Aloha and Blessings!
     I emailed a few days ago about the life decision we had to make and leave Southern California for Redding and invited your prayers and support to see this take place.  No need to go over all that but moving forward and that is the only mindset, moving forward for sure, just a few thoughts.
    Everyone needs to remember that when our minds our shaped by hope, we do not see just 2 paths but many, many paths filled with expectancy, possibility and beauty.  I mean, I will be 70 in less than 2 months, Jana is 75 and even before the virus thing, our support dropped a lot in first 2 months and our primary sources of income come through international travel and projects as well as domestic ministry, and all kinds of God ways as we live for His purposes!  On top of that, we moved, am not feeling that well, and well, it is exciting.
     I grew up in a family, a culture where every i was dotted and every t crossed, where there was no room for the impossible, or faith and that can be true for the family that was godless that I grew up in or even people who are believers.  We can be practicing atheists in many areas even if we have enough faith to go to heaven.  There are 24 other letters in the alphabet and mastering the language of walking on water did not come from the 11 in the boat and their vocabulary but the moment by moment accessing the voice of Jesus in life’s situations demanding miracles.  
     In this season of the coronavirus pandemic, let’s embrace hope.  
1.  It is so important to watch one’s inner world not be consumed by the outer world around us.  Do not allow fear which is a force just as faith is a force in any way shape or form.
2.  As I was driving a uhaul up, the thought, “close your borders”,  came into my mind.  For me, it meant simply do not allow any negative, doubtful, anxious, fearful, worrisome, hurtful thinking to cross into my mind.  Put up the walls around my thinking.  
3.  Remember what HE HAS BEEN TO YOU AND DONE FOR YOU in your lives!  Jesus told the disciples in the boat to remember the miracles that just happened so they can expect the one they needed to happen just like the others.  They did not stop rowing.  They simply were challenged rather hard to remember their history and Gods with them to write just another chapter of the goodness of God towards them in new challenges!
4.  Jesus paid blood for every promise the Father has released however He has spoken to you.  So that remains the only reality for your lives and mine so we need to honor God and show Him our love by agreeing in thought, word and action what He has said we are, what we are called to and what He has declared over our lives!
5.  This is and will be the best decade for our lives and ministry and yours also.  And not for us or you but for His glory, Honor, Fame!  The glory of the latter house will be greater than the former and He is not coming back until it happens.  
6.  Elisha asked for the double portion not because he wanted power but because of all the prophets and teachers in Israel, only Elijah’s ministry was backed up by power, signs, miracles, demonstrations of God Himself.  The greater works Jesus promised we would do should conquer every disease and virus so that is a good thing to seek isn’t it?  Let’s do so…
7.  Great time to be like Jesus.  The fruits of the Spirit, peace in unrest, faith in uncertainty, patience in midst of trying moments, joy in the midst of whatever would want to say we cannot have it and love for others and fighting for others and serving as a lifestyle.  
8.  There is always a new song for every season, let’s find ours and sing it dand radiate His beauty.  
     Regarding DOAN and 2020 as most of you receiving this email are those who desire to be in touch, support us in prayer and financially!
     Domestic and international travel and ministry is curtailed as you know momentarily.
     The trip to New Zealand scheduled for September is still on and we are in touch with the ministry there.  
     Jana began to see an increase in counseling in the last few months and most of that took place via phone and facetime and she will continue to do that and only serve others in this way.  This has really been a wonderful and fruitful venue and that is one thing in the midst of shutdowns in other ministry venues that she will be doing daily.
     I will continue to write and also reach out to individuals and minister domestically and internationally via phone, emails, facetime etc.  The normal Christian lifestyle of doing good, healing the sick continues and I will have some other news on new ministry ideas coming up also.  
     The fire that burns within you remains burning and every opportunity to live passionately and zealously for Jesus Christ only finds new expressions when things like this happen.  
      As far as 1DayLA, I believe it will happen and take on different form so will keep you posted on that.  Just remember the good, the bad and the ugly is all part of a conspiracy to bless you as you stand gazing at the One who is rich in mercy, wealthy in goodness, a miracle worker and a promise keeper and stand, stand, stand, shouting from within the triumph!  
      Of course, honor authority, live in community and have a tribe to do life with, watch anything that is not love in you and there is so much of what God has promised to do on this planet, keep your eyes on that and Him!
     As I shared last email and invited you to be a part of our journey in prayer and sowing also, we are thankful for those that have prayed and some who released support!  Thank you!  As you continue to pray and a few more are moved to give to create the miracles needed, it will be phenomenal what happens. 
      Lord, we give you praise!  We are so in love with you, we are so blessed to know you and be loved by you and we just want you to know that!  Beautiful Jesus, glory to your awesome name and I pray the rain of your presence and touch of your compassion, minister to each one reading this tonight in Jesus name.
      We stand in the spirit of life in Christ Jesus that is within each of us and pray divine protection over each life and family, the death of every germ and virus, the fresh winds of vitality and strength body soul and spirit for each one in Jesus name.  We pray for an incredible outpouring of God Himself upon each one reading and that you would envelop each one in your fiery love, felt compassion and awakening of powerful hope and faith in Jesus name….
                                        Love ya,