Peru: Getting ready for One Nation Changing in One Day! Miracles, deliverance and peace coming! Earl Thurner update with Beauty Of His Love in Tarapoto

I actually wrote this yesterday.  Many were returned undeliverable and one of the things that I am going to do in the 5 services tomorrow in Arequipa, I leave for the airport in a few minutes, is to make sure I give time for lopeople to give testimonies.  The word “testimony” means “do it again” and creates the atmosphere and legitimacy of faith for the same and more!  So one email the other day was full of some of Gods doings and it completely disappeared.  Yesterdays was returned a lot.  So they are worth sharing, and even if you already received this email, sorry, but do not have time to find out all who did or did not.  So will share it again and pray the testimony of Gods doings to increase and increase until every mouth is uttering His wonderful works to you and others….
Off to Lima!
    Sitting in the airport in Tarapoto on way to Lima to minister for a day then tomorrow morning off to Arequipa for 5 days! Sunday morning at 6:30 in the morning 1,500 people at least will be in the first of 5 services I will speak at. It is largest church in the city, influential and also they are lead coordinators for One Nation One Day for Arequipa. Friends I may add also. Monday and Tuesday I will be with all their leaders so agree with me for the continuation of the outpouring of God that took place last month and translate into meeting the heartfelt needs of people and practical love and power to everyone in Arequipa!
Here in Tarapoto, I came to serve the pastors who are part of our team of Un Solo Peru how do I do that? Be with them and their families, honor them, personally bless them, go to their churches and serve their vision while meeting with leaders in the city and share the vision of God to give Peru to God!
While doing all this, see the lost saved, believers truly surrender their whole lives to Jesus, heal the sick, empower through identity into their visions and dreams also.
This is a heavy witchcraft city, churches are small and powerless pretty much and opposition, oppression, discouragement, and sickness rampant.  I was not aware of this coming in but felt it pretty quick.  Pastor David’s church an exception.
There is a picture on the wall of him and his wife and 2 children.  Two months later his 9-year-old son was the only child who died when an epidemic hit the city.  But he died because the doctor gave him the wrong medicine.  I listened for hours as his wife told me and my 25-year-old interpreter her whole life story and the one about her boy.  It was evil what happened at that hospital, I have never heard anything like it. We lost a child but nothing like this. Even years later the remaining trauma needed to be healed and the Spirit of God descended upon her as I prayed and swept over her on the living room floor.
Pastor David was having severe prostate problems as others in the city and God miraculously touched him and them all. Jana encouraged me to step into miracle healing and I did so and truly miracles came to people in churches, meetings, homes and everywhere
People with intense pain with spinal problems were pain-free and started walking around doing things they could not do! God found a way in every meeting to tangibly encounter those there as they say in their seats.  Deliverance took place in the tender but powerful touch of heaven!  It was a battle due to the severe oppression and fear but He came.The girl on the floor had been abused and defiled and Jesus hugged her and the congregation was moved when she arose radiating and smiling, completely changed
The girl weeping was one of the many children, youth and adults mightily converted and there were so many!  I went to lunch with the pastor joined by a man who kind of scoffed at what we are trying to do in Peru 🇵🇪 I felt like blessing the owners of the restaurant while waiting for food and as you can see looking at their faces He did just that! Beautiful Jesus!!
Something happened in the man watching this and we took a funny picture on a chair. He said I need you on my team too as he went 100% in for the vision. What team? Oh, he is running for President of Peru in 2021! He was touched by God.
Pastors wept in my arms saying coming to them was like a Father coming to hug them and encourage them deeply.  Juliana is hugging a Nazarene pastors wife and God healed the pastor and her, he had sinusitis. I gave them money to go out and celebrate.  Jesus always stops for the one!
Whether speaking as you see to the national leaders or the meetings like Arequipa, Jesus always stops for the one.  The group in an office were the principal and staff of Pastor David’s school for kindergarten to high school students. God touched them and he has 128 churches also in the province. Be good to be healed of prostate issues and his wife touched! Touch the leader you touch thousands.  The woman with the wrist extended was healed on the spot at a gathering of his church members for fun
She said she missed the service I was at but God brought her to this event to get healed
She could not move her wrist or open her hand
“I will pray for you, your wife and family and ministry all the days of my life”, she said
I will take it !!! And I will take it from any or all of you!! We need it! How is the provision for my time here? We need that also so sure I appreciate your love to bless us as we bless others!    Muchas gracias, pastor earl