary items.

After viewing and observing the situation of the rain affected people, the team left for the office at 3:00 pm and reached the office at 7:00 pm. The team thanked God for the safe and sound journey. Pastor Tahir Saleem appreciated the team-work and prayer for the safe arrival of the team.

The monsoon calamity hit the cities of Pakistan including ZaferWal and Narowal with flooding of the roads, damaging homes and causing deaths.