Blessings from Lima!
Last night Jana, Antonio(our grandson), Pastor Harry were in all 3 services at MCI, a church of 7,000 and friends of mine and now friends of Jana too! For me, after 6 trips throughout the nation, we are not done in Peru! It is not a matter of doors and opportunities that abound in the nation for The Desire of All Nations, but the ones that we can build with into transformation. This is one of them, so we are navigating a trip in August to MCI for the gospel of the kingdom message unto empowering all believers to live and walk in which means demonstrating the supernatural, Gods natural in healing and releasing the power of God. We will also be with all the leaders for marriage and family conference.

I also will plan another trip in 2020 out of DOAN down the Amazon to reach many tribes and villages. I did find out that the media crew from New Zealand, 2 of them pastors are making a documentary of what happened on the boat. I had like 4 minutes to hug Jedidiah before he left and he said, they had never seen a miracle in their lives, I did not know that. They not only saw hundreds but began collaborating with Jesus to do some also. I never forget Pastor Jared running up to me, “pastor earl, papa earl, I just had 9 miracles in a row!” How fun is that!!!
Jana ministered beautifully with such a great presence of God, Pastor Harry had an encounter with Jesus, Antonio prayed and prophesied over many and he also has been invited to minister in Australia, USA, etc. so just wonderful the work of the Lord in our family!

We will be taking some time to finally see our family in Utah, Florida, California and also the Northwest in July so will keep you in the loop if you are in NW when we get to the NW for sure. I am so excited to hear from our teams in Lima that came on the trip and part of the healing teams under DOAN. Life is always a win, always filled with opportunities and we all had plenty of situations to respond to with the audacity of expectancy when this or that did not go according to plan! I did not allow a negative thought in my head on that boat as others also found to be the way to live on it and in Lima! Complaining is always giving praise to Satan and the language of the devil and the worship of the loser!

This has been a miracle from day one to take 6 trips to Peru! Wow! I have been to the gateway cities of the Amazon in Tarapoto, Puerto Maldonado, Iquitos and the Amazon itself. Numerous times to Lima and Arequipa in the largest churches in both cities and others also. To Ilo, Moqueca, Juliaca the 4th highest city in the world with large populations and at 12,600 feet and also Cusco at 11.200 feet the birthplace of the Inca Empire! To Piura, Trujillo, and Tacna, which is on the border with Chile. Ending in Pucallpa after stops in Requena, Bretana, Orellana, Contamana, and Islandia. From the largest cities on these trips to a small village of less than 200 in the Amazon, what a privilege! I am so honored by the trust of Dominic Russo and the platform given to me to not just serve the vision of Una Nacion Una Dia and but release the things God has placed within me alongside that! Before these past 10 days, I have seen tens of thousands healed and saved and visitations of God throughout the nation and even on the boat. I am 69, Jana is 74 and we are just warming up!!!!!!!!

I do have many pictures and moments and others also took pictures and at some point, I will get the help I need to give you glimpses to enjoy!
To all of you who prayed and also true prayer is always saying that you are willing to be the answer if God so choose to use you to be the answer, and I rejoice that this happened to many to make all 6 of these trips happen, the boat to happen with all that it entailed, some others to be funded to go, provision for others raised to release all the time on these trips and to others in the nation, blessing ministers, people and ministries! WOW is all I can say!!!

As we begin to wrap up this season in Peru, thank you for all you have done and also to uphold us physically for months now and cover our family in prayer! As you continue to stand with us in re-entry, we believe the remaining personal costs will be met as we have done all we can to meet the needs of others in Peru, we thank God when we land in the states, God will have fully enriched us also, it is always a win…….love you all, more later, pastor earl and Jana