Hola from Lima!
     Someone who donated to the fundraiser for Lima, this week’s budget actually, how things were going here and also is the provision released to undergird and cover the costs of what is happening!
     The answer is that in the history of this amazing ministry of thousands here in Lima and around the nation, nothing like this has ever taken place before.  After 9 services this weekend, the meeting with core leaders Monday night and then last night the meetings with all his leaders, over 750 at least, the senior pastor is undone in hunger and even though we will all be going out and learning how to display the kingdom of God and love this city, Pastor Hugo is gripped with passion and hunger for God Himself.  When a senior pastor gets up and says, “All I want is the Holy Spirit to take complete control of my life, complete control of this church and all I want is the presence of God in this ministry, I want HIM alone”, this is extraordinary.
      God is literally coming in raw power upon hundreds as they sit in their chairs, leaders are being literally wrecked by the power of God in front of the entire church and as they testify of what God did, the people are literally in shock, standing up to behold their leaders undone by God.
      And why this is happening, we see people healed of years of trauma, abuse, sexual exploitation, hopelessness, pain, hurt, and while people, of course, get saved and healed physically, they are transformed, they are ignited with new love for Jesus Christ and each other and then we will be going out.  This is just the beginning, 2 weeks more to go at least.  
      I will not give the devil any publicity but imagine his fury over all this.  Anything but a move of God, NOW, and transforming thousands into experiencing God for themselves as a lifestyle and then going into life displaying His love and power.  So of course, there is a brutal assault and I already told you that, on his family, our family to stop this and distract from this.  
     The second question asked by the one who donated was how this trip and our family are being cared for provisionally.  Well, the answer is no.  Not Gods fault, believers are not fatalists, things just do not happen and God uses people so appreciate all that has happened and we sure do not intend to leave so we trust that out of the 900 or more through a fundraiser, those that read this email, and other venues God explodes in generosity in your hearts when you see that this is incredible what is beginning to happen.  
      By the way, miracles?  I remember Jana walking with me from the office to the meeting and Pastor Juanita was with a woman who was sitting on a chair, crutches beside her and asked Jana to pray for her knee as she could not walk.  What Jana did not know was that there was a tumor on the knee and knee could not function.  Jana prayed and told the woman to get up and walk, she did, all over the place without the crutches.  She was healed and Pastor Juanita told Jana after the service about the tumor and I guess it was gone eh?  Multiply this by hundreds, yes there have been miracles…
                    Appreciate a rush of giving, practical giving, to blast the 
                           darkness to smithereens…..earl from LIma