Kaleem Shahzad and Jobyna Beth

Mission: To make a Generation of Peacemakers.

Vision: The vision of Holy Light is to spread Light all over the world, The Light of Love, Peace & unity. We believe not in religions, But We Believe in the true Creator, Who loves humanity and has appointed us to work and lead nations as ambassadors of the Kingdom of Peace. We preach to Muslims, un-reached communities and help converted, and persecuted Christians and train and equip them to advance the Kingdom of God. We Work for the Oppressed People, to develop them Spiritually, Physically, educationally & socially. We want to deliver the gospel to our Muslim brothers in Peace with wisdom. So the religious extremism, the killing will end and people will know about Truth, Peace & Love. Unite the people all over the world, work without denomination to share Jesus Love for all mankind to make a generation of Peacemakers.