I am very fired up about beginning a new season of a poured out life for Jesus Christ and fulfilling our role in the great commission and stepping into destiny on a new scale, especially in the revival call and anointing on our lives.  This is the moment for all this to begin and we will be brainstorming about the tomorrows to seize in new ministry into the nations.
While enjoying the 42nd anniversary of a marriage, we will be brainstorming with God and hearing a clear direction.  These past 2 weeks have been a time of establishing accountability in life to make sure everything is in alignment with God’s will, character and heart in every realm!  There is not a moment to waste, not a second to be unwilling in any area of obedience, not an hour to make an excuse for what He can do even in our 70’s.  We will make a statement in old age for the ageless One who inhabits eternity and can invade the natural to plant the heavens, establish His kingdom and see genuine outpourings of God where there is a hunger that wants it all and now!  We are hearing the clear sound of hunger from the south pacific while continuing to follow up in nations where God has opened doors and hearts for Him Alone and no limitations or control upon the working of a full display of the Holy Spirit, a river without end and watering the regions! 
Our daughter Jobyna wrote a beautiful text about our anniversary and we just want our friends and supporters to stand with us to arise into the greatest years of our lives for Jesus Christ.  We need your prayers, we need those to do what they can to see it happen.  This is also a new season of community and partnering with global ministries to co-labor for God!  It will not take much to launch the next wave and also all the persecution and confrontation we have experienced as our daughter mentioned was the result of letting God come as He did and in this season, perpetuation will follow visitation birthing reformation and transformation.  
And in our older years, the best wine, the best of Him for humanity is at the door!  He is worth our all!  That is why He brought us together!  To all of you who have been part of our journey and especially those who never wavered in their commitment to seeing it end with the glory of God for Jesus Christ, thanks so much!  It would not have been possible up to now without you and will not be possible moving forward without those God touches for it to happen….blessings, earl and Jana
Happy Anniversary to the most out of this world radical, passionate, and laid down lovers of Jesus!!! Thank you for saying yes to live a life surrendered and focused to make him famous to give him a drink, thank you for fighting for eachother because in a world where marriages are falling apart it took both of you to every day choose love choose eachother, you went through the Fire you went through religious injustice of every kind, you went into the places where Satan thought he had dominion, you confronted every demon but in those moments you chose closeness to eachother you chose to love the Lord your God, thank you for modeling love towards eachother, to show me how to fight and how I deserve to be fought for, thank you for never being fake but being transparent.. all these years later the love has increased not faded the desire to be hand in hand has never changed, you fought for connection you fought to solve issues before you slept no matter how many times you could have quit it got to hard, through the loss of a child, through persecution and every time you had thoughts can you go on, you both went to the feet of Jesus and once again United you lifted your eyes to Jesus!!!! Thank you for destroying the plans of the enemy,. Spirit of God go now and blast them with nonstop blessings non stop measures of your Glory!!! I love you both so much