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Persecuted Church

Persecution is increasing with violent attacks in many nations. Some of our network of native, embedded, and trusted pastors have been arrested and some had churches burned or bulldozed. We are behind the front lines in many many closed nations sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

Rapid Response

During the  COVID pandemic, CMM has sent thousands of dollars each month to help feed our brethren on lockdown. Many are day laborers and when they don’t work that day they may not eat. With persecution increasing many are threatened if they do not renounce Jesus as Lord…

Sponsor Pastors

Assisting and empowering native pastors around the world. We subsidize at $50.00 per month, new pastors and graduates as they establish congregations for two years, giving them time to teach and train on Biblical principles of tithing, sowing, and reaping as their churches get established.