Aloha and Blessings!
Jana and I will be leaving for Lima, Peru, September 19  for 3 weeks and this is a DIFFERENT KIND OF MINISTRY TRIP  and I will tell you why.  It is not just….. 
           1.  Speaking 2-3 times Saturday, September 21 to 1,500 youth 
               and young adults
           2.  Speaking 7-8 times to the entire Mision Charismatic Internacional
               the church at all their services, which might be 10-11 services in a 
               24 hour period, a church comprised of 6-7,000 people
           3.  Not just ministering to the leaders of the main church and the 3 
               new ones planted in Lima after Un Solo Peru, 5 nights in a row,
               from Tuesday to Saturday that week
           4.  Not just finishing the week at another extension of MCI in Lima
That is not what makes this different and all the above is just the first week of this trip.  Also, many of you have prayed for the moment when Jana and I can step into a new season as a couple, working together and ministering side and this is the beginning of that new season!!!
     The focus of the trip is that the leaders of this ministry, Pastors Hugo and Juanita are hungry to harvest the souls of their city THROUGH THE PEOPLE of their ministry and want us to come believing God will PUNCTURE THE HEARTS of all their leaders and as a church and as a lifestyle GO OUT INTO LIMA.  Not just an event, or a crusade, or a missions program but a missional life of serving their city, doing good, healing the sick, saving the lost, releasing through their own hands and lives the gospel…..ALL 3 WEEKS we will go out after training into the city and going everywhere and as Jesus said the harvest is now, the grain is already white He said, and if WE DO NOT Harvest and have as many laborers as needed, then what happens?  The grain sits in the field and is ruined because it was not harvested.  What happens next?  The grim reaper will harvest the souls of men, women, and children, THEY ARE NOT GOING TO LET THAT HAPPEN and as leaders of not just these churches but overseeing nearly 30,000 nationally,  the harvest that began in Un Solo Peru needs to intensify and this is amazing!
What an honor and privilege to be SENT by God to co-labor with them!  Because Lima is called the City of Epiphany, which means encounters with God, the manifestations of God to man, sudden visitations that change one’s life forever, we totally expect an unprecedented outpouring of God upon the people!  BUT THEN the people will GO OUT and Jana and I believe for an impartation of HIS BURNING HEART, first to us, then through us to others in all kinds of ways until this becomes the normal lifestyle of a believer who likes the woman at the well, meets the Messiah and IMMEDIATELY goes to OTHERS, that is what is going to happen in Lima!
Yes, we will have 2 more weeks of this, plus a marriage seminar for all the leaders, can you imagine the souls saved, healed, visited by God, all over this city of 12.4 million people and that is just a start!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Jesus said the sower and reaper do so joyfully and gather fruit eternally as a result!  We get to see Jesus have meat and drink in seeing those He died for come to Him not just in events, meetings, programs but the people themselves create the event of meeting God as they go out to love their city!
 So I am so pumped this morning and so grateful we get to be a part of this in Lima and other places that God will send us in the USA and other nations, it is time!!!!!  Thanks SO MUCH for praying and sowing to reap through us, I have no doubt, that God will fully prepare and fund this entire trip and I cannot wait to see the blood of Jesus applied to thousands of lives!!!    Love ya, in Jesus’ name for Jesus’ fame!!