Last week on the window of a clothing store was a sign, “BE MOVED”! It caught my eye and one thing is that God says to “stir ourselves up”, meaning, we can do just that.  And if we are not “moved” or “feel” kingdom related passions, that can never be the excuse for not having them.  We can choose, we can while asking Him to stir us also, stir ourselves and desire and do things that advance His cause!
One way I “stir” myself up and have to do it many, many times, is to be around or read or hear about “laid down lives and lovers of the Lord”.  I wake up reading about things that happening through that kind of people all over the world.  I remember being at Bill and Robins’s house in Burien, Washington a weekend ago and seeing slides and hearing stories of people like that on Bills’ last trip to Asia.  I read about others this morning, just incredible things Jesus is doing and I choose again to be a laid down liver and lover of Jesus.  What you attract those that are like you and you to them.  And one cannot live without being the “family”, Jesus said was another realm of the true family besides our earthly ones!  
Such an honor to serve God, whatever the cost, whatever the price, BE MOVED, to count yourself as one who can begin another day and live to be His goodness passing by!  Wow, we get to do this!
When I landed and was on the customs line, a long one this time, I got some news and then two more pieces of news the next morning as I was waking up!  This time for sure, as Jana said, it was pure demonic to stop, distract, hinder what God wanted to do as I co-labor with Him this trip.  He does come in one way, goes out seven, so 3 ways, goes out 21 might be a healthy reaction!  
Appreciate your prayers and participation for a divine reversal immediately as it is in the provision realm, so like it says about David, “he recovered all”.
Tonight I will be with hundreds of leaders and God has pierced me with a message the next 2 nights and I expect to see the glory of God come, seriously, something never experienced or seen before.
Another testimony that moved me!  Man, this is so good! There are people who came from Honduras and Dominican Republic who lived here for a year or less to lay it all down to touch this nation.  All here, for the national pastors follow up conference on Friday. leaders will be here and I will be there also.  Pindaro was asked to come to one of the MCI churches in Lima last night for a planning meeting of some kind.  I told him, that the pastors there were mightily visited by God when Jana and I came and I also went there to that church and took out the pastors and over 40 people to the streets around the church and ended up in a park.  If you read the emails, you will remember what took place in businesses and that supernatural 2 plus hour time when God descended at the entrance of the park and how magnetically it seemed people from all over came to where we were, many Venezuelans and how the people started healing the sick, seeing the lost saved, the presence of God was so strong there, and this went on and on.  I told Pindaro, these leaders are hungry and have seen the kingdom of God come and he will have a great time.
He did not come back till after 1 am or later.  He said their hunger brought heaven and the leaders were so hungry and told him that the last time I came to them and they saw a new way of reaching the community that they longed for, and SAW IT and EXPERIENCED IT, they were changed forever and still on fire and that is the fruit of your praying and giving and only more to come!!!
So just a quick update, BE MOVED, choose to be, decide to be, your intentionality is not a feeling but the true choices of your heart and the true reality of your identity and God is ready and willing to make those desires happen!  Appreciate your co-laboring prayer and also participation in divine reversals that will take place as you do!!!  
I just love to wake up, just to wake up, and have another day on earth to serve Jesus and others any way I can.  We were born from above to be given away in love, to everyone, everywhere, in every way, and be like Jesus, who came to minister and NOT to be ministered unto.  It is bible 101, Jesus, others, you, in that order and I shake my head a lot, that I get to do this life, I have one chance while on earth and one day, the one I have to be poured out for the Wonderful One!
One of my passions, is to see what I saw all day on Sunday in 7 services in LIma.  The see the Spirit of God literally set free in the house of God and watch what happens when God takes the reins. 
It says in Proverbs 30:4, “the winds are in his fists”.  
The closed fist means you cannot see what is in the hand and for Gods hand to move and do only what He can do, we need to not have clenched mindsets that do not allow Him to do so.  3 times in the Bible it says specifically, God rides or comes or walks upon the wind.
“He mounted the cherubim and flew
He soared on the wings of the wind” Psalms 18:10
“….who maketh the clouds his chariot who walketh upon the wings of the wind” Psalms 104:3
David says the same thing in 2 Samuel 22:11
Columbus was blown west by the Atlantic trade winds and history records that he was fearful was that he did not know how they could get back against the wind.  He not only discovered a new world but new winds, that carried them back to Spain!  Columbus found new worlds and Magellan saised around the world, dependent upon the wind.  The Ancient world was almost completely dependent on wind for travel and all the great adventures began with a dream that was setting sails to catch the wind to guide them on their journey.
There is so much in Gods Word about the wind, which also means “breath or Spirit”, so the Holy Spirit is wanting us to be dependent on the Spirit of God more and more and more to live a life of being carried and touched by God!
GOD WALKS ON, COMES TO US, by the Holy Spirit  and I saw that so much this trip and on Sunday in the 7 services, there were those moments when the wind began to blow, the Spirit of God was free to come into those meetings and wow, what happens when God can be in control! 
I remember one service, the 3rd one I think, although He came in wonderful ways each one, this one was so beautiful.  I was in the office discussing ministry and life with the senior pastors so did not come in till the end of the worship because they wanted that moment.  When I came in they were singing a song in Spanish, “Muchas Gracias”, expressing thanks and appreciation to God.  I have the freedom with this ministry here to flow with Gods heart in moments to allow more of Him to come as the pastors love the presence of God and want more of Him in the meetings, even though they are shorter due to the number of services and other things that have to take place and they all do take place!  
I simply took the mike and said, “God is in this song, you can feel His presence, He is manifesting Himself to you right where you are and He rides on the wind and is coming right now”.  And did He ever come!  He breathes by His Spirit, like in Genesis, turning the chaos of our lives into order, coming to heal, embrace, transform, empower and as we sang more and more and more, over and over and over again that song, He rode into that meeting and the testimonies were stunning!  Praise God Almighty!!!!!!
Lord, today we surrender our lives to the Holy Spirit.  We yield with open hearts and anything that might be like a fist, symbolizing, defiance, holding back anything from our lives to you, honoring you by giving you freedom to help us discover new worlds and realms in you and allowing your Spirit to carry us, energize us, empower us, breathe life into us, make us flaming fires as it says in Psalms 104:4, the verse after you riding on the wings of the wind, we just choose to set our sails, our wills, our affections, our motivation in life, to be ALL FOR YOU!  We love you Jesus, we worship you, we give thanks and deeply appreciate you, our incredible King, Lover, Friend and Lord!  
Muchas Gracias to all of you who pray and give to see God blow through our lives, ministry and my life on this trip!  As you do, God is able to do more and more and more!  Blessings, Pastor Earl