CALLING ALL CHRISTIANS: Hello, we just arrived home here in Manila and I thank God because Manila was not affected by the super typhoon. However, My family and I are so sad as our outreaches were very much affected by “Haina” (the world strongest typhoon) maybe you have seen the worst damages shown on CNN.

To all concern people of God who would like to help by giving cash or other things this is your opportunity to show your love to God and to God’s people affected by the typhoon such as: G.I. Sheets for roofing, Rice, Clothes, Food, Noodles, Canned goods, Vitamins, Milk, Shoes, Slippers, Mosquito nets, Mats, blanket and etc… you can donate In Cash or in Kind. There is no electric current for those greatly affected by the typhoon and according to the report others will be having black out for 2-3 months. PRAY FOR THE PHILIPPINES & HELP US PLEASE. Contact for product goods.

Mission & Evangelism Praise & Thanksgiving: Please pray for God’s protection to our Missions travel weekly for Good health to my family and to me as we do our Missions that God entrusted to us and for the people who professed to receive Christ as their Lord and savior as the fields are very ripe for harvest during this hard time in the Philippines.

Please pray also for God’s people who gave to us to conduct our feeding & relief in the typhoon area. Any amount is appreciated and used wisely.

Pray also for my family as well as our needs; for us to have our own house and our daily needs too.   Rev. Gil & Rowena Palcone Church Planters & Missionaries Philippines