Saleem: Rubeena’sTestimony: April 2012


My name is Rubeena and I am 16 years old. I had 2 sisters and I was living happily life with my parents and other family members. We are all laborers and earn daily wages, which is hardly enough to fulfill our need for food, clothing and necessities of daily life.

One day we heard that my parents and one sister had died in an accident and after the death of my parents, we started to live in one of our uncle’s home – my sister and I thought our life would be same but we didn’t know our life was going toward danger and this home just used us like servants and were not giving us food and clothing and personal things and they just put us outside under open sky… Whenever my uncle’s son came he raped me and told me not tell any one otherwise I would not have any place in the home… it went on 2-3 months and one day I did try to tell my uncle and aunt this and they started to beat me up very badly and warned me that soon they would send me out and that I would have no place in this world to live and I got affriad and always thought, “What will happen if this family kicks me and my younger sister out? then who is out side to take care of us!!!”

One day my younger sister got very sick and I asked to my uncle and aunt to please bring my sister to the doctor otherwise she would die but they didn’t say any thing and went into thier room – my sister and I were alone outside under open sky without bed & bedding and then suddenly my sister stopped breathing I started crying. When my Uncle came back he told me to stop and my aunt said: ”Kick them out”

It was hard and I was now alone and one day Sister Saima and other church ladies came into our street and when Sister Saima heard about this she talked with my aunt to see if she would allow her to live in ”Father Cares Orphange” and immediately my aunt said it is would ok for us and now she is burden on us!!!

So now please, do remember her in your prayers and kindly stretch out your hand to share the Love of Christ that we can save her life from this brutal relative and bring her into ”Father Cares Orphange”.


Saleem: Arzo’s Testimony: April 2012


My name is Arzo and I am 9 years old and I came to this orphanage with my granfather and some times he comes to see me – he dropped me into ”Father Cares Orhange” because my uncles and aunts always beat me a lot and always made me do all the home cleaning and washing etc. Etc.

I just remember that one day my grandfather said to my aunt, “She is a child and she can’t do lots of work: why don’t you do the work?” Then my aunt said to my grandfather, “Why should we keep her in our home if she will not work?” Then she would not allow me to stay there anymore and my grandfather brought me to ”Father Cares Orphanage”.

Please, kindly stretch out your hand to help, and remember her in your personal prayers, that her life will never be the same.