Just a quick heads up!  It is astounding what continues to take place in Peru and I am convinced that what happens in June and following, with all the global awareness taking place and so many awesome world changing ministries coming alongside and dreaming of nations, continents in a fresh season of harvest fulfillment, well, just a privilege to be a small part of it.  I will be going down next week for 4th national run and this below is the Amazon Trip that I will be taking a boat on so just getting that out to you guys for prayer and just keeping you in the loop!  Continue to do the same about anything we can pray for you guys about besides the CMM requests that come in…..mahalo, pastor earl and jana 

     On June 21-June 30, I will be leading a team of 100 missionaries on a boat up the Amazon River.  Joined by Peruvians, we will be docking and going into new places in the  jungles each day to pierce the darkness, shatter the oppression, hopelessness and lostness, seeing souls saved, healed and delivered and expecting incredible visitations of Gods love, even to break the life expectancy cyles from 43 to many more years.  We will also be blessing with practical aid.

     All of our missionaries as well as myself cover our own costs but I committed to rent the boat, pay for the crew and staff, and all the staging and sound on the boat as each night I will be doing the crusade from the boat to those gathered on the shore.

     At this time I am raising the funds to make this boat possible.  These are 3 pictures of the boat and the hammocks we will all sleep on that week.  I need to raise $6,250 by April 24 and then there will be 3 more installments.  I have no doubt we will see unprecedented breakthroughs that are sustained on this trip so I am writing to you to be a part of funding the boat and establishing His kingdom in the Amazon Jungle……contributions are appreciated in any amount 

      Earl Thurner

      The Desire of All Nations