Sagar: November 2012

Christmas Outreach 2012 

Dear Friends,

I would like to ask for your participation in our Annual Christmas Children’s Rally on the 22nd Dec, 2012. I need clothes, shoes, food, shoe boxs for orphan children, homeless children, the poor, special needs children and sunday school children. GBY

Please click on “donate” and specify our name if you wish to give.

Yours faithfully.
Rev Ayub M Sagar

Sagar: September 2012

Support Request

Dear Leaders and Pastors.
Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.
I would like share with you that God has put a burden into my heart for Orphanages and for homeless and special children (starting in 1999 and up to the present). Now  God has inspired me by the Holy Spirit to build an Orphanage home in Pakistan. At this time I have 50 children in different places in the different areas of Pakistan, but now I desire in Christ that my children will live together in one place. So I am requesting to all of you that you please join hands with me for sponsoring and supporting children with prayers and finances for education, skills, computers, books, uniforms,  shoes, bags, school supplies, school fees, building rent and three meals a day. If you are interested and God leads you to give toward saving the lives of these children and helping build God’s Kingdom, you are most welcome to contact us through MS / CMM missions.
Put your trust in the right place. Your confidence is our pride. Hoping to hear from you and may God bless all of you in Jesus name. Amen
Your faithfully in Christ
Rev Ayub M Sagar,

Masih: August 2011

Monsoon Emergency Appeal

On behalf of Spring Branch Church, registered under the Societies registration Act, XXI of 1860 no. RJSC/DISTT RWP/34 with the Government of Pakistan , and being Founder & Chairman, I would like to attract your kind attention for the recent monsoon devastation of Islamabad.

I got many phone calls from people and then I decided I should go. I visited yesterday before and I saw numbers of Christian people in Slums of Islamabad have been driven from their homes in the area’s worst monsoon yesterday before. The estimate of 100 homes destroyed. They lost every thing even they don’t have food to eat.

It is really very hard time for them; I saw with my own eyes. I can not see tears of Christian nation.

Ezra lost her sewing Machine. It was the tool of her every day food. Her family is to much worry about that.
We would like to provide food to Victim families but we need your support & love. Each family’s need is $32 for one week food.

I would like to request you please help send God’s love and hope to the nation of Pakistan during this monsoon season. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your support.

Blessings, Pastor: Latif Masih
CMM, Pakistan.

Pakistan: September 2011

Monsoon Emergency Appeal: Pakistan

The recent monsoon devastation of Islamabad has had a very demoralizing effect on the residents there. Our CMM Pastor Latif Masih says he has received many phone calls from people, who have lost everything. Many have nothing to eat even. In visiting the area hardest hit, Pastor Masih saw large numbers of Christian people, living in the slums of Islamabad, who have been driven from their homes in the area’s worst monsoon in recent memory. It is estimated that 100 homes were destroyed, in that one area. One woman he ministered to had lost her sewing machine, which was her family’s only means of livelihood. Pastors Latif, Ayub Sagar and Nadeem Saleem are working to provide food to the victims of this disaster. It takes only $32 to support a family in Pakistan with food for a week. Help CMM to love people through disaster relief.